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The Story Journal entries for Living World Season 4 serve as an effective story summary from the point of view of the Pact Commander, and are transcribed here.

Daybreak.png Daybreak

63 Colossus 1330

Eye of the Brandstorm

Eye of the Brandstorm loading screen.jpg

Soon after Balthazar's defeat at the Kodash Bazaar, Rytlock Brimstone, Canach, and Taimi procured a dolyak ranch outside the Free City of Amnoon where they could make necessary repairs to Taimi's golem before resuming our search for Aurene. Taimi contacted me with a progress report.

Cavalier Captain Rahim generously allowed Taimi, Canach and Rytlock to have use of the dolyak ranch as a base camp from which to search for Aurene, track Kralkatorrik's activities, and figure out what to do next. The location provides easy access to Amnoon's bustling marketplace while allowing us to keep a low profile.

When I arrived at the ranch, Taimi updated me on her progress outfitting Scruffy, her mobile lab/golem. She also relayed a message from Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade regarding Kralkatorrik's current location and activity. Their update was interrupted by a Brandstorm that appeared without warning and engulfed Amnoon. We put our search for Aurene on hold to investigate.

Rytlock Brimstone, Canach and I fought waves of Branded laying siege to the Free City of Amnoon and rescued as many Elonians as possible. The Brandstorm concealed a Branded wyvern: Kralkatorrik was clearly experimenting with new powers acquired after the deaths of Balthazar and the two Elder Dragons.

We also found our search for Aurene rendered unexpectedly moot, as she was already in Amnoon protecting its citizens. She appeared to be substantially larger and more powerful than when we last saw at the Kodash Bazaar, and her temperament seemed erratic. My concern about the effect of Aurene's proximity to Balthazar at his death has only increased after this encounter.

Under the Stars

Domain of Istan loading screen.jpg

Aurene sent us a vision of widespread chaos and destruction, and a ruined city that Agent Kito identified as Fahranur. Agent Kito and I are proceeding to Istan to contact the Sunspears, who may know of a way into Fahranur. Rytlock, Canach, and Taimi will remain in Amnoon to clean up after the attack by Kralkatorrik's minions.

At Agent Kito's direction, I was able to arrange for passage to Istan by stowing away abroad a small fishing vessel.

In Istan, I proceeded to the Astralarium, where Agent Kito suggested I might be able to contact the Sunspears. This remarkable conservatory was teeming with scholars dedicated to the study of astronomy and the history of Istan, but the academic fervor was somewhat dimmed by the presence of Mordant Crescent agents pushing the scholars to limit the history they teach and record to Joko's propaganda.

I made contact with the head archivist, Rhadha, who was fearful that my presence might draw undue attention and requested that I disguise myself as a visiting scholar. This was the only way I could gain access to the archives where the entrance to the Sunspear base was located without arousing the suspicion of the many pro-Joko researchers or the Mordant Crescent patrols who monitored the facility.

After posing as a scholar to deflect the suspicions of the Mordant Crescent guards and pro-Joko reseachers at the Astralarium, I sought out Head Archivist Rhadha, who told me the key to locating the secret Sunspear base was contained in a book called "Nightfall," located in the main archives. Rhadha advised me to contact Archivist Salwa, who controlled access to these archives.

Archivist Salwa was understandably hesitant to allow me to enter the sanctum until I could prove to her that I supported those seeking to end the vicious rule of the lich king, Palawa Joko.

I made my way to the bottom floor of the Astralarium libray. Using the key given to me by Archivist Rhadha, I deduced the incantation required in order to gain access to the archives. Saying "Joko is false" while standing in front of the door transported me into a secret Sunspear base, where I was greeted by Agent Kito and First Spear Hakima. Hakima informed me that only Spearmarshal Zaeim, the leader of the Istani Sunspears, knows the way in to Fahranur, and I should seek him out in Champion's Dawn.

Champion's Dawn

I am aiding Sunspear recruitment efforts in the town of Champion's Dawn, which is being ravaged by Mordant Crescent agents and Joko's living loyalists in retribution for supporting the Sunspears. First Spear Hakima indicated I should seek out Priest Sazeer, who might be able to help me locate Spearmarshal Zaeim. I've made contact with Priest Sazeer and his father, who informed me that Zaeim was captured by a corsair named Sayida.

