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Order of Shadows

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Shadows plays all sides off each other to keep the status quo churning and exploitable. They advance Joko's cause one day, Sunspears' the next. A very dangerous game.

Order of Whispers Mission Dispatches

The Order of Shadows is a splinter faction of the Order of Whispers. They are stationed primarily within the Desolation, with agents working throughout the Crystal Desert and within Vabbi and Istan. The Order of Shadows divides itself into four practices: preventing the situation of Elona's politics from getting out of hand, monitoring the Mouth of Torment,[1] preserving the knowledge and history of Elona and Vabbi,[2] and assisting Elonians with external threats like the Forged and ley line-crazed creatures.


Early history[edit]

With both the rise of the Elder Dragons and Palawa Joko's return, the Order of Whispers began to fracture between the ideals of what the order should focus on. The Order of Shadows broke off from the Order of Whispers, believing Palawa Joko to be a bigger threat than the Elder Dragons. With this splinter faction based in the Desolation, the Order of Whispers in Jahai Bluffs were cut off from those in Central Tyria.[3]

The Order of Shadows primarily focused on Palawa Joko's rule over Elona, but also watched over the Mouth of Torment due to their location. Their main headquarters became the Chantry of Shadows, located in the Desolation overlooking the Mouth of Torment. Despite their open claims of working against Palawa Joko, however, the Order of Shadows did not proactively work to dispel Palawa Joko's reign. They worked from the shadows to keep a status quo in Elona, preventing Joko from becoming too strong, but similarly sacrificing innocents and hindering the remnant Order of the Sunspears to prevent instability and to protect their own ability to influence events.[3] For centuries, the Order of Shadows was more interested in being capable of subtly influencing events than it was about freeing Elonians from the undead king's rule.

Modern developments[edit]


Due to their shared origins with the Order of Whispers, many Order of Shadows ranks are either the same, or parallel, Whispers' ranking:

  • Recruit: new members, often found in camps.
  • Agents: most prominent rank, the ones who go out undercover amongst other organizations.
  • Creators: members in charge of crafting gadgets for agents and forging up plans for the Order.
  • Keepers: members leading dangerous operations.
  • Redeemers: the highest rank underneath the Master of Shadows. Currently, the only known Redeemer is Kossan.
  • Master of Shadows: The leader of the Order of Shadows. His real name is unknown.


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