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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the personal story, Living World Season 1, Living World Season 2, Living World Season 3, Living World Season 4 and The Icebrood Saga.

Deals I broker don't fail.

Smodur the Unflinching

Smodur the Unflinching is the Imperator of the Iron Legion. He is burly and exceptionally muscular for his age, and carries the scars of a soldier's life.[1] A veteran of many battles and a brilliant engineer and architect, he is responsible for many advancements that have increased the Iron Legion's strength and influence in Ascalon. As Imperator, Smodur is among those who can interrogate, judge, and sentence prisoners of the Black Citadel.[2] Smodur and Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer are both known to be vying for the mantle of Khan-Ur.[3]


Early years[edit]

As Imperator, Smodur is a direct descendant of the original Khan-Ur.[4] In the past, he served together with Aximus Steelcrusher on a tour of duty out on the Granite Front.[5] At some point Smodur lost one of his eyes; rumors claim that he took out his own eye in order to intimidate his opponent, which may have earned him the epithet "the Unflinching."[1][6][7] Smodur proved himself to be a just, determined and cunning Imperator who often acted as a mediator in arguments between the three High Legions in Ascalon.[8] Following the death of Ferro the Butcher, Tribune Bhuer Goreblade successfully petitioned Smodur to erect a statue in Ferro's honor in the Black Citadel.

During his tenure Smodur had to split his attention between incursions from the Flame Legion as well as the ever-present Ascalonian ghosts created by the Foefire, dividing his forces to deal with these threats. While he welcomed the presence of Ash Legion and Blood Legion reinforcements in Ascalon, he was well aware of the ambitions and ulterior motives of Imperators Malice Swordshadow and Bangar Ruinbringer and made it clear that the other two legions were just his guests while he would be in charge of the war effort in Ascalon.[1][9]

As an architect and visionary, Smodur turned the Black Citadel into the famous Iron Legion capital it would be known as. He also deliberately left some of the ruins of the fallen Ascalonian capital of Rin intact as a reminder that charr forces had both prevailed over humans and reclaimed a land the charr had deemed to be their home.[10][11]

Smodur was considered by some to be the most progressive of all charr.[1] Thanks in part to Tribune Mia Kindleshot's influence,[11] Smodur became part of the truce faction of the charr and worked on the Ebonhawke Treaty with the humans upon receiving the Claw of the Khan-Ur which a Vigil group led by Dougal Keane and Ember Doomforge had retrieved from Ascalon City at the suggestion of Queen Jennah, General Almorra Soulkeeper and Imperator Malice Swordshadow in 1324 AE.[1] When Ambassador Steelcrusher volunteered to be the head of the Iron Legion's delegation for the truce negotiations at Summit Peak, Smodur accepted his offer as the two charr knew each other well.[5]

While seemingly acting purely out of noble interest to promote peace between the two races, Smodur was also using the opportunity provided by the ceasefire to forge a stronger alliance with humans as a means to strengthen his position as Imperator in Ascalon. A few charr considered Smodur's forward-thinking to be dangerous while others believed that his truce with humans was simply a temporary measure in order to become the ruler of all charr.[12] However, despite the Iron Imperator's conflicting reputation, at least some charr under his command believed in his vision as long as it led to less fighting in the future.[13]

Since the truce negotiations began, Smodur pulled the charr forces back from the gates of Ebonhawke and allowed humans to settle outside the stronghold's walls peacefully. However, some charr in the Iron Legion did not approve of Smodur's orders, from soldiers all the way up to Tribune Fume Brighteye.[11][14] Some charr across the legions defied their superiors' orders and continued fighting on as Renegades while a warmongering faction of humans became known as the Separatists around the same time.