Generations ago, Sayida's ancestor lost a coin to a now-Awakened Sunspear. If I can reobtain this family heirloom, it may give me the leverage I need to get the corsairs to release Zaeim. Defeating the Awakened Sunspear, however, may prove to be something of a challenge.

Koss is something of a local legend, having imprisoned himself in a cave to avoid giving in to the Awakened compulsion to obey Joko's orders. I managed to defeat him in combat, and the Awakened Sunspear has given me the coin. Now I only need to convince Sayida the Sly and her corsair crew to trade me Zaeim for the coin.

Convincing the Corsair

I proposed a trade to Sayida the Sly, who informed me that while she felt honor bound to aid me in exchange for her coin, she had already turned Zaeim in to the Mordant Crescent for the bounty. We came up with an alternate plan. She'll turn me in for the bounty on my head, and I'll break Zaeim out from inside the prison at the Mordant Crescent Great Hall. Kito will summon Sunspear forces to help from the outside, and Sayida will ply the Awakened with corsair grog, which is apparently strong enough to leave even the undead incapacitated. I obtained the ingredients for this legendary brew, a quest that proved challenging since they're distributed among feuding corsair crews.

I've obtained the ingredients for the corsair grog. All the pieces are in place. Now I just need to let Sayida turn me in to the Mordant Crescent.

The Hero of Istan

The Hero of Istan loading screen.jpg

I met with Sayida and her crew just outside the entrance to the Mordant Crescent Great Hall. She clapped me in irons and escorted me inside.

Sayida handed me over to Warden Amala, and with scores of Awakened looking on, she sweet-talked the warden into a toast to Joko, slyly handing over the spiked grog. All was going smoothly until Taimi called me over my communicator, raising the warden's suspicions. Amala cracked me over the head, and everything went black.

I came to in a dungeon cell next to Zaeim, the Hero of Istan. After the jailer outside toppled over from the spiked grog, Zaeim and I escaped and reached the stairwell leading out of the dungeons.

I must still make it past Warden Amala, and time is of the essence: Joko is back from the Domain of the Lost. And he has Taimi.

Amala put up a difficult fight: a dervish who had once dedicated her life to opposing Joko, she'd been executed and Awakened by the lich. Even under his control, she was still able to channel the power of the gods, but with the help of Sayida and her corsairs, Zaeim and I brought her down at last.

The skirmish outside the prison is still something of a haze: the Sunspears burst through the Great Hall's main gate with Rytlock and Canach to reunite with their Spearmarshal, while Aurene strafed the overwhelmed Mordant Crescent from above.

But it's hard to enjoy our triumph when Joko has Taimi. Zaeim has offered to guide us into Fahranur and has directed us to meet him at a cave on Issnur Bay. There's no time to waste.

The First City

The First City loading screen.jpg

With the help of Zaeim, I was able to find the entrance to Fahranur in an old underground tunnel system. Next up: rescue Taimi.

Zaeim, Rytlock, Canach, and I survived the foes and traps within Fahranur to make it deep in the heart of the First City, only to confront a bone wall guarded by an awakened abomination. Canach's explosives brought down the bone wall, along with the ceiling of the chamber. We would have been smashed if Braham and Rox hadn't appeared and saved us.

I can only hope Braham is ready to cooperate with us now.

With Braham and Rox's help, we made it through waves of Awakened and discovered that Palawa Joko forced Taimi to open the gates to Tyria so he could invade. We found Taimi just in time to see an Awakened army pass through the gates into a range of locations in Tyria.

We were greeted by a chorus of Awakened asura, who delivered a vengeful message from Joko and revealed that Taimi was trapped inside her golem, Scruffy, which had been rigged to suffocate her. Our only choice now is to take down Scruffy and get Taimi out of there before it's too late.

We survived Scruffy's meltdown, took out the asura gates that were being used to invade locations across Tyria, and saved Taimi, She's clearly weakened and frightened from the experience, but she insists she will be okay.

We asked Taimi what she learned while she was with Joko, and it sounds like he's researching bugs of some kind. We'll need to figure out where he is so we can stop him for good.

A Bug in the System.png A Bug in the System

65 Zephyr 1331

Tracking the Scientist

Tracking the Scientist loading screen.jpg

I received a message from Agent Kito suggesting we meet. He informed me that Joko gained control of another asura gate hub, allowing him to continue his invasion of Tyria.

