Siren's Reef Fractal

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Siren's Reef Fractal

Siren's Reef Fractal map.jpg
Map of Siren's Reef Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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Loading screen

Escape the cursed island.

— In-game description

The Siren's Reef Fractal is a tropical themed fractal that occurs at scales 12, 37, 54 and 78. The island is the final resting place of the dread pirate queen Captain Arabella Crowe, who has turned into a malevolent ghost guarding the island's treasure. Unlucky souls that land on the island, one way or the other, are doomed to join Crowe's ghostly crew.

The Fractal Explorers materialize as part of the shipwrecked crew of the pirate, Captain Strohm, and are incidentally crew mates of the infamous Captain Weyandt, who now enjoys his own undeath tormenting tourists in the Sharkmaw Caverns beneath Lion's Arch.

In order to escape the island the Explorers need to gather all of Captain Crowe's cursed pirate treasure and defeat her ghost. The Fractal ends just before Weyandt and the Explorers escape the island aboard Crowe's ship, the Kraken's Pride with the island's treasure.


  • Red Boss.png
    Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Secure the shipwreck site.
    • Wipe out the dinosaurs.
      Event bar.jpg
      Invasion (map icon).png
    • Explore the island.
    • Defeat the frenzied dinosaur.
    • Champion Stonehead
      Event bar.jpg
      Red Boss.png
    • Explore the island.
    • Explore the forgotten fort.
    • Cast out the keeper of the fort.
    • Blasting Black Peter
      Event bar.jpg
      Red Boss.png
    • Continue to explore the island.
    • Deposit all of the cursed treasure into the chest at the end of the tomb.
    • Treasure recovered: x/3
    • Stow the cursed treasure chest on the ship.
    • Maintain control of the ship.
      • Retrieve the second treasure: x/1
        Ship Control
        Event bar.jpg
        Event flag red.png
      • Squelch Mad Jack Squall.
        Event bar.jpg
        Red Boss.png

        Ship Control
        Event bar.jpg
        Event flag red.png
      • Retrieve the third treasure: x/1
        Ship Control
        Event bar.jpg
        Event flag red.png
      • Defeat First Mate Calix.
        Event bar.jpg
        Red Boss.png

        Ship Control
        Event bar.jpg
        Event flag red.png
      • Ghosts Routed
        Event bar.jpg
        Invasion (map icon).png

        Ship Control
        Event bar.jpg
        Event flag red.png
    • Overthrow Captain Crowe.
    • Captain Crowe
      Event bar.jpg
      Red Boss.png
    • Next island: x



Curse Catcher Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
In the Siren's Reef fractal, catch 8 bags of cursed treasure while navigating the maze. 5Achievement points
Savage Cannoneer Fractals of the Mists 10Achievement points
Using the shadow cannons, deliver the killing blow to ghosts in the Siren's Reef fractal.Send ghosts back to their graves with the shadow cannons. 8 0Achievement points
88 1Achievement points
168 2Achievement points
288 3Achievement points
368 4Achievement points
Spirit Evader Fractals of the Mists 5Achievement points
In the Siren's Reef fractal on tier 4, move stealthily through the maze to avoid alerting the spectral orbs. 5Achievement points


  • When fighting the bosses on the boat, kill the additional troops she summons as they are summoned. They spawn quite a few, but they don't re-spawn once killed.
  • Stack in green circle to spread damage from shark attack.