By the Iron Imperator's decree, non-charr races were permitted to enter the Black Citadel, and human prisoners held in the Gladium Canton were set free and permitted to live in the Citadel if they chose to stay. While Smodur was known for his progressive ideas and being willing to listen to charr who were attempting to develop new inventions and weapons for the High Legions to use,[15] Iron Legion soldiers under his command did their best to be diligent as they did not want to suffer the Imperator's wrath.[16]

Following Smodur's acquiring of the Claw of the Khan-Ur, rumors ensued whether he would use the Claw to further his own influence over the High Legions to become the new Khan-Ur, or if he was hoping to see the ancient artifact, and therefore the legacy of the Khan-Ur, destroyed.[1] He kept the Claw intact, however, and displayed it on his desk in the Imperator's Core by 1325 AE.[17] Smodur and Bangar both vied for the title of Khan-Ur although neither made a move against the other while they had to focus on other threats to charr interests such as Ascalonian ghosts, Flame Legion, Branded, and ogres.[3]

Personal story[edit]

In 1325 AE, Smodur received reports of the development of the Ghostbore Musket project headed by a particular Legionnaire who had survived the Battle of Smokestead against an invading force of Ascalonian ghosts. When the Legionnaire accidentally approached Smodur while searching for Tribune Bhuer Goreblade to deliver a report on the project's progress, the Iron Imperator harshly reminded the Legionnaire where to look for Bhuer's quarters.

As the weeks progressed, Smodur recognized the efforts of various Legionnaires who had successfully performed a field test of anti-ghost weaponry, thwarted a Flame Legion assault on the Black Citadel, and assassinated the Flame Legion spymaster Trybulus Griefblade, respectively. The Iron Imperator wrote letters in which he congratulated the responsible parties and promised to watch their progress in the legions with great interest.

Later that year, Smodur was informed of a new Flame Legion assault led by Shaman Mergath Flarekin. He gave one of the Legionnaires and their warband, who had discovered the plot, the honor of fighting alongside him and Tribunes Bhuer Goreblade, Rytlock Brimstone, and Torga Desertgrave. After a fierce battle, they defeated the shaman and his forces who had successfully penetrated the Black Citadel's defenses. The Legionnaire's warband received a personal commendation from Smodur who had been impressed by their actions, and the warband was likewise impressed by the Imperator's bravery. Smodur also pointed out that the Legionnaire's sire, the atoning Flame Legion defector Clement Forktail who had helped the Legionnaire uncover Flarekin's plans, had redeemed himself with his intel and actions.

Living World Season 1[edit]

As Imperator, Smodur presided over the defense quorum held in the Black Citadel's Command Core where high-ranking officers from the three High Legions convened to discuss the threat posed by the Molten Alliance which had been assaulting settlements and kidnapping people in Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks in 1326 AE. The Molten Alliance was eventually driven back by the Pact Commander, Braham Eirsson and the gladium Rox, and the charr remained vigilant for future acts of aggression.

Living World Season 2[edit]

While gathering notable Tyrian leaders for a summit in the Grove to discuss the growing threat posed by the Elder Dragon Mordremoth in 1327 AE, the Pact Commander was tasked by Rytlock to help him alleviate the burden of Smodur's concern over the Foefire so that the Iron Imperator may attend the summit. Smodur showed apprehension at Rytlock's mission to cleanse the Foefire with an ancient ritual with the sword Sohothin and King Adelbern's crown, and called it a fool's errand. Despite his initial misgivings, however, he nevertheless accompanied Rytlock, Rox and the Commander to Old Duke's Estate as he was aware that Rytlock had accomplished seemingly impossible tasks before and was curious to see the ritual's outcome.

Although the attempted ritual diminished the number of Ascalonian ghosts, it did not cleanse the Foefire completely and temporarily opened a portal into the Mists where Sohothin fell into. When Rytlock entered the portal to chase after his sword which he knew was an integral part of the ritual, Rox tried to go after him before Smodur commanded her to stand down. The Iron Imperator agreed to attend the summit because the ghost problem, while not solved, was lessened by the group's efforts. He seemed confident that Rytlock would hold his own while trapped in the Mists, though Rox expressed worry. Before parting ways with the Commander and Rox, Smodur told them to send Rytlock to the Black Citadel to explain what he had encountered in the Mists if they reunited with Rytlock before he did.