I reached out to Taimi for an update on her investigation at the Inquest base at Fahranur. She sounded subdued, which wasn't surprising given her traumatic abduction by Joko. Still, she'd made two important discoveries.

First: One of the destroyed gates at Fahranur led to a big Inquest base, which was likely the location of Joko's new gate hub. Unfortunately, there was no way to know where that base was located.

Second: An old friend of Taimi's, a scientist named Blish, was working at the base.

Our path forward seemed clear: find the scientist, and we'd find Joko's gate hub.

Kito tipped me off to the location of a convert Inquest transport facility. Braham, Rox, and I disguised ourselves as a live specimen delivery convoy to get inside, and I managed to access the facility's resource database. Taimi's scientist was assigned to the Inquest's Elonian HQ, Rata Primus.

We attempted to travel to Rata Primus through the facility's asura gate, but a malfunction on the other end forced us to travel to the nearest alternative lab.

The Test Subject

The Test Subject loading screen.jpg

We found ourselves in an Inquest lab full of signs of disease research on live subjects, including members of a local tribe of charr. We helped liberate one of these charr before Inquest researchers infected her with a mysterious and deadly disease.

The charr's escape triggered a self-destruct sequence. As we hurried to find our way out in time, we battled security forces and discovered a garbled distress message from Blish's brother, Gorrik. The message confirmed that Joko's Awakened were wreaking havoc in the Rata Primus main complex.

As we reached the roof to make our escape, we got our first glimpse of Rata Primus in the distance—a massive floating cube. We jumped from the lab's roof to avoid the lab's self-destruction, but it was clear we'd have to storm that cube if we had any hope of stopping Joko's invasion of Tyria.

A Kindness Repaid

A Kindness Repaid loading screen.jpg

Boticca agreed that the Inquest and the Awakened are threats to her tribe, the Olmakhan. She suggested that we speak to the tribal elders and propose a collaboration that will benefit all of us.

Boticca introduced us to the Olmakhan Elders, and we spoke to them about the pressing dangers of the Inquest and the Awakened. While some agreed the time had come to fight, others believed the better course would be to move the tribe and find a safer home.

While the elders continued their discussions in private, Braham and Rox explored the village. Rox seemed particularly taken with the Olmakhan and their way of life. Meanwhile, I attempted to comfort a few of the cubs who had lost family to the Inquest's brutal experiments.

A sudden attack on the village by the Inquest's automated quarantine forces took us all by surprise. Braham and I escorted the cubs to safety and—with Aurene's help—fought to defend the villagers. The real test came with the deployment of the Inquest's colossal exterminator golem. We managed to defeat it, but sadly one of the elders didn't survive.

The village mourned their loss, and decided to avenge the elder's death by joining forces with us to take on Rata Primus.

The Road to Rata Primus

Sandswept Isles loading screen.jpg

With the Olmakhan commited to helping, we were ready to assault Rata Primus. Unfortunately, we knew very little about the massive base, and it was clearly well defended. When I said as much to Aurene, she flew around the area and shared her sight with me, revealing a protective shield around the cube, a growing number of Joko's Awakened in the area, and a communications tower used to coordinate the Inquest's ground-based facilities and forces.

Braham and Rox stayed with the Olmakhan to help defend them in case of another attack. I infiltrated the Inquest communications facility and sabotaged the tower. Inside, I also discovered an uncorrupted version of Gorrik's distress message confirming that he and Blish were trapped by Joko's forces in Rata Primus. I promised Taimi I would do what I could to help them.

Sayida agreed to aid our assault on Rata Primus with her airship and guided me in tracking down and disabling the three generators powering the shield. As I neutralized the last generator, Sayida's airship arrived. Braham and I boarded and prepared to invade Rata Primus.

The Charge

The Charge loading screen.jpg

While Rox led the Olmakhan in a ground assault, Braham and I infiltrated Rata Primus from above with the help of Sayida and her airship. Inside, Joko's Awakened were locked in battle with the Inquest forces. We tracked down the gate hub, defeated a massive force of Awakened, and disabled the gates, finally putting a stop to Joko's invasion of Tyria.

We reached the lab where Gorrik and Blish had holed up, and we were shocked to learn that Blish's consciousness had been transferred into a golem body. Before we could fully process this, the containment-vault alarm began to blare, and Gorrik revealed some disturbing news—the Inquest had recovered samples of the ancient and deadly Scarab Plague in Fahranur, and now Joko was trying to seize it.

