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Portal Panic is an achievement category for achievements relating to the portal invasions in Central Tyria.

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Portal Panic (Side Stories)
Total achievements: 11 84Achievement points


  1. ^ Awakened Aftereffects: After completing Lost in Transit, you will obtain Unusual Debris. You may need to interact with any Unusual Wreckage to receive the item. Bring Unusual Debris to Mechanist Ninn. The following reset, return to Ninn and either talk to him for the short version of his report, or interact with the nearby Datapad for the long version.
  2. ^ Lost Invasion: You need to successfully complete Defeat the invading Awakened in Southsun Cove and stay for the whole invasion.
  3. ^ Lost in Transit: After completing the Reawakening Threat achievement and talking to Mechanist Ninn after completing the Phasic Distortion Reader (dialogue starting with "<Character profession> <Character name>, have you noticed any unusual reading on the detection device?"), you will be able to interact with the six objects found throughout Southsun Cove (see Lost in Transit).
  4. ^ Portal Breaker: You must complete multiple events during an invasion to get credit.
  5. ^ Portal Peacemaker: After completing one of the invasions, you will receive a mail from Mechanist Ninn asking to meet you in your Home instance. He'll ask you to retrieve:
    • Resonance Tuner - Speak to Glaxx at Waypoint (map icon).png Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint. He should send you north to Enrav Exploration Post and you can retrieve it from the Asura Device Container there.
    • Etheric Tank - Speak to Danka in the asura lab at Waypoint (map icon).png Valance Tutory Waypoint. She will sell you the Etheric Tank for Gold coin.
    • Gate Alchemeter - Speak to Gate Operator Stebben at the Asura Gate in Stronghold of Ebonhawke (closest waypoint: Waypoint (map icon).png Hawkgates Waypoint). You should be sent into Last Stand Shelter to retrieve it from the Asura Device Container in the back of the cave.

    Return to Ninn with all the items and talk to him to hand them over. He will ask for a day to build the device for you (daily reset). (Note: If your character is an Engineer, an Asura, or a Charr with the Iron Legion biography selected, you will have the opportunity to help him build the device, in which case you receive it immediately instead of waiting for daily reset).

  6. ^ Reawakening Threat: Defeat one of the champions coming out of the portal during Defeat the invading Awakened.
  7. ^ Rift Striker: Every 10 minutes a Rift appears in seven zones across Tyria. Break the Rift's shield by standing in the spot where the shard projectiles will land to catch them, and then use them next to the shield. After four shards have been used, the shield goes down and you can walk up to the rift and enter to travel to a Mists Rift.
  8. ^ Survey on Subjects of Importance: Go to Waypoint (map icon).png Pearl Islet Waypoint, talk to Achelle north of the bridge and answer the questionnaire.

Release order[edit]

  • Awakening Threat
    • Awakening Threat
    • Portal Breaker
    • Zone Defense
    • Portal Peacemaker
  • Reawakening Threat
    • Reawakening Threat
    • Lost Invasion
    • Lost in Transit
    • Awakened Aftereffects
    • Survey on Subjects of Importance
  • Rift Stalkers
    • Rift Striker
    • Helpful Hero