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The Mists

The Mists map (unexplored).jpg
Partial map of the Mists

Before there were humans or dwarves, before there were even worlds or the stars that light the night sky, there was but one thing in the universe—the Mists. The Mists touch all things. They are what binds the universe together, past, present, and future. They are the source of all good and evil, of all matter and knowledge. It is said that all forms of life, no matter how simple or complex, can trace their origins back to this one place.

In the middle of the Mists is a spot where time moves neither forward nor back. It is a tear in the fabric of the cosmos, the point of perfect balance between all forces of the universe. This place is known as the Rift, and there is nothing to which it does not connect, nothing that cannot be reached from inside it. Those who have the know-how to travel across the universe through the Mists must pass through the Rift on their way to all other places. It is the center of all things.

In the center of the Rift, deep inside the Mists, stands the imposing walled fortress known across the multiverse as the Hall of Heroes. This structure is the pinnacle of the afterlife. When a hero dies, his spirit goes to one of two places: either it is buried with the deceased body, forever trapped inside the rotting flesh and rancid bones of the corpse, or it is released into the Rift. This latter honor goes to only those few whose deeds in life were legendary enough to be known across multiple worlds, and fewer still earn a place among the souls ensconced inside the Hall itself.

For a long while, the Rift and the Hall of Heroes were accessible only by those who had passed from the mortal world into the immaterial. It was the Land of the Dead, an exclusive club whose membership cost the blood of one's own life. But within the last century all that has changed.

Guild Wars Prophecies manual

The Mists, sometimes called the land of secrets by the norn,[1] is the primordial proto-reality that exists between worlds, constituting the fabric of time and space that connect the multiverse together. Everything that has existed, does exist, and will exist is made out of the Mists.[2] Islands of reality of various physical nature and size are found within the Mists, including the world of Tyria. These realities may mirror each other, representing historical and physical alternatives of the same world or its parts. The realms of the Mists are separated from each other by an ethereal barrier known as the Veil.

The Mists outside of the world of Tyria serve as the setting for Structured PvP and World versus World game modes, as well as the Fractals of the Mists explorable dungeon in the PvE game mode.


Mist realms and the multiverse[edit]

Lord Odran's map to the Mists, from the Durmand Priory's Special Collections.[3]

Within the Mists are worlds or realms (of which Tyria is just one), each with their own realities and histories, floating as islands in the ether. Humans are from one of these worlds, brought to Tyria by the Six Gods.[4][5][6] The alien riftstalkers, riftcrawlers, and "otherworldly" fungi which have manifested in Jahai Bluffs originate either from the Mists or unknown realms within the Mists.[7]

The Mists resonate from the worlds around them, forming bits of their own reality—islands of existence that reflect the histories of their worlds.[8] Some worlds are enormous, such as the Underworld, the home of the dead; others are simply residences for powerful spirits or deities. At the center of the Mists is the Rift, and within the Rift is the Hall of Heroes, the final resting place of powerful and virtuous souls.

There are a set number of versions of Tyria, each mechanically corresponding to a world. Player characters are unique to every world; there are no "alternate versions" of player characters that exist in other worlds. The Grand High Sovereign and Grand Vice Admiral Shodd, alternate versions of the asura Pact Commander and Shodd in the Infinity Ball storyline, are not actually from an alternate reality, but from a potential future that exists within the Mists. Important non-player characters, however (e.g. Destiny's Edge) exist across all versions of Tyria. The timelines in these alternate Tyrias do not diverge, so e.g. in all of them Glint and Snaff have died.[2]

Fractals and Mist Wars[edit]

In the Mist War (mechanically represented as the World versus World game mode), these different versions of Tyria fight each other for resources in their own respective battles against their worlds' Elder Dragons—the borderlands are the literal borderlands between different versions of Tyria. The vast majority of the citizens of Tyria have no knowledge of the multiple worlds in the Mists. Mist Warriors will have some understanding of them, but very limited.[2] The Durmand Priory have discovered clues—such as the existence of the warclaw as a combat mount as well as the materials used in its armor's construction appearing Tyrian but with a style corresponding to several cultures throughout different points in Tyria's history—that there may have been multiple Mist Wars throughout Tyria's history over several millennia.[9]

The Eternal Battlegrounds and borderlands exist in a repetitious "fractal state" that reset over a longer period of time than the more short-lived Fractals of the Mists. The fractal state has two chief characteristics. The first characteristic is its impermanence: events eventually reset to a default origin state regardless of actions taken therein, e.g. explaining why no side can hold any territory such as the Stonemist Castle indefinitely and why the battlegrounds reset to an unclaimed state weekly. The second characteristic is that subjects of a fractal cannot be removed from their environment just as a reflection cannot be removed from a mirror.[9] This is why e.g. Dessa of Mistlock Observatory and other fractal and borderland Mist copies of beings reset to their default state with some of their memories of recent conversations erased if anyone tries to lead them from the Mists to Tyria.[10]

