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This page is mostly static. For dynamic templates of the more promising suggestions, see:

For discussion, see Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Community portal#Nav box rework, version 2017.

Professions nav[edit]

(1a) Narrow[edit]

(1b) Wide[edit]

(1c) Very wide[edit]

(1d) Neutral header[edit]

Merged with Specializations nav[edit]

This would prevent elite spec pages to have 2 similar navboxes together. On the other hand, the 5 core specs are already fully covered by the List of traits, so this adds potentially unnecessary clutter.



Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Professions

Playable races nav + Racial skills nav[edit]

(2a) Two rows[edit]

(2b) Single row[edit]

(2c) Merged with Professions nav[edit]

This is just way too many things put together, but it was an experiment in placing all skill lists together and making them interlinked.

Skill types nav + Profession mechanics nav[edit]

Full list for each profession, grouped by spec[edit]

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types

(3aa) Multiple professions shown by default[edit]

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types

(3ab) Exact combination shown by default[edit]

(3ac) No headers[edit]

(3ad) Minimal default rows[edit]

Template: User:Noxx/Navs/Skill types/2

Everything together[edit]

(3ba) Simple list[edit]

(3bb) List with icons[edit]

(3c) List with icons, grouped by profession[edit]