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The Story Journal entries for Living World Season 2 serve as an effective story summary from the point of view of the Pact Commander, and are transcribed here.

Gates of Maguuma.png Gates of Maguuma


Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands loading screen.jpg

I received another note from the cryptic "E" asking me to investigate mysterious incursions at the edge of Brisban Wildlands, while suggesting [sic] that these incursions may be an early sign that a new threat to Tyria was in fact roused during Scarlet Briar's attack on Lion's Arch.

I joined Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi at the Seraph outpost in Tangle Root, and worked with the Seraph to defeat the hostile Inquest krewe that was harassing them. We fought in areas that are being choked with gigantic, thorny vines. This merited further investigation.

Taimi seemed to be clashing with Rox over little thing. She's just a smart kid who means well; we just have to remember she's a child. She talks about Braham like he's her big brother, which is probably good considering her situation. Braham's leg seems to have healed since the Scarlet fight.

Fallen Hopes

Dry Top loading screen.jpg

Marjory, Kasmeer, and I investigated the Zephyrite airship crash in Dry Top. Wreckage and bodies were strewn about the canyon, making it difficult to piece together the sequence of events. We learned of a Soundless sylvari named Aerin who attacked the ship's crew and set off the explosives that ultimately took down the aircraft. We have reason to believe this murderous saboteur is after the Master of Peace, who has been missing. I should head to the nearby mining town, Prosperity, to see if he's there.

Kasmeer worried that Marjory still hadn't healed from the fight against Scarlet, but her fears were put to rest after Marjory held her own in our repeated fights against the Inquest operatives at the crash site.

Tracking the Master of Peace

I headed to prosperity to find clues that would point me toward the Master of Peace. Once there, I found the body of a poor merchant who presumably was killed by the saboteur. It's possible that the merchant had sold the Master of Peace some supplies, and the saboteur demanded information. We'll probably never know.

I found a frightened woman inside the mine who witnessed the murder. She said the killer was chasing the Master of Peace, and that I should head toward Spurbend Canyon. I read the torn pages from Aerin's defaced copy of a Zephyrite manuscript, and followed the trail to the top of a ridge where I will meet my friends.


Cornered loading screen.jpg

I rejoined Marjory, Kasmeer, Braham, Rox, and Taimi to search for the Master of Peace before the saboteur, Aerin, could catch him. We found Aerin and pursued him deep into the canyon. Aerin's behavior was manic, almost like Scarlet's during her final days. He fought fiercely, but ultimately lost. The Master of Peace said that Aerin wanted great power but was refused. He didn't explain what that meant, nor did he say where he was headed next. His backpack was loaded with something—probably supplies. He may be embarking on a long journey.

I searched Aerin's corpse. He was carrying a note with frantic scrawlings that said a "leader will die" and that "the rest will fall in line." Did he mean the Master of Peace or someone else? I also found some animal hairs on Aerin's corpse that probably came from livestock back in Prosperity. We should return there and continue our investigation.

Prosperity's Mystery

Prosperity's Mystery loading screen.jpg

Townspeople in Prosperity revealed that a strange (and dangerous) sylvari kept a room there. No one has dared go in, even though the sylvari hasn't been seen for years. We suspect it was Scarlet.

I asked the people of Prosperity about Aerin but instead learned that Scarlet rented a room in town. It was full of her belongings. I've never seen Taimi so excited. She left behind a holographic journal that chronicled her transformation from a lab assistant named Ceara to the Scarlet that was universally loathed. Other artifacts were scattered about the room, including a strange drawing of the Pale Tree.

Scarlet was researching magical energy here and seemed to have found something significant near where the miners were digging. A local miner named Toska may know more about this.

Taimi found reference to a norn miner named Toska who was among those who first broke through to the ley line chamber. I located Toska nearby. She said the mine mysteriously caved in, but she thought that Scarlet may have found another way in.

Entanglement.png Entanglement


Scarlet's Secret Room

After Braham notified me of an attack on the Dry Top town of Prosperity, I headed out there to check on Taimi.

We found that Taimi was okay, despite the horrible destruction of Prosperity. The upheaval caused by the vines, however, revealed a secret passage behind Scarlet's bookcase. In the tunnels under her room, I found a map tracing her route to some unknown destination to the southwest.