However, there seem to be some ways to circumvent the limitation of transporting beings from fractal states to Tyria without these fractal beings reseting: warclaws, which are discovered in the borderlands of the Mists and whose spirits are bound to armor pieces, can be exported to Tyria and continue existing outside the Mists.[9] Similarly, the asuran Infinity Ball appears to possess the power to manifest fractal-like Mist beings with personalities and false memories of e.g. an alternate future Tyria such as when the Infinity Ball manifested the Grand High Sovereign and Grand Vice Admiral Shodd who were evil Mist versions of the asura Snaff Savant and Shodd and who attempted to invade Tyria with their versions of steam creatures.[2]

Realms of the dead[edit]

See also: Fissure of WoeMelandru's Lost DomainRealm of TormentUnderworld

Both the Spirits of the Wild such as Raven and Six Gods such as Grenth and their servants such as the avatars and Canthan envoys have access to the Underworld and can take spirits to and from there.[11][12][13] Different races and beings of different faiths have different afterlives although it is unknown if non-human afterlives are simply separated regions of the Underworld or altogether different afterlife realms.[14][15]

In the case of humans Grenth, the Judge or Desmina judge a human's spirit once it enters the Underworld and appoint it to its designated afterlife: e.g. Balthazar's followers enter the Eternal Battle in the Fissure of Woe while Kormir's followers enter the great library of the Sanctum in the Realm of Torment.[16][17] In some cases the spiritual Canthan envoys can also determine a human spirit's fate.[18][19][20] However, a non-human who converts to the faith of one of the Six appears to enter their new patron god's afterlife rather than their racial afterlife; it is unknown if a human who converts to revering the Spirits of the Wild would be taken to the norn afterlife after passing.[13] Spirits appointed to different afterlives do not generally seem to interact with other Mist realms' spiritual denizens, which is why the ghosts of the human and norn lovers Nicholas and Yngvild did not want to be judged in the Domain of the Lost so they would never be separated from each other in death.[21]

Children of the Mists[edit]

Design of the All, from the Durmand Priory's Special Collections.

The protomatter that makes up the Mists strains toward creation, often spawning demonic creations either in nightmarish or humanoid forms. Demons have been historically described as malicious creatures most often born from shards of existence within the Mists that have turned corrupted by strong malignant forces. They have been said to instinctively hate all living beings and relish in torturing their victims, but they are not averse to manipulating or even working for or with the living for their own gain.[22][23][24] The Kryptis are some of these demons although their interpretation of demonic existence is more ambiguous and less nefarious than Tyrian accounts; the Kryptis claim that all demons are born with a flicker of curiosity and that the dreams of Tyrians and other realms' denizens inspire them for better or worse.[25]

Not all creatures from the Mists are demonic, however. When the Mists come into contact with a suitable template, for example, it can copy that form, creating a sentient entity with an appearance mimicking its "progenitor" and which can have as sophisticated a mind as the template it has been based on.[22] These "children of the Mists"—often called Mist-beings,[26] Mistborn,[27] or Mists-born[28]—such as the humanoid Razah and the draconic skyscales begin their lives as blank slates and can be steered towards either good or evil via their interactions with other beings.[29][30]

The first generation of skyscales that had come into existence on Tyria as adults suffered from accelerated aging do to the process of their creation. Subsequent generations were able to hatch and live longer once the eggs had been exposed to various types of magic to stabilize them.[31][32][33]

Access to the Mists[edit]

Certain magical entities such as the Six Gods and the Spirits of the Wild can enter the Mists with little effort, either via opening portals or simply phasing into the Mists. Elder Dragons, however, do not appear to be innately capable of entering the Mists unless they either abuse the powers of a corrupted Spirit of the Wild or devour a god's divine magic.[34] Similarly, mortals who cannot enter the Mists on their own will need to either persuade a shaman or mage or abuse them to open portals.[35]

For the majority of mortals, the Mists are accessible through portals, most of which are temporarily made by channeling the power of a force within the Mists, such as the havrouns calling upon the Spirits of the Wild or necromancers calling upon the Spirits of the Wild or the Six Gods. Using their intimate connection with their chosen Spirit, however, havrouns can simply step into the spirit realm without the use of portals.[34] Great care should be taken when opening such portals, however, as they are like beacons of light attracting entities from the Mists which may try to break into the land of the living.[36] Some beings such as the mursaat could likewise shift into the Mists although they apparently had no connection to any of the spiritual entities to do so.[37]

There are a few permanent portals as well—these portals were created by the wizard Lord Odran, including the Portal in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. Other known portals in the past included the Door of Komalie, the Mouth of Torment, and a portal on the Battle Isles; these four portals became inaccessible over the past 250 years due to the rise of the Elder Dragons.[38] Portals can also form naturally in places where the barriers between Tyria and the Mists are thin, or at sites of massacre where a great influx of the dead have weakened the barrier. This ethereal barrier is also known as the Veil as it separates Tyria from other realms and the Mists.