Upon approaching allies on the beach
Cabin Boy Weyandt: Wuh—?! You're alive! Captain, look! Survivors!
Cabin Boy Weyandt points at <character name>.
Captain Strohm: Still alive, huh? Well, if you want to stay that way, hurry and clear these beasties off the beach!
Captain Strohm: And you know what beach this is, don't you?
Captain Strohm: Siren's Reef! Resting place of Arabella Crowe—the cursed pirate queen herself!
Captain Strohm: Long as her treasure remains spread across this island, no soul can escape. Living or dead.
Captain Strohm: You want off this rock? Find that cursed treasure and commandeer us a ship. Now go!
Captain Strohm: Weyandt! With me. I need to rest.
Cabin Boy Weyandt: I should go with them! If they find another ship, who's going to sail it? I could help... Captain? Captain!
Dessa: Wait, did he say "Weyandt"? As in, the legendary pirate Weyandt? We traded stories about him in Rata Sum all the time.
Dessa: Pirate tales made a suitable entertaining diversion in the lab. Though...this Weyandt doesn't look like a pirate at all.
After defeating the Champion Stonehead
Dessa: I'm getting latent magic readings all over the island. This "pirate curse" thing might be real.
Dessa: Hmm. I'm not comfortable saying "pirate curse." How about..."persistent, transferable magic"? Better.
After defeating the ghosts in the forgotten fort
Dessa: That skeleton's being animated by persistent transferable—
Dessa: Ugh. "Pirate curse" it is. That skeleton's being animated by a pirate curse.
Upon defeating Blasting Black Peter
Dessa: I'm keeping an eye on Weyandt and the captain on a second display here.
Dessa: Weyandt was trying to find medicinal fruit for the captain, but he came back with poison baneberries instead.
Dessa: A common misidentification. But his behavior is VERY different from what contemporary records suggest.
Upon entering the tomb
Dessa: I'm picking up three separate core signatures in that cave; magical artifacts tied to the curse.
Dessa: Find a way to bring them with you.
Upon picking up the first treasure
Dessa: Those bags of treasure are rigged with movement inhibitors. Probably to stop thieves from running off with the treasure!
Dessa: And the longer you hold it, the more powerful the effect.
Dessa: Let's test something: What if you tried sharing the pirate curse with all of your friends?
Dessa: Don't worry: the science is on your side. I took a correspondence course on hexes, spells and maledictions.
Depositing the first treasure in the chest at the end of the tomb
Dessa: Looks like that door will open for Arabella's crew. I'll run a quick analysis.
Dessa: Okay, you'll need to combine all the core signatures in that cave—sorry, I mean the pieces of the cursed treasure.
Dessa: That should be enough curse magic in one place to fool the door into thinking you're one of Crowe's pirates.
Dessa: Still watching Weyandt and the captain. Things are looking grim.
Dessa: Everything the record told us about Weyandt becoming a pirate captain was...He was supposed to be a hero.
Dessa: Poisoning someone who trusts you is something a pirate would do.
Dessa: Well. Thank you, fractals, for retroactively ruining my childhood. Anyway. Let's get that door open.
On getting all three treasures to the door
Dessa: Nice work. And don't forget the treasure—you'll need that.
Dessa: That's Arabella's ship: the Kraken's Pride! Still seaworthy, too.
Dessa: I'm detecting two other pieces of treasure nearby. You need all of them on that ship before you can sail away.
Dessa: Oh. Wait, none of you actually knows how to sail a ship. Hm. That could be a problem. We'll cross that bridge later.
Upon depositing the treasure on the ship
Dessa: Major spike in spectral activity. Those ghosts know you're trying to steal Crowe's treasure!
Dessa: They're coming from all over the island. Hurry, fire those swivel-mounted high-caliber spectral artillery.
Dessa: Never mind. We'll just call them ghost cannons. Fire the ghost cannons.
Upon picking up the second treasure from the beach
Dessa: That's the second piece of treasure on the beach. Hurry, get it back to the ship! Those ghosts do NOT look happy.
Upon depositing the second treasure on the ship
Mad Jack Squall: Avast, ye scurvy dogs!
Mad Jack Squall: The briny deep awaits!
After defeating Mad Jack Squall
Dessa: One more to go!
Dessa: Also, I wouldn't wait up for Captain Strohm. Weyandt's finished his little coup and he's on his way over.
Dessa: Oh! Didn't he say he could sail a ship? That's your ticket off this island. Assuming you survive until he gets there.
Upon depositing the third treasure on the ship
First Mate Calix: I will put an end to this mutiny!
First Mate Calix: Blow 'em down!
After defeating First Mate Calix
Dessa: I'm seeing a MASSIVE spectral energy spike. Every pirate on that island's coming for you!
After defending the ship against the ghosts
Dessa: Oh no... It's her! It's Arabella Crowe!
Captain Crowe: What's this?! Stealing my treasure? And my ship?
Captain Crowe: The moment you washed up on the beach, you joined my crew. And your first act is to stage a mutiny?
Captain Crowe: This insult will not stand. You WILL obey your captain!
Dessa: Remember I said we'd figure out the "nobody know how to sail a ship" thing later? Well, it's later.
Captain Crowe: Bring forth the tempest!
Dessa: Where is Weyandt?!
Upon defeating Captain Crowe
Dessa: Oh, look. He's here.
Captain Weyandt: Nice work with the treasure. I regret to report that Captain Strohm won't be joining us.
Dessa: Because you murdered him.
Captain Weyandt: But with his last words, he bestowed the captaincy—and crew—on me.
Dessa: Well, that's one way to describe it, I guess.
Captain Weyandt: So what're you waiting for?! Full sails into the horizon! Captain Weyandt won't stand for stragglers!
Dessa: That did it! The latent magic over the island is gone. Looks like the curse is broken and the fractal is stabilized.
Dessa: As for Weyandt...I'm thinking his records are about due for and update.



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