Discovering Scarlet's Breakthrough

Discovering Scarlet's Breakthrough loading screen.jpg

Finding the secret passage out of Scarlet's former home in Prosperity was only the beginning of a new search to discover the truth of what Scarlet was after in Dry Top. I retraced her route across the Uplands to a place that the Maguuma centaurs called the Cavern of Shining Lights, and along the way I found components of her arcane machinery and a few of her broken-down steam minions.

The Concordia Incident

The Concordia Incident loading screen.jpg

While Taimi continued her research at the ley line hub, Rox, Braham, and I investigated the waypoint disruption at Concordia. We found the fort ravaged by jungle tendrils and other creatures. I led the search party that rescued Lindsay and some of her colleagues before fending off the remaining attackers at Goldenlight Hallow lab. Tactician Art mentioned that the vines started sprouting from the ground shortly after a shipment of magical artifacts arrived. I'm not sure of the connection there.

Rox made an offhand comment about Taimi. I think the kid is getting on her nerves.

Trouble at Fort Salma

Trouble at Fort Salma loading screen.jpg

I fought my way into Fort Salma to fend off a monstrous Mordrem thrasher alongside Marjory and Kasmeer, only to dsiscover that we were too late to save Belinda. Marjory will return home to bury her fallen sister, while Kasmeer and I will head back to Dry Top to rejoin our friends.

I could tell Kasmeer was upset that Marjory is leaving her behind while she takes care of funeral arrangements for her sister. The relentless fighting and sudden loss is taking its toll on their relationship.

The Machine

In Scarlet's one-time lab at the ley line hub beneath Dry Top, Taimi started developing a device to recalibrate the waypoints so as not to attract Mordrem. She'd also discovered Omadd's machine, the device that Scarlet used to see the Eternal Alchemy. I unwittingly entered the device and experienced my own cosmic vision—one that included the Pale Tree and a handful of mysterious orbs representing Elder Dragons. I need to speak with the Pale Tree to learn more.

The Dragon's Reach, Part 1.png The Dragon's Reach: Part 1


Rallying Call

The Omphalos Chamber loading screen.jpg

Kasmeer would like me to meet up with her, Rox, and Braham in the Grove for an audience with the Pale Tree.

I discussed the growing threat of Mordremoth with the Pale Tree. She knew it had reached full awareness and has been increasing security around the Grove. I called for a world summit to rally forces against the Elder Dragon, and the Pale Tree graciously agreed to host.

Braham, Kasmeer, and Rox agreed to appeal to the leaders of their home cities, though each expressed personal hesitation. Kasmeer's family was stripped of its titles after her father was incarcerated, leaving her with a mark of shame and limited clout. Braham has had an uneasy relationship with his mother, Eir, since she left him in his father's care when he was young. Rox disobeyed orders to kill Scarlet and chose to tend to Braham and the others during our battle aboard the Breechmaker [sic]. Her actions could be viewed as treasonous, so she's not looking forward to seeing Rytlock.

Uprooting the Iron Marches

Iron Marches loading screen.jpg

Based off information Taimi sent me, I headed to the Iron Marches to investigate reports or Mordrem activity. Vines and other plant creatures have been sighted as far east as Ascalon, choking everything in their path. I assisted the charr and defended the area around Monger's Sink, killing Mordrem and helping soldiers where I could. I acquired samples of dragon minion tissue that may help us understand our enemy. Brutus Rendflesh sent me a Mordrem seed to keep. I may be able to cultivate it into something useful, but I'll probably need a variety of materials.

The Waypoint Conundrum

The Arcane Council refused to attend the world summit without proof that Taimi's waypoint recalibration device would work. I agreed to help her acquire the components and resources necessary to complete the machine. After some scraps with elementals (who may have been attracted to the ley line's magical energy) , I collected all the necessary items. Taimi got the device running and scanned the waypoint network, but was unable to immediately recalibrate the waypoints themselves since the network is so vast. She needs more time.

Summit Invitations

Stonewright's Steading loading screen.jpg

I met Braham in Hoelbrak, and together we talked to Eir about the summit. She didn't believe Knut Whitebear would leave Hoelbrak so long as the Svanir were terrorizing the Shiverpeaks. We vowed to win Whitebear's good will by disrupting the Svanir presence in Frostgorge Sound.

In the Highpeaks of Frostgorge Sound, I joined the local Vigil to raid the Barrowstead and disrupt a Sons of Svanir shamanic ritual. Eir and Braham will know if what I've done is enough to turn Knut Whitebear's attention from Jormag's followers to the threat posed by Mordremoth.

