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Disambig icon.png This article is about the gathering tool upgrade. For the skill type, see Glyph.

Glyphs are upgrade components that can be applied to gathering tools to provide bonus effects when gathering.


Glyphs may be acquired via the following methods:


  • Glyphs may be applied to unused glyph slots found only on gathering tools.
  • Glyphs may be swapped in and out freely without using an upgrade extractor.
    • When attempting to apply a glyph to a tool with a glyph, the new glyph will be applied and the old one will be sent to your inventory.
    • To remove a glyph, you can right click and select "Remove Upgrade."
  • Glyphs applied to limited-use tools will return to the player's inventory after the final gathering charge is consumed.

List of glyphs[edit]


These glyphs can be obtained from opening Black Lion Chests or purchased from the Trading Post. However, only the unused variants can be traded.

Container TP price Glyph Description
Glyph of Alchemy.png Glyph of Alchemy (Unused) Glyph of Alchemy Materials gathered will be instantly converted into one tier above.
Glyph of Bounty.png Glyph of Bounty (Unused) Glyph of Bounty Grants a 33% chance to gain an extra strike while gathering.
Glyph of the Crucible.png Glyph of the Crucible (Unused) Glyph of the Crucible Replaces gathering results with materials used in lower-level crafting recipes.
Glyph of Flight.png Glyph of Flight (Unused) Glyph of Flight Increases movement speed for 5 seconds after gathering completes.
Glyph of the Forester.png Glyph of the Forester (Unused) Glyph of the Forester Grants a 33% chance to receive bonus wood while gathering.
Glyph of the Herbalist.png Glyph of the Herbalist (Unused) Glyph of the Herbalist Grants a 33% chance to reward bonus harvesting ingredient pouches while gathering.
Glyph of Industry.png Glyph of Industry (Unused) Glyph of Industry Gathering completes 50% faster.
Glyph of the Leatherworker.png Glyph of the Leatherworker (Unused) Glyph of the Leatherworker Gain a 33% chance to receive bonus leather scraps.
Glyph of the Prospector.png Glyph of the Prospector (Unused) Glyph of the Prospector Grants a 33% chance to receive bonus ores while gathering.
Glyph of Reaping.png Glyph of Reaping (Unused) Glyph of Reaping Gather from all nodes associated with the gathering tool within 900 units.
Glyph of the Scavenger.png Glyph of the Scavenger (Unused) Glyph of the Scavenger Gain a 33% chance to receive a bonus fine crafting material.
Glyph of the Tailor.png Glyph of the Tailor (Unused) Glyph of the Tailor Gain a 33% chance to receive bonus cloth scraps.
Glyph of the Timekeeper.png Glyph of the Timekeeper (Unused) Glyph of the Timekeeper 33% chance to complete gathering instantly.
Glyph of the Unbound.png Glyph of the Unbound (Unused) Glyph of the Unbound Rewards unbound magic while gathering.
Glyph of Volatility.png Glyph of Volatility (Unused) Glyph of Volatility Rewards Volatile Magic while gathering.
Glyph of the Watchknight.png Glyph of the Watchknight (Unused) Glyph of the Watchknight Gain a 33% chance to receive a bonus Watchwork Sprocket.
Glyph of Overload.png Glyph of Overload (Unused) Glyph of Overload Gathering gains charges that are consumed to gain extra gathering strikes.
Glyph of Virtue.png Glyph of Virtue (Unused) Glyph of Virtue Rewards bonus karma while gathering, in addition to the gathering results.


  • Applying Glyphs to harvesting tools counts towards the Combat Mechanic achievement.


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