We raced to the containment vault, but we were too late. Joko damaged the remaining asura gate and set Mordant Crescent Commander Lonai on us while he fled with the plague. The damaged gate sucked us in, and Braham and I braced ourselves for the battle to come.

Braham and I battled Lonai while being shifted to increasingly remote and strange locations. When we finally defeated her, Blish and Gorrik managed to transport us back to Sayida's airship just as Rata Primus's self-destruct protocol detonated.

Despite my concern about Taimi's reaction to Blish's golem state, she was delighted at the reunion. The three of them planned to work together as we all prepare to deal with whatever terrible plans Joko has for the Scarab Plague.

Long Live the Lich.png Long Live the Lich

87 Phoenix 1331


Seized loading screen.jpg

Taimi informed me of the Amnoon City Council's overeager imprisonment of Gorrik on the grounds of public health. I attended the trial and successfully argued for Gorrik's freedom. He's investigating countermeasures to the Scarab Plague.

I met Taimi and Gorrik at the docks where their research material was impounded. We dealt with the escape of Gorrik's marshmallow mites, then found Blish and powered him back on. Lord Faren helped a little, too.

Lord Faren and I waited for the Krytan ship at the docks. Councilor Mayameen went ahead to meet them, only to discover that all aboard had been infected with the Scarab Plague. She succumbed, but with Aurene's help, I managed to contain the Plague.

Joko sent an Awakened battalion to attack Amnoon and spread the Plague, but I stopped them at the docks. After I defeated his champion, Joko challenged me to meet him in Gandara. Despite the risk of infection, Faren declared he would join me in this fight.

Forearmed Is Forewarned

Forearmed Is Forewarned loading screen.jpg

Taimi, Gorrik, Blish, and I determined that an army could only reach Gandara in time by using Blish's stolen portal tech. I sent Blish and Taimi to set up the portal in the desert. Meanwhile, I went to ask the Primeval Dynasty for help.

I traveled to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings and convinced Queen Dahlah and Queen Nahlah that Joko's threats were real. They promised me command of a ghost army to fight Joko and the Scarab Plague.

I met Blish and Taimi at the site of Blish's unstable portal. As Blish set it up, a malfunction sent his arm to the other side.

I found Blish's arm and also several Awakened. With its built-in stealth, stun, and triboelectrocution capabilities, I finished off the Awakened and identified a likely site for our camp.

Blish's arm proved highly useful as I cleared the nearby outpost of Awakened. It'll make an excellent staging point for our army's assault on Joko's fortress.

Canach and I planted bramble walls, bombed siege engines, and destroyed barricades to weaken the Moon Fortress's defenses ahead of our army's arrival.

I defended the portal area as Blish sent battalions of allies through. Once the whole army had assembled at our new camp, I addressed them, assigning roles in the upcoming battle.

Tactical Triage

Domain of Kourna loading screen.jpg

I assisted old allies and acquired new ones in advance of our assault on Joko's fortress.

I'm Brave, You Know

Faren was injured trying to bring critically needed explosives to Rytlock. I commended him on his bravery and told Rytlock to hold the line.

Be My Guest

Be My Guest loading screen.jpg

We fought our way across the bridge and blasted open the fortress gates, only to find it swarming with the Scarab Plague. The Primeval army stayed to fight while Braham and I looked for another way in.

Braham and I found a signet ring that dispels illusions in one of Joko's torture chambers.

We fought our way through the Moon Fortress, disarming traps and battling minions, until we reached the ossuary.

I unlocked the entrance to the Contaminarium, defeated Joko's Beastmarshal, and walked straight into a trap. Braham saved me and was trapped instead.

I battled Joko until he fell, releasing Braham from his trap. Although Joko appeared to be dead at first, he had a surprise up his sleeve. Fortunately, Aurene was nearby. At a critical moment, she flew in for a snack. Together, we contained the Scarab Plague, ended Joko's tyrannous reign, and provided Gorrik with scientific samples.

A Star to Guide Us.png A Star to Guide Us

81 Scion 1331

A Shattered Nation

A Shattered Nation loading screen.jpg

According to Taimi and Braham, Aurene interrupted a political summit in Jahai, and tensions are running high. Braham helped me enter the city discreetly in order to remove Aurene and get the summit back on track.

