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Archon Iberu

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Archon Iberu


Awakened Archon Iberu.jpg

Iberu as an Awakened.

It's unwise to intervene in our affairs, outlander.

Archon Iberu

Archon Iberu is a high-ranking officer in the Mordant Crescent. In the past, he had opposed Palawa Joko, but was eventually converted to serve him. Iberu rose to the high rank of Archon while still human and has taken to converting Elonians, who have fled north to locations such as Amnoon, into following Joko.


Early years[edit]

Iberu, like many other Mordant Crescent, was originally a member of the Order of the Sunspears before he was converted to Palawa Joko's cause. Once he had pledged allegiance to Joko, he hunted his former Sunspears in the lich king's name, using diplomacy, bribes, threats and outright violence where needed. Iberu eventually became an Archon, a high-ranking officer in Joko's military, giving orders to Awakened marshals and expecting Joko to eventually honor him with Awakening for his services.

As Archon, Iberu enjoyed many privileges such as having his personal dwelling, the Archon's Retreat, at the Fortress of Jahai. He discreetly took a nibble of every royal tribute for his own use via extortion, usury, bribery, and blackmail, and stored his treasure in the labyrinthine Inner Keep.[1]

Path of Fire[edit]

Iberu extended the Free City of Amnoon an offer of Awakened aid against their plights of the Branded and Forged incursions in 1330 AE. As part of his attempts to convince Amnoon's City Council to accept Joko's aid, he put pressure on Zalambur's trade and casino business so that the rich businessman would in turn pressure the councilors, one of whom had already been bribed to support Joko's cause. After learning that Zalambur had been working behind his back to stir the people of Amnoon against Joko, Iberu visited Zalambur and killed the businessman's bodyguards before unleashing his Awakened escort on the guests at the casino. However, the Pact Commander, who had come to visit Zalambur as well, thwarted the massacre but was unable to stop the Archon himself from leaving the city unscathed.

When the Commander and other members of Dragon's Watch worked to trick Palawa Joko's military leaders into gathering an army which they intended to use to thwart the Forged, they went after Iberu whose high standing in the military was a key to the success of their daring plan. They lured the elusive Archon back south of the Bone Wall by faking a Sunspear uprising in Joko's domain. As Iberu made his way towards the Bone Palace to quell the would-be insurrection, Dragon's Watch ambushed him and revealed the truth of the fake rebellion, angering the Archon who retaliated by attacking them.

Despite fighting ferociously and attempting to siphon the lifeforce of his Awakened reinforcements to overcome his enemies, Iberu was ultimately slain. With help from Kasmeer Meade, the Commander ended up under the effect of a mesmer glamour to pose as the Archon. Using Iberu's authority granted by the illusion, the Commander convinced Joko's marshals to rally their Awakened forces for the defense of Kodash Bazaar against the approaching Forged army which intended to get to the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Iberu's corpse was eventually found and Awakened, and the Archon traveled to the Domain of Istan where he oversaw the defenses of Palawadan, Jewel of Istan. He faced a group of adventurers and rebelling Sunspears during the raid on Palawadan and was felled once again after a fierce clash against the Sunspears and their allies in the Heretic's Arena.

Iberu was revived once again, however, and returned to the Elonian mainland after Palawa Joko's demise in the Battle of Gandara. He eventually traveled to the Fortress of Jahai in the Jahai Bluffs to attend a political summit, where various factions debated Elona's future, and was even willing to consider accepting Spearmarshal Zaeim's proposed treaty until Aurene, the dragon who had devoured Joko, suddenly appeared in the fortress much to everyone's surprise.

Angered by seeing the dragon which he believed the Pact Commander had sent to intimidate him and the delegates, Iberu changed plans and sent word for his reinforcements. The Archon met with the Commander, who had arrived at the fort to calm down Aurene, and pretended to be diplomatic and willing to negotiate while he was actually waiting for his troops to arrive so he could ambush the Commander and the rest of the delegates. By the time the people attending the summit realized what Iberu was up to, the Archon's forces moved in while he used his magic to stop the Commander from acting and accused the Commander and the rest of the delegates of being a threat to Elona. Iberu's ambush was cut short, however, by the sudden arrival of Awakened Koss Dejarin, who stopped the Archon's plans by killing him with a single blow.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat Awakened Archon Iberu (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

Path of Fire skills[edit]

  • Fallen Sunspear
  • Breaks When Drain Is Interrupted

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Grasp of Joko.png Will of Joko - Necromatic[sic] aura grants greater attack and greater damage resistance. (Gained after draining allies)
Stolen skills

Living World Season 4 skills[edit]

  • Leeches Health from Allies

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Grasp of Joko.png Will of Joko - Necromatic[sic] aura grants greater attack and greater damage resistance.
  • Grasp of Iberu - Applies the Heavy Aura.png Grasp of Iberu effect, reducing the toughness of the marked target.
Stolen skills


Defeating an opponent
Easily dealt with.


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