Eir and Braham fought their way to meet me at the dragon totem. Eir was confident that Knute Whitebear would agree to attend the summit at the Grove with the Sons of Svanir now beaten back. I could tell that things were still awkward between the two of them, but that fighting alongside one another gave them some common ground to stand on.

Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack loading screen.jpg

Rox and I met Rytlock outside Duke Barradin's crypt in an effort to get Smodur to the summit. Smodur wasn't going anywhere so long as the Ascalonian ghosts were haunting the area. Rytlock had discovered a ritual that might send the ghosts back to the Mists, but it required his sword, Sohothin, a mass of souls to fuel it with magic, and the pieces of Adelbern's crown. I agreed to obtain the crown fragments, which were scattered across the countryside.

The first crown fragment revealed itself after Rhell Crankmane's machines activated.

The second crown fragment revealed itself in Blazeridge Steppes's Serenity Temple after Cerin finished his research.

After Bria was defeated, the final crown fragment revealed itself near her house.

We attempted the Foefire cleansing ritual, which didn't go entirely as planned. Some spirits were drawn into the Mists portal, but so was Sohothin, Rytlock's sword. Knowing that a full cleansing of the Foefire was impossible without the enchanted blade, he leapt in after it.

Smodur agreed to attend the summut since the ghost problem, while not solved, was lessened by our efforts. He seemed confident that Rytlock would hold his own while trapped in the Mists, though Rox expressed worry.

The Dragon's Reach, Part 2.png The Dragon's Reach: Part 2


Party Politics

Party Politics loading screen.jpg

I received a mail from Kasmeer, who informed me that Queen Jennah's attendance at the summit is in jeopardy. Minister Estelle claimed that the queen had secretly met with Scarlet and essentially gave her access to the watchknights. Had I not found multiple witnesses who would back up Countess Anise's accounts of the queen's activities that day (and Minister Estelle's little gambling outing), Queen Jennah would have been unable to attend the summit. With her lies exposed, Estelle will recant her story—and possible cooperate with Countess Anise in future matters. She really has no choice.

After the party, Kasmeer was given the honor of escorting Queen Jennah to the Grove. Perhaps the queen will be sympathetic to Kasmeer's past family troubles.

Canach was also present acting as Anise's escort and bodyguard since she bought his billet. He's not technically a free man, having previously been incarcerated for his crimes on Southsun, but is serving out the rest of his term in a sort of work-release program for the countess. It's not entirely clear how Anise intends to employ him, though I overheard them talking about him being her "eyes and ears" in the field. I'm not sure I trust him fully. He has a violent streak and is a bit unpredictable despite his claims of reform.

Recalibrating the Waypoints

Taimi sent me a letter stating she'd completed her waypoint recalibrations. I should check in with her.

Taimi's Waypoint Recalibration Device was successful in retuning the waypoints, making them more efficient by using less ley line magic to operate. As a result, they are now uninteresting to Mordremoth's minions. This impressed Councillor Phlunt and his Arcane Council associates so much that they wanted the device for themselves. Taimi didn't like the idea of giving up the new invention she worked so hard to develop, so she ran off with it. Braham and I need to find her and convince her to relinquish the W.R.D. for the greater cause.

Taimi and the Asura

Braham and I tracked Taimi from the ley line hub into Dry Top. We caught up with her in the upper cliffs, where we found her surrounded by Inquest who were trying to steal her invention. They had incapacitated Scruffy and cornered her at the edge of a cliff. Braham and I gave them a sound beating before Phlunt and his associates arrived. Taimi ultimately handed over the W.R.D., since Phlunt's attendance at the summit hinged on it.

Taimi got a good scare today. Seeing her exposed and without the aid of her golem reminded me that, while she's a strong and brilliant kid, she still needs support and guidance from us—especially Braham.

The World Summit

The World Summit loading screen.jpg

I met my team at the Grove and represented the Pact for the world summit. I convinced Knut Whitebear, Queen Jennah, Councillor Phlunt, and Smodur the Unflinching that we need to unite against Mordremoth. However, the summit was cut short when the Shadow of the Dragon attacked the Pale Tree in the Omphalos Chamber. Before she fell unconscious, the Pale Tree showed me a vision of a golden land and a mysterious artifact. I'm not sure what it means just yet.

I overheard Countess Anise and Canach having a discussion. She wants him to infiltrate the Pact staging area and learn what he can about their preparations in the fight against Mordremoth.

