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While all seems quiet in the wake of Kralkatorrik’s defeat, whispers of trouble are stirring in the Northern Shiverpeaks. In this new Living World story, you and your allies will find yourselves at the center of a gathering storm as an ancient and insidious threat slowly reveals itself. Together you’ll face Jormag’s cult, the Icebrood, who have been twisted by the Elder Dragon’s corrupting power.

— Official site

The Icebrood Saga is the fifth season of the Living World, accessible to players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. It was announced on August 30, 2019, and started with a prologue episode, Bound by Blood, on September 17, 2019.

This article assumes knowledge of the storyline up to and including Living World Season 4, which takes place after Path of Fire.


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The Icebrood Saga focuses on the norn and the charr, as they defend their homelands in the Far Shiverpeaks and the Blood Legion Homelands from the threat of Jormag.

This saga begins with the four charr High Legions gathering in Grothmar Valley to celebrate the death of Kralkatorrik, while Jormag begins to stir in the far north. Through its promises of power, the dragon has amassed a sizable army of Icebrood.

After the prologue in Grothmar Valley, Rytlock, Braham, and Jhavi Jorasdottir will lead the venture into the inhospitable Far Shiverpeaks, where players will face eldritch abominations, learn about the history of the Spirits of the Wild, and confront Jormag.


Main characters[edit]

Jhavi, Rytlock, and Braham.
  • Efram Greetsglory—Acting "Imperator" of a Flame Legion splinter group who wishes to atone for his legion's past crimes and attempts to integrate his people back into the High Legions. However, his desire to protect his people has forced him to make many questionable compromises, and he struggles to find his place in the changing political climate.
  • Jhavi Jorasdottir—Descendant of the great norn hero Jora, Jhavi has spent her entire life living in the shadow cast by her great-grandmother's legend. As one of the leaders of the Vigil, it's sometimes difficult to differentiate between respect she's earned and respect her lineage demands. Raven might have a few things to say about that.
  • Bangar Ruinbringer—Leader of the Blood Legion whose winning smile is all teeth. Despite his reputation as a wildcard among the imperators, the best interests of the charr are close to Bangar's heart. His distrust for humans and the other races of Tyria stems not just from prejudice, but from historic wrongs committed against his people.
  • Ryland Steelcatcher—Recently promoted Blood Legion Centurion and son of Crecia and Rytlock. Loyal to his legion and Imperator, he is willing to go to any lengths to ensure the interests of his people.
  • Crecia Stoneglow—Bangar's shrewd Head of Security. Her Flame Legion heritage and innate skill as an elementalist might make some charr cagey, but Crecia's loyalty to her imperator and the legion that raised her is seemingly unshakeable. More ambiguous? Her attitude toward her old warband mate, Rytlock. (Don't talk to her about Sohothin.)
  • Malice Swordshadow—Leader of the Ash Legion who has many agents spying for her to keep her up to date on the events around Tyria. The driving force behind the Ebonhawke Treaty, she worries that Kralkatorrik's death and Aurene's ascension may change the status quo in Tyria in an unexpected way.
  • Smodur the Unflinching—Leader of the Iron Legion and long-time rival of Bangar vying for the title of Khan-Ur. A cunning politician and progressive visionary, he is willing to be patient and wait for the right time to promote his legion's interests in order to ensure a prosperous future for himself and his allies.



  • Aurene—The first Elder Dragon allied with the races of Tyria, she is still trying to find her place in the new world while purging the corruption which Kralkatorrik has left behind. Despite her benevolent actions, many Tyrians worry about her intentions and the powerful magic she wields.
  • DrakkarChampion of Jormag, it hibernated under the ice of Drakkar Lake and helped seduce Svanir into a follower of Jormag in the past.
  • Jormag—Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion who is currently believed to be recovering under the protection of ice in the frozen north after being damaged by magic channeled from Primordus.


Bound by Blood.png Prologue: Bound by Blood[edit]

"Bound by Blood" takes you to Grothmar Valley to join an all-legion rally with the charr.

— Official website

Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass[edit]

Shortly after the departure of Bangar's army, Crecia and Rytlock decided to send a group of volunteers into Shiverpeaks Pass to scout the area and see if conditions had improved enough to rebuild the bridge which the Renegades had destroyed earlier. After braving the worsening weather and being forced to take a detour, the scouts found themselves facing an Icebrood construct which had more devastating attacks than the one the Pact Commander's party had fought earlier. Although the construct was defeated, the blizzard continued. Crecia surmised that someone else must have been responsible for summoning the storm, and decided to send more scouts to the pass later.

Episode 1[edit]

Episode 1 is set in The Far Shiverpeaks, in a map that will expand to encompass new stories, activities, and places over the first and second episodes

— Official website

Dates of free access[edit]

The prologue, Bound by Blood, is free for players who own Path of Fire. For the rest of the episodes, logging into the game between the two dates listed would unlock the related episode for free. You can unlock the episodes even if you do not own Path of Fire, but you must have the expansion in order to play them. The dates are as follows:

Episode Dates
Bound by Blood Always free

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  1. ^ The Icebrood Saga announcement: "But yeah, so there's going to be a dynamic growth of the map between episode one and two. New areas, new stories, new achievements, new events, mastery unlocks, all that across the two episodes, and we're really looking forward to this different dynamic approach."