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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mount. For other uses, see Roller Beetle (disambiguation).

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A once-humble scarab beetle, bulked up to phenomenal size and strength by asuran science.

— In-game description

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The Roller Beetle is a mount released with the Episode 3 of Living World Season 4, Long Live the Lich. It is the first new mount released since the launch of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.


Roller Beetle unlock banner.

Unlocking the Roller Beetle is a four stage process. Stages 2, 3, and 4 are collection achievements. The items required for these collections do not consume inventory slots.

Stage 1: Story Progression[edit]

After completing the second mission in Long Live the Lich, Forearmed Is Forewarned, at the beginning of Tactical Triage speak to Spearmarshal Zaeim in the Domain of Kourna in a building on the southern side of the Allied Encampment (west of the Waypoint (map icon).png Allied Encampment Waypointloading…, after the square with the merchants), and then talk to Gorrik on the northern edge of the Allied Encampment. This conversation will complete the High Roller achievement and unlock the first collection.

Stage 2: Beetle Juice[edit]

This collection contains ten items. Nine of these items are found in various locations across the Domain of Kourna. The tenth item is acquired by speaking to Gorrik after collecting the other nine.

Stage 3: Beetle Saddle[edit]

This collection contains nine items, however only seven must actually be found. (The eighth and ninth are awarded after collecting the other seven.) These items are found in a mix of both the Domain of Kourna and several regions of Central Tyria.

Stage 4: Beetle Feed[edit]

This collection contains eight items, the eighth of which can only be unlocked after collecting the other seven. These items are found across Kourna, Tyria, and the Crystal Desert.

Unlock achievements[edit]

Related masteries[edit]

Mastery XP required Points Description
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball 571,500 Path of Fire mastery point Learn to launch foes a short distance by rolling over them with the roller beetle's engage skill, Roll Out.
Barrier Smash Barrier Smash 609,600 Path of Fire mastery point Smash your way into secret areas and destroy volatile crystals with your roller beetle.
Big Air Big Air 698,500 Path of Fire mastery point Learn to perform stylish airborne tricks after boosting to regain endurance.
Total 1,879,600 12 Path of Fire mastery point


Roller beetles can cross vast stretches of sand dunes in the blink of an eye by curling into a ball to gather momentum. Controlling beetles gracefully at top speed requires skill and finesse, encouraging their fans to form competitive racing networks across Tyria.

The Roller Beetle

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Roller Beetle (skill).png Roller Beetle Summon and mount your roller beetle.
1 Mount skillRoll Out (Engage skill).png Roll Out 2 Engage. Roll forward, damaging foes that you pass through.
Mount skillDrift.png Drift While moving at high speed, hold to reduce friction with the ground and increase turning speed. Release once facing in the desired direction to reengage friction.
Mount skillBoost (Roller Beetle).png Boost Rapidly accelerate forward for several seconds with reduced turning control.
Mount skillDismount.png Dismount Dismount your mount


After learning the three masteries, general movement is controlled by the following default controls:

Speed up/Boost - Space
Drift - C (AKA "Mount Ability 2" in your control options menu)
Perform a Trick - Hold Space while airborne. (With Big Air mastery unlocked)

Unlike most mounts, the Roller Beetle does not have a fixed running movement speed. It has a base movement speed (600 units per second), which is equivalent to that of the Raptor. If the Beetle rolls down a hill or if its primary movement skill is used, it accelerates up to triple its normal speed (1800 units per second). The Roller Beetle can then sustain this higher speed until it rolls up too steep a hill or crashes into terrain, both of which will slow the Beetle down.

Speed up/Boost

Boosting consumes Endurance, requires a full Endurance bar to activate, and consumes the full bar in a single activation. This ability gives a massive boost to the Beetle's speed and acceleration for 2.5 seconds. After boosting, it takes 15 seconds (12.5 seconds to recharge, 2.5 second cool down while the boost is active where it remains at 0).


The second ability does not consume endurance, but can only be used when the Beetle is already rolling faster than its base speed (1000 units per second). When held, this ability significantly reduces the Beetle's traction with the ground, allowing the rider to rotate the Beetle at high speed without changing direction. When the ability is released, traction is restored and the Beetle abruptly changes to the new direction, losing speed proportional to how sharp the resulting turn was.

Tips and techniques
  • The trail behind the beetle is a visual speedometer. At maximum speed, the trail will be orange. As you lose speed, the trail will change to purple, and finally become blue at base speed.
  • The Roller Beetle does not have a faster turning rate than other mounts, and like other mounts its ability to change direction while airborne is limited. This combined with its very high speed makes turning difficult, especially on uneven terrain. Effective use of the secondary "drift" movement is therefore necessary for maneuvering at speed.
  • After the Drift skill is released, it takes a moment for traction to recover, so while this ability allows the Beetle to turn quickly it will still take a second before the Beetle is actually moving in the new direction. It is therefore possible to still crash into a wall sideways, even if an attempt was made to drift and avoid it.
  • At high speed, the Beetle is able to roll or even skip across water. If the Beetle is travelling at full speed when it impacts the water (either by rolling off the shore or falling a short distance), it will typically be able to skip 3 or 4 times before losing too much speed and dismounting. Additional skips and distance can be achieved if the Boost is activated as the Beetle starts losing speed.
  • At high speed or while Boosting, the Roller Beetle can roll up the sides of cliffs or ravines. This works best when the Beetle reaches the cliff from the ground and rolls up, and does not work well when the Beetle is already airborne and impacts the cliff.
  • The Roller Beetle does have the ability to jump, however its jump is extremely weak and cannot be used during boost activation. In order to cross gaps in terrain, the Beetle must use natural inclines or bumps as jump ramps.
  • With the Big Air mastery, the player can perform tricks while airborne. To do a trick, hold the jump button while in the air. While doing a trick, endurance will refill at 35 endurance per second, up from 8 per second, causing it to fill in approximately 3 seconds from 0%.
    • Tricks require a minimum of 0.8 seconds to complete. If the Beetle lands while a Trick is active, the trick will fail. Failing a trick consumes 1/3 of the Beetle's total endurance.
    • The minimum possible endurance recovery from a trick is 28%

For increased control over your mount, you can check the box in the general options menu for "Disable conditional mount movement ability input." This will separate mount ability 1 from Space, and mount ability 2 from S. Do keep in mind that this will also unbind it for all other mounts as well, with differing results.

List of Roller Beetle skins[edit]

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Renders by Kate Picchi


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Rollerbeetle.
  • A roller beetle has 5932 health.
  • The Roller Beetle has 3 idle animations, and one of them is always played when it is given a snack.
    • The snack animation is a little dance, based on the dance of the rollerbeetles in the original Guild Wars, a little electronic tune will play while it dances. During the dance, the Commander riding the beetle will do a 'raise the roof' dance move with their hands.
    • The rollerbeetle looks around and chirps, while the Commander looks into the distance.
    • The Commander taps on the rollerbeetle, and when it looks back the Commander gives it a thumbs up, and the rollerbeetle nods and gives a thumbs up in return.
  • The Atholma Docks in Sandswept Isles were made for this mount.[1]
  • The Roller Beetle can be dyed before the collections are complete.
  • The Roller Beetle's theme is known as "High Roller", and it can be found in the Living World Season 4 soundtrack.
  • Unlike other mounts, the name of the tamed roller beetle is already given as Petey by Gorrik.
  • Prior to the November 19, 2019 game update, when the beetle was mounted, its endurance was set to 0 and took 12.5 seconds to fully recharge.

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