One thing is certainly clear now: Mordremoth is gaining power by the day. Its tendrils are spreading at an alarming rate. No one is safe. It's my mission to decipher the vision and stop the dragon before it consumes everything.

Echoes of the Past.png Echoes of the Past


The Ghosts of Fort Salma

Ela Makkay of the Durmand Priory asked me to help Explorer Campbell investigate the ghost sightings at the wreckage of Fort Salma. I encountered a squad of restless spirits who had died violently during the prior Mordrem attack. They were traumatized in their last moments and mistook me for the enemy, so I had to put them down.

Explorer Campbell was nearly killed by Marjory's departed sister, Belinda. Thanks to Marjory's intervention, though, Explorer Campbell's life was spared. The sister's exchanged sword before Belinda performed a ritual that bound her soul with her sword. Now Marjory has a powerful ancestral weapon to train with, and her sister is at rest.

Reunion with the Pact

The Silverwastes loading screen.jpg

Read the letter "Your Presence Is Requested."

I met Marshal Trahearne at the Pact's new staging area. We discussed the planned assault on Mordremoth, and he requested that I lead a small extraction team to retrieve Caithe's squad in the Silverwastes around Camp Resolve.

Braham, Taimi, and I met briefly. He agreed to keep an eye on Taimi, who was inquiring with the Aspect Masters on the whereabouts of the Master of Peace. They answered her questions reluctantly, though it seemed as if they may have been withholding some details.

Afterward, Taimi introduced herself to Brun Ingotspitter, a noted metalworker who may be able to help her fix her golem Scruffy. It had previously taken some damage in Dry Top when the Inquest tried to steal the Waypoint Recalibration Device from her.

Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad

Caithe's Reconnaissance Squad loading screen.jpg

I met my squad in the Silverwastes and quickly located Canach. He'd been separated from Caithe during their mission and was hiding in the shadows to avoid being spotted by Mordremo. We made out way through the valley and rejoined Caithe, who was locked in battle with the dragonspawn.

We learned where the Mordrem were nesting and observed their movements. While I hesitate to call them "intelligent" creatures, they do exhibit simple tactical behavior in combat. This information should help us in the war ahead.

We signaled for extraction and fought tirelessly against the relentless tide of enemies. Fortunately, the Pact sent us a chopper that carried us back to safety.

Back at Camp Resolve, I made sure that Caithe was taking our intel to Marshall [sic] Trahearne before asking a Pact tactician to point me to Explorer Campbell's location nearby in the Silverwastes.

Hidden Arcana

Hidden Arcana loading screen.jpg

Explorer Campbell, the researcher we rescued at Fort Salma, provided us with a cipher that gained us access to the Durmand Priory's inner research facilities. Once inside, we explored the library before making our way into the Special Collections room, which was packed from floor to ceiling with rare antiquities and artifacts.

We met up with Ogden Stonehealer, who had been hard at work researching dragon history. At his request, we handled a mysterious hourglass and were unexpectedly transported to Glint's Lair. I explored its wondrous paths, putting down the creatures in our way. Whether they were guardians of the lair, or simply manifestations created by the magic that was freed upon Glint's death, I am unsure. I did, however, see echoes of past events. The Master of Peace had visited the lair before us, and he found what appeared to be Glint's remaining egg.

We returned to the Priory and discussed our findings with Ogden. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we find the Master of Peace and help him protect Glint's egg before Mordremoth seeks to destroy it.

Tangled Paths.png Tangled Paths


Return to Camp Resolve

Logan sent me a mail asking me to return to Camp Resolve.

I met Logan, Eir, Zojja, and Caithe at Camp Resolve to discuss the Pact situation. I let them know that I will be striking out on my own leads instead of being a part of the main frontal assault. Although they were disappointed to hear the news, they understood my reasons.

I met up with my friends to discuss where the Aspect Masters were headed. Luckily, Taimi caught sight of them heading out of camp by the southwestern gate. Caithe started following me around after she learned of Glint's egg. She seems focused on it.

Tracking the Aspect Masters

Tracking the Aspect Masters loading screen.jpg

On discovering that the Aspect Masters had left Camp Resolve, I picked up their trail and tracked them across the Maguuma Wastes to an underground passage.

