Mad Maleficence

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Mad Maleficence is an achievement that is a part of Shadow of the Mad King. Added in Halloween 2018, it is a continuation of the series from Halloween 2012.


Mad Maleficence Shadow of the Mad King 5Achievement points
Track down trophies of the eternal feud between Mad King Thorn and Palawa Joko during Halloween, when the Mad Realm draws near.Old grudges never die.
Prerequisite: Rivalry of Kings
1 Item Collected 1Achievement points
13 Items Collected 4Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Map Hint Notes
Joko's Crown (Replica).png Joko's Crown (Replica) Joko's Crown (Replica) map.jpg "Infiltrating Joko's palace, I stole off with his prized crown! (It's definitely not from a street vendor in Amnoon.)" Purchased from the Awakened Merchant near the Grand Sahil Casino using one Candy Corn Cob. [&BLsKAAA=]
Shiny Trinket.png Awakened Officer's Service Medallion "I took this spoil of war from a mighty Awakened champion." Found in Palawan Phylacteries, dropped by champion Awakened.
Hamaseen Cloth Crate.png Mummy Wrap Field Kit "Brazenly looting a Treasure Hunting Kit from Joko's minions, I dug up these supplies in Elona." Found in Buried Treasures and Superior Buried Treasures, found by using a Treasure Hunting Kit in one of the Crystal Desert maps.
Durmand Priory Book.png Journal of a Youth Journal of a Youth map.jpg "A mad spirit arriving in the Labyrinth brought this prize on its journey." Speak to the Mad Spirit in the north on the wall of the Labyrinth maze (up high), who will give you this item.
Kournan Band.png Ancient Awakened Soldier's Ring Lost Belongings location.jpg "At the edges of the Mad King's Labyrinth, I unearthed this token from Joko's last defeat." On a land mass southwest of the northwest Labyrinth waypoint. This waypoint is accessible via Bloody Prince doors across Tyria, or by gliding or flying over from the other waypoint via a griffon. You may need a griffon to get to an object called lost belongings. The location is a little different. The mad king likes to teleport people who get to close. It is above the waypoint in the air on a floating island in the air.
Memoirs of Captain Greywind.png Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2) Lost Belongings location 2.jpg "While inspecting the fortifications of the Labyrinth, I found this left behind." Southeast corner of the maze, up on the land mass just northeast of where the Legendary Skeletal Lich spawns.
Resilient Priory Belt.png Chariot Reins Lost Belongings (S Raceway).jpg "After I beat Joko's record lap time on the King's Raceway, he left this in shame." In Mad King's Raceway, south of waypoint, in mausoleum on a hill.
Hastily Written Letter.png Joko's Book Club Selections Lost Belongings (SW Raceway).jpg "I found this while patrolling the King's Raceway for spies." In Mad King's Raceway, southwest of waypoint, in small mausoleum.
Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft.png Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft map.jpg "On a jail break from the Fortress of Gandara, I took a moment to loot this." Take the mesmer portal west of Waypoint (tango icon).png Allied Encampment Waypoint to jump to the Bokoss Prison Ruins island. The book is within an Abandoned Lockbox near the top of the ruined building at the point of interest.
Siege Masters Guide.png The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List The Scourge of Vabbi's To-Do List map.jpg "I stole this from a tower in Joko's Garden of Seborhin using a hidden portal." Take the Sand Portal on the floating structure at Seborhin Circle, item is in Abandoned Lockbox directly south of the vista. [&BNAKAAA=] Seborhin Waypoint.
Tome of the Rubicon.png Aphorisms of Joko, the Eternal Monarch of All Aphorisms of Joko, the Eternal Monarch of All map.jpg "From atop a crumbling statue of the lich in Vabbi, I took this secret tome." On top of the Joko Statue at Great Palawa Joko Monument, in an Abandoned Lockbox Waypoint (tango icon).png Vehtendi Academy Waypoint — [&BA8KAAA=].
Pact Weapon Blueprints.png A Treatise on the Veridical... A Treatise on the Veridical... map.jpg "In the Elon Riverlands, I ironically stole this from a monument to Joko's triumphs." In an Abandoned Lockbox under the Joko Statue's Foot at The Triumph of Palawa Joko [&BNwKAAA=] North through the portal.
The Human Gods.png The Diary of Palawa Ignacious Joko 150px "Using a hidden key, I infiltrated Joko's Forbidden Vault in the Desolation and return with this trophy." In an Abandoned Lockbox on the northern side of the second floor of the Forbidden Vault, after completing Help Buuran investigate the mysterious gate. This is the third of an event chain that starts with Collect relics for Meymo and Kyrisah [&BFQKAAA=]