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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Living World Season 1, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and Hall of Chains.

The Mists

The Mists map (unexplored).jpg
Map of The Mists

Lord Odran's map of the Mists, from the Durmand Priory's Special Collections.
The Mists is the oldest thing in existence, the proto-reality that exists between the worlds, constituting the fabric of time and space that connects the multiverse together. Within the Mists are worlds (of which Tyria is just one), each with their own realities and histories, floating as islands in the ether. The Mists resonate from the worlds around them, forming bits of their own reality—islands of existence that reflect the histories of their worlds.[1] Some worlds are enormous, such as the Underworld, the home of the dead; others are simply residences for powerful spirits or deities. At the center of the Mists is the Rift, and within the Rift is the Hall of Heroes, the final resting place of powerful and virtuous souls.

The Mists are accessible only through portals, most of which are temporarily made by channeling the power of a force within the Mists, such as the havrouns calling upon the Spirits of the Wild. There are a few permanent portals as well—these portals were created by the mage Lord Odran, including The Portal in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. Other known portals in the past included the Door of Komalie, the Mouth of Torment, and a portal on the Battle Isles; these four portals became inaccessible over the past 250 years due to the rise of the Elder Dragons.

Between 1320 AE and 1325 AE, five asura gates were built within Fort Marriner of Lion's Arch, replacing the Zaishen arena,[2] and becoming the only known fixed means of entering the Mists in Central Tyria. During Scarlet Briar's occupation of Lion's Arch, the Mist Portals temporarily resided in Vigil Keep, but were moved back to Lion's Arch when reconstruction efforts began. By 1330 AE the portals in both the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and the Mouth of Torment became active again, and a new portal to an unknown location in the Mists was opened in the Foundry from which the Forged army brought in reinforcements to the Domain of Vabbi. After Balthazar's defeat in Vabbi, Desmina had opened a new portal to the Underworld at Reaper's Gate, where the veil between Tyria and the Mists was already weak.

The Mists serves as the setting for Player versus Player, and all players entering the Mists will be scaled up to level 80.


Explorable zones
World versus World

Known portals to the Mists[edit]

Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Mountains



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