Rox, Caithe, and I caught up with the Aspect Masters under the Maguuma Wastes, where they were fighting for their lives against Mordrem. We joined the fight, but too late to save the Master of Sun. Afterward, the Master of Lightning showed me a secret Zephyrite symbol I can follow to track down their missing Master of Peace.

Into the Labyrinth

Into the Labyrinth loading screen.jpg

We followed the trail of symbols left by the Master of Peace across the Silverwastes to the tangled maze of thorny vines. Unfortunately, Mordrem had beaten us there.

We fought long and hard to protect the Master of Peace, but he was mortally wounded in the battle. His dying request was that I safeguard the egg he had taken from Glint's lair, but Caithe inexplicably disappeared with it.

Seeds of Truth.png Seeds of Truth


The Newly Awakened

The Newly Awakened loading screen.jpg

The Pale Tree is still recovering from the damage done to her by the Shadow of the Dragon. She experiences moments of lucidity, during which I may be able to speak with her, but I'll have to wait until she wakes up.

The Pale Tree gave me four seeds with which to view some of Caithe's memories. I found the first location in the Grove itself and saw Caithe and the firstborn over twenty years ago. They were discussing the recent arrival of the secondborn and wondering how to deal with them.

A half-naked secondborn interrupted the discussion to let us know that his friends had been captured by "imps." At the end of the memory, Caithe and Faolain—yes, the leader of the Nightmare Court today—were racing off to rescue them. I believe the second memory seed location will be in Metrica Province, where the secondborn were taken.

Meeting the Asura

Meeting the Asura loading screen.jpg

I used a seed to enter Caithe's memory of the time she and Faolain saved a group of secondborn from asura. They found my old acquaintance Vorpp experimenting on the poor sylvari. Vorrp had the scare of his life, I suspect, and he learned that sylvari do not make good test subjects.

As they were leaving, Faolain announced her intention to travel to the Silverwastes in pursuit of Wynne who was going there to research Ventari with a centaur tribe. Caithe tried to discourage her from this, to no avail. I need to head back to Camp Resolve to see if any centaur have ever been found out in the Silverwastes.

No Refuge

No Refuge loading screen.jpg

I returned to Camp Resolve to ask if any centaur had ever been found in the area, and I was directed to the Far Silverwastes. The local skritt let me access their network of tunnels to bring the third memory seed to that remote location.

I found the next memory seed location in the Far Silverwastes and experienced a centaur massacre through Caithe's eyes. While the memory was horrible to witness, it provided us with a clue to where Caithe may have taken Glint's egg.

Point of No Return.png Point of No Return


Arcana Obscura

The Durmand Priory loading screen.jpg

In my last memory vision, I saw Faolain and Caithe chase Wynne to a sealed cave in the Far Silverwastes. When we followed her trail, we were blocked by a magical barrier. I met Marjory at the Durmand Priory's Special Collections to consult with Magister Ogden Stonehealer on the arcane ward blocking our access.

Ogden identified the barrier as made by an ancient serpent race called the Forgotten. As part of our research, Ogden broke the wax seal inside the old tome and the echo of a long-dead hero named Turai Ossa appeared. Marjory and I supported the echo as he retraced the Ascension trials, and in return, he gifted us with divine fire. Ogden believed the divine fire would open the seal on the mysterious cave, allowing us to continue retracing Caithe's past.

Pact Assaulted

Logan asked me to reunite with Destiny's Edge at Camp Resolve as they prepared to assault Mordremoth with the Pact. Conversation was cut short when the camp came under attack. In the thick of battle, I signaled for an air strike to clear the Mordrem from the staging area. After combat died down, I informed Trahearne and my friends that I had to recover Glint's egg from Caithe.

The Mystery Cave

The Mystery Cave loading screen.jpg

The divine fire broke the seal on the cave in the Far Silverwastes, and we ventured into a subterranean chamber with golden ruins. I planted the last memory seed and witnessed firsthand as Caithe discovered the secret the Pale Tree and Wynne had kept from Faolain—all sylvari are linked to Mordremoth.

To prevent herself from breaking under torture, Wynne begged Caithe to end her life. In doing so, Caithe placed the burden of knowledge upon herself. I had no time to absorb this before we finally caught up with Caithe, who tried to reassure us of her intentions. Our confrontation was cut short by the Shadow of the Dragon. I killed Mordremoth's champion once and for all, but I was unable to secure the egg.

Saving Glint's offspring is paramount to Tyria's survival against the Elder Dragons. I must recover it.