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Downed skills are the four skills available to a player in the downed state and a fifth skill in PvE for those with the Spectral Aid mastery. The first three slots are determined by your profession; the fourth slot is always Bandage and the fifth skill is Channeled Agony for those with the mastery.

Unlocking progression[edit]

The downstate mechanic, as well as the ability to rally, get back on the feet by killing an enemy, are unlocked at level 5.

Slot Skill Requirement
1 A ranged attack, unique for each profession Level 5
2 Unique for each profession Level 16
3 Unique for each profession Level 19
4 Bandage.png Bandage Level 5
5 Channeled Agony.png Channeled Agony 1 Mastery point (Heart of Thorns).png Spectral Aid mastery 2
1 In PvE only, also not available in Raids or Strikes.
2 Requires unlocked episode The Head of the Snake, episode 4 in Season 3 of the Living World.

Downed skills by profession[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian[edit]

1 Wrath.png Wrath 3 Focus a wrathful light ray on your foe.
2 Wave of Light.png Wave of Light 0.5½ 15 Push nearby foes back.
3 Symbol of Judgment.png Symbol of Judgment 0.5½ 20 Draw a symbol on the ground that heals allies and damages foes.

Revenant icon small.png Revenant[edit]

1 Essence Sap.png Essence Sap 0.25¼ Throw energy at your target, slowing them.
2 Forceful Displacement.png Forceful Displacement 0.75¾ 10 Displace your foe through the Mists, forcing them away from you.
3 Vengeful Blast.png Vengeful Blast 0.5½ 10 Pull energy towards you from the Mists, damaging nearby foes. The damage is increased as the energy is drawn inwards.

Warrior icon small.png Warrior[edit]

1 Throw Rock.png Throw Rock 0.25¼ Throw a rock at your target.
2 Hammer Toss.png Hammer Toss 1 10 Throw a hammer that knocks down foes.
3 Vengeance (skill).png Vengeance 0.5½ 20 Rally and fight normally for a brief time. You have a chance to fully rally if you kill an enemy. When the vengeance ends, you are defeated.

Engineer icon small.png Engineer[edit]

1 Throw Junk.png Throw Junk 0.25¼ Throw a bit of junk and inflict a random condition on your foe.
2 Grappling Line.png Grappling Line 10 Throw out a grappling line to pull your foe to you.
3 Booby Trap.png Booby Trap 20 Set off an explosive booby trap, launching nearby foes with a powerful blast.

Ranger icon small.png Ranger[edit]

1 Throw Dirt.png Throw Dirt 0.25¼ Throw a handful of dirt to bleed your foe.
2 Thunderclap (ranger skill).png Thunderclap 10 Damages your target and dazes foes around that target.
3 Lick Wounds.png Lick Wounds 0.5½ 20 Revive your pet at your location to revive you.

Thief icon small.png Thief[edit]

1 Trail of Knives.png Trail of Knives 0.25¼ Throw a knife that bounces off nearby foes, crippling them.
1 Chain Arrow Toolbelt.pngVenomous Knife.png Venomous Knife Stealth Attack. Throw a knife, bleeding and poisoning your target.
2 Shadow Escape.png Shadow Escape 15 Teleport to the target location.
3 Smoke Bomb (thief skill).png Smoke Bomb 0.5½ 20 Drop a smoke bomb and vanish in stealth.

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist[edit]

1 Thunderclap (ranger skill).png Discharge Lightning 0.5½ 0 Blast your foe with lightning.
2 Vapor Form.png Vapor Form 20 Assume a mobile, vaporous form, returning to a downed state when the effect ends.
3 Grasping Earth.png Grasping Earth 30.5½ 10 Immobilize your foe with hands erupting from the ground.

Mesmer icon small.png Mesmer[edit]

1 Mind Blast.png Mind Blast 0.75¾ Create an explosion of magical energy, confusing your foe.
2 Vanish in the Deep.png Deception 0.5½ 15 Clone. Shadowstep and create a downed clone of yourself to attack foes in range.
3 Phantasmal Rogue.png Phantasmal Rogue 0.5½ 8 Phantasm. Summon a phantasmal rogue that deals increased damage from behind. If the rogue hits, the recharge of this skill is reduced.

Necromancer icon small.png Necromancer[edit]

1 Life Leech.png Life Leech 60.25¼ Leech health from a foe to heal yourself.
2 Fear (necromancer skill).png Fear 10.25¼ 10 Make your foe flee in fear.
3 Fetid Ground.png Fetid Ground 0.25¼ 20 Create fetid ground that damages and poisons foes.

Any tango icon 20px.png Common[edit]

4 Bandage.png Bandage 490.25¼ 5 Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it.
4 Rescue Protocol (skill).png Rescue Protocol Command your jade bot to revive you.
5 Channeled Agony.png Channeled Agony 2 60 Steel yourself and channel a burst of spectral agony to foes within range.

Any tango icon 20px.png In Snowball Mayhem[edit]

1 Fire Snowball.png Throw Snowball 0.25¼ Throw a snowball at your target.
2 Icy Ground.png Icy Ground 0.5½ 10 Freeze the ground around youself.
3 Freeze Beam.png Freeze Beam 3 10 Freeze your foe with a beam of energy.

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