Rituals to access the Mists[edit]

Grenth, Prince of Winter, hear your servant's plea!

Open the gates to the Mists! The living call upon the dead—in Grenth's name!

<Name and occupation of the spirit>, I call your spirit to commune. Appear! Appear and speak!

Human necromancer invocation of Grenth

Snow Leopard, grant us your stealth. Let us slip into the land of secrets.

We come to aid those who have devoted themselves to defending the Spirits of the Wild.

Bless us with your vision and shield us from the rising evil.

Grant us safe passage to the Mists!

Norn havroun invocation of Snow Leopard

Hear me, Raven!

We beseech you, oh spirit of trickery and cunning.

Send us an emissary from the lands of the dead.

— Norn spiritcaller invocation of Raven


Early history[edit]

According to an old human legend, Lord Odran opened various portals into various worlds within the Mists. When Odran's mortal body died, the wards and enchantments that had kept his portals hidden failed, and the gates to the Hall of Heroes were laid open to all who were able to find them. The wizard lord had been canny though; Odran knew that one day he too might be ensconced in the Hall of Heroes, so he had hidden the portals in the most treacherous locations he could find while believing that the fear of death would keep the meek at bay.

However, Odran had underestimated mortal ambition and greed. Over time, the whereabouts of the portals were revealed. Though the portals remained difficult to get to, there were those with enough skill and enough bravery to reach them. As a result, the numbers of intruders to the Hall of Heroes rose, and the spirits there began playing groups of mortals against each other for sport, placing bets on which will make it farthest while giving special aid to those they favored.

Between 1320 and 1325 AE, five asura gates were built within Fort Marriner of Lion's Arch. They replaced the Zaishen Order's arena,[39] and became the only known fixed means of entering the Mists in Central Tyria at the time.[38]

Personal story[edit]

In 1325 AE, the Sons of Svanir had caught Wolf's Havroun Solvi meditating while he was on one of his spirit walks. They pierced him with a magical spike made from corrupted Mist, trapping him in an in-between state, and abused his havroun power to open portals and invade the Mists with icebrood in order to destroy the Spirits of the Wild to honor the Elder Dragon Jormag. However, a party led by Eir Stegalkin and the Slayer of Issormir was able to thwart the Sons' plans by entering the Mists with help from Snow Leopard's Havroun Svena, and they were able to free Solvi but not before he passed away due to his injuries and left the mantle of Wolf Havroun on his apprentice Valda.[35][40]

Meanwhile, the Snaff Savant and Shodd were testing the Savant's invention known as the Infinity Ball which was designed to produce possible results of what would happen in the future. They were eventually able to open a portal into what appeared to be an alternate future timeline of Tyria from which the Savant's and Shodd's evil alter egos, the Grand High Sovereign and Grand Vice Admiral Shodd, emerged. The Grand High Sovereign claimed to have conquered their timeline's Tyria with steam creatures and threatened to do the same to the Savant's Tyria once they had killed the Savant. However, the Savant and Shodd were able to defeat their doppelgangers instead with Zojja's help, and they shut the portal down to stop the invasion of steam creatures from the Sovereign's realm. The Savant swore to never use the Infinity Ball again, and Zojja in turn promised to end the Savant's life if they ever gave in to megalomania.[41] Despite the Grand High Sovereign and Vice Admiral Shodd's claims, however, it appears that the doppelgangers had not necessarily come from an actual alternate future timeline but were simply created in response to the Infinity Ball's unleashed power from a potential future within the Mists.[2]

Living World Season 1[edit]

During Scarlet Briar's occupation of Lion's Arch in 1326 AE, the Mist Portals temporarily resided in Vigil Keep, but were moved back to Lion's Arch when reconstruction efforts began.

Path of Fire[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

By 1330 AE the portals in both the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and the Mouth of Torment became active again, and a new portal to an unknown location in the Mists was opened in the Foundry from which the Forged army brought in reinforcements to the Domain of Vabbi. After Balthazar's defeat in Vabbi, Desmina opened a new portal to the Underworld at Reaper's Gate, where the veil between Tyria and the Mists was already weak.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

End of Dragons[edit]

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]


Explorable zones
World versus World
Other suggested afterlives

The existence of these afterlives has not been verified via visiting them, but the respective races believe that their afterlife exists.

Interactive map[edit]

List of known portals to the Mists[edit]

Crystal Desert
Horn of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains




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  • The writing on Lord Odran's map of the Mists is in Ascalonian and translates to "beware the danger of secrets kept".


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  51. ^ Mori Elder
  52. ^ Cleansing the Steel
    Soar Honorclaw: With Dao Weng's death, my father's spirit can finally fly away into the Sky Above the Sky. You may return to Master Togo and tell him that the score is settled. He is one of the few humans in this land who deals with the Tengu honorably, and that is not something I take lightly.