True to his word, Smodur attended the world summit where he voiced his concerns over dedicating soldiers and resources to combat Mordremoth when the charr already had many other threats such as ghosts and the Flame Legion to fight in Ascalon. After a brief debate with the Commander, however, he decided to participate in the discussions and listen to the other leaders' concerns out of respect for the Commander. However, the summit was interrupted by the sudden invasion of Mordrem led by the Shadow of the Dragon, which targeted the leaders and the Grove itself. After clearing the initial attack, the leaders were escorted to a portal cast by Kasmeer Meade which took them to safety to the lower level of the Grove while the Commander battled the Shadow of the Dragon which eventually fled.

Having witnessed the threat of the Mordrem first-hand, Smodur and his escorts helped the injured sylvari fight off the remaining Mordrem before departing back to the Black Citadel. The Iron Imperator let the Commander know that he would have a strategy session with his tribunes to inform them of what had happened and then delegate one of his officers to work with the other races to assist the Pact in its war efforts against Mordremoth. True to his word, Smodur provided forces and supplies to the Pact who had built a forward base in Camp Resolve, sending many charr with Marshal Trahearne to the Heart of Maguuma to take the fight to the Elder Dragon in 1328 AE. The Pact airship Sword of Smodur was named after him.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Smodur eventually learned of the destruction of the Pact Fleet, Mordremoth's demise, and Rytlock's return. When Rytlock continuously ignored summons from the brass at the Black Citadel who wanted to know more about his time in the Mists and his new revenant powers, he was stripped of his rank as tribune and charged with dereliction of duty. Members of the Adamant Guard were dispatched to Rata Novus to bring Rytlock back by force if necessary in 1329 AE. Rytlock acquiesced peacefully when confronted, however, and followed the Adamant Guard escort to the Black Citadel where he attended a closed-doors meeting where Smodur was likely present. Following the questioning, Rytlock's rank was reinstated, and he was released from custody with the details of the meeting being classified.[18]

Living World Season 4[edit]

In 1330 AE, the charr defended Ascalon from Awakened raiding parties which appeared out of strange portals. Smodur ordered the legions in Ascalon to stay on alert for subsequent Awakened invasion attempts. In 1332 AE, he sent Iron Legion forces led by Tribune Mia Kindleshot to Thunderhead Peaks to assist the Pact, the Elonian alliance and the Pact Commander's dragon ally Aurene in the fight against Kralkatorrik. According to Smodur, the Iron Legion, who had suffered from the Dragonbrand's effects, needed to be present for the Crystal Dragon's fall.[19]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Following Kralkatorrik's death in 1332 AE, Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer sent invitations to his fellow imperators as well as notable heroes such as General Almorra Soulkeeper and the Pact Commander to attend a rally meant for all the four High Legions, including an atoning Flame Legion splinter group led by Efram Greetsglory, in Grothmar Valley. Smodur attended the opening ceremony in person and watched as Bangar's Centurion Ryland Steelcatcher had a ritualistic fight against a captured Branded devourer at the Festival Promenade.

The event took an unexpected turn when a larger Branded broodmother and its minions invaded the arena upon the other devourer's death, forcing everyone present to defend themselves. Aurene, the Pact Commander's dragon ally who had replaced Kralkatorrik as an Elder Dragon, ended the fight by flying over the battlefield and Branding the broodmother, and created a crystal formation at the center of the arena much to everyone's surprise. The sight of Aurene rattled the charr, making many of them worried whether she could be trusted and if the Commander could keep her in line. Some charr, including Bangar, even believed that the Commander had used Aurene to flaunt their strength.

The Commander approached the imperators afterwards to assure them that Aurene was not threatening the charr. While visiting Smodur at the Iron Legion Camp, the Iron Imperator was curious about the Commander's new role as Aurene's champion and how