Zaeim and I managed to calm the delegates and get the summit moving again - despite Archon Iberu's best attempts to derail it. But just as the delegates began to work together, we were hit by a surprise attack by Kralkatorrik's lieutenant - the Death-Branded Shatterer!

We managed to escape the Shatterer's attacks, but Aurene is gone - and the Shatterer chased after her, disappearing through some sort of hole in reality. Even worse, more anomalies are appearing throughout Jahai. Taimi and I have formed a plan to investigate the disturbances.

Chaos Theory

Jahai Bluffs loading screen.jpg

After encountering a displaced chunk of Maguuma, a strip of land from another world, an echo of ancient Orr ripped out of time, and an active rift in the Mists, we reached a chilling conclusion: Kralkatorrik is inside the Mists. Luckily, we also discovered Kralkatorrik can't Brand deep underground, and Koss remembered a safe location from his Sunspear days. We agreed to meet up at the old Sunspear Sanctuary to discuss our options and stay safe from the Brand.


Legacy loading screen.jpg

I arrived to Braham, Koss and Kossan waiting for me at the abandoned Sunspear sanctuary. Together we worked to clear the sanctuary of its current inhabitants: A horde of spiders led by a terrifying broodmother. After defeating the spiders, we relit Kormir's protections fire inside the Chamber of the Sun - which will protect the inner chamber from Kralkatorrik's attacks - and gave our reclaimed sanctuary a new name: Sun's Refuge.

We regrouped with Taimi, Zaeim, and the others to discuss the anomalies we saw, but we were interrupted by a shocking appearance - the ghosts of Eir Stegalkin and Snaff! And they came with a message for Aurene from Glint herself: the time has come for Aurene to defeat Kralkatorrik and replace it as an Elder Dragon.

Backed into a corner, Aurene revealed a vision to us showing multiple scenarios of our attempts to defeat Kralkatorrik. The battles were horrific - in every outcome, Aurene dies. Terrified, Aurene fled, leaving us reeling without her. Just then, Blish piped up with a sudden idea to enter the Mists and attach a tracker to Kralkatorrik, using it to evacuate villages before he appears. Blish has tasked me with step one: track down Balthazar's sword to use as bait. It's rumored to be somewhere in Vabbi.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes loading screen.jpg

We reached the site of our battle with Balthazar, and a Priory member named Nereth calculated where she thought his famed sword may have landed. According to her, the Priory should've already recovered it.

We found the projected landing zone for the sword - only to discover the Priory had been attacked by a mysterious sniper who stole the sword and fled. The Priory suspects this sniper was headed for Argon Garrison.

After and emotional showdown, I defeated Zafirah, a grieving priestess of Balthazar with a personal vendetta. It was then that I finally recognized her - she was present in Aurene's vision of the future! Confident in our future alliance, I invited her to help us take down Kralkatorrik. I don't know if she'll accept, but she did turn over Balthazar's sword.

All that remains is to re-ignite the sword using magic from Rytlock's sword, Sohothin. Then it's time to enter the Mists and use the sword as magical bait to attach Blish's tracker to Kralkatorrik. Easy, right?

Storm Tracking

Storm Tracking loading screen.jpg

In order to attach the tracking device to Kralkatorrik, Blish requires a strong source of magic to use as bait - Balthazar's sword. Using Sohothin, Rytlock and I reignited the sword, activating its magic and pushing our plan into action. Now it's time to enter the Mists and attract Kralkatorrik using the sword - ultimately tricking him into swallowing the tracker.

After finding a safe place for Blish to attach the tracker to Balthazar's sword, I defended him from an onslaught of Branded while Kralkatorrik closed in on us. When his storm drew close, Balthazar's sword lashed out and broke the tracker's power source. In order to ensure the tracker maintained power indefinitely, Blish shut down his higher functions and attached his golem body to the tracker and sword, sacrificing himself for the sake of our mission.

I outran Kralkatorrik as Blish spoke his final words. Our mission ended successfully - but at the cost of Blish's life.

With the tracker properly attached, I made my way back to Sun's Refuge to inform Gorrik of his brother's sacrifice. On hearing the news of Blish's final message, Taimi revealed the progression of her terminal illness, and Caithe finally revealed that she was watching us from the shadows for some time - and she may know how to find Aurene.