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A Function Gyro and a Medic Gyro.

Gyros are small constructs exclusive to the Scrapper elite specialization. When created, they hover around the Scrapper to produce mobile wells, combo fields, and a variety of effects such as healing, damage, or stealth. Most gyros are untargettable and invulnerable. They are not a skill type, but they help the Scrapper create their wells, and the Tool belt gyro, Function Gyro, constitutes the Scrapper's profession mechanic.


Gyros received a significant rework with the March 5, 2019 game update. Originally, gyros were mobile summons that would move by hovering and try to follow the engineer around casting their skill, or walk up to their target and explode. They had a limited life span represented by the Fuel Remaining effect, could be destroyed by damage, were susceptible to crowd control, and the Scrapper could command them to self destruct to end their effects earlier, do damage, and an explosion. However, like all other summons, gyros were limited by pathing, they could only reach their target if there were no elevations that would require jumping or falling in their path. This, coupled with their limited life span, vulnerability to crowd control, and relatively low movement speed, meant gyros could sometimes have a hard time reaching their target.

With the rework, gyros were turned into mobile wells that surround the Scrapper. No longer limited by movement, the new well gyros can follow the Scrapper wherever they go, while also creating a combo field around them. For flavor, the Scrapper has a purely cosmetic gyro hovering over their heads whenever they cast any of their wells, with one gyro for each well.

The profession mechanic, Function Gyro, was left a gyro, vulnerable to crowd control and damage to allow for counterplay, but is now cast as a ground targeted skill, eliminating targeting issues since the original Function Gyro was bound to the interact keybind. While this skill is available, a cosmetic small scale Function Gyro hovers over the Scrapper.

Related skills[edit]

Historical skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Scrapper icon small.png Scrapper[edit]

Medic Gyro.png Medic Gyro Not available underwater.png 10.5½ 20 Gyro. Deploy a medic gyro to heal nearby allies.
ChainMedic Gyro Self-Destruct.png Medic Gyro Self-Destruct 0.75¾ 10 Order your medic gyro to self-destruct.
Blast Gyro.png Blast Gyro Tag Not available underwater.png 10.5½ 15 Gyro. Hurl a tracking dart for your blast gyro to seek out and detonate at.
ChainBlast Gyro Self-Destruct.png Blast Gyro Self-Destruct Not available underwater Order your blast gyro to self-destruct early.
Bulwark Gyro.png Bulwark Gyro Not available underwater.png 20 Gyro. Deploy a bulwark gyro to apply Watchful Eye to nearby allies.
ChainBulwark Gyro Self-Destruct.png Bulwark Gyro Self-Destruct 0.75¾ 10 Order your bulwark gyro to self-destruct.
Purge Gyro.png Purge Gyro Not available underwater.png 20 Gyro. Deploy a purge gyro to remove conditions from you and your nearby allies.
ChainPurge Gyro Self-Destruct.png Purge Gyro Self-Destruct 0.75¾ 10 Order your purge gyro to self-destruct.
Shredder Gyro.png Shredder Gyro Not available underwater.png 0.75¾ 20 Gyro. Deploy a shredder gyro to whirl at a target location, striking foes and using combo fields.
ChainShredder Gyro Self-Destruct.png Shredder Gyro Self-Destruct Not available underwater 10 Order your shredder gyro to self-destruct.
Sneak Gyro.png Sneak Gyro Not available underwater.png 0.75¾ 40 Gyro. Deploy a sneak gyro to provide stealth to nearby allies.
ChainSneak Gyro Self-Destruct.png Sneak Gyro Self-Destruct 0.75¾ 10 Order your sneak gyro to self-destruct.

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Gallery of Gyros[edit]


  • Only the function gyro has the Glob of Goo.png Fuel Remaining effect, denoting how long it has until they despawn. The gyros that cast wells do not use this effect, and despawn when the well ends.


  • Before the rework, Blast Gyro was named Blast Gyro Tag.