Deldrimor Front

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the region. For other uses, see Deldrimor (disambiguation).
Map of the Deldrimor Front.

The Deldrimor Front is an area east of the Steamspur Mountains. It covers what was the eastern half of the Southern Shiverpeaks and is the home to the ruins of Thunderhead Keep, the capital of the Deldrimor dwarves. In the past, the Avicara tengu tribe also resided in the region but have since left, their fate unknown.

With the defeat and fall of the Stone Summit in the dwarven civil war, and the Transformation of the Dwarves into stone, the dredge had surfaced and claimed these lands as their own. A group of friendly dredge established an oil drilling settlement and operations in the southern Ice Floe.

In the year 1320 AE, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik awakened in the Blood Legion Homelands and flew towards the Crystal Desert, narrowly avoiding the Deldrimor Front along his flight path south.

Some time later in the year 1332 AE, the Pact Commander along with some members of Dragon's Watch, traveled to Thunderhead Peaks to seek a forge of renown rumored to be present in the area, with the goal of crafting more Dragon's Blood Weapons and prepare for the final showdown against Kralkatorrik. In the process, the Pact set up a base in the Grotto adjacent to the forge, and were bolstered by The airships of the Elonian corsair Sayida the Sly, who arrived in the peaks with her crew and some allied Zephyrites.

This time around, Kralkattorik's direct presence also caused his Dragonbrand to directly spread throughout the Thunderhead Peaks, corrupting many of the local fauna and dredge residing in the region, as well as halting operation in the oiling settlement.

During the confrontation with Kralkatorrik inside a large spacious cavern known as The Auditorium, Aurene was pierced by crystals while defending the Pact Commander. Presumed to have died from the attack, she is however later healed by Caithe after she removed the crystals from her body, causing Aurene to glow as a result of the death magic she consumed from Palawa Joko, allowing her to be revived. Following Kralkatorrik's escape into The Mists, Aurene opened a rift to follow him, with the Commander riding on her back.

In 1333 AE, Primordus's destroyers attacked the The Grotto and Forge but were stopped by the Pact Commander, stationed Pact forces, and other allies.


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  • This region was called "Ancient Dwarflands" during early beta stages.
  • Viewing vistas and gathering nodes on the Deldrimor Front maps mechanically count as Shiverpeak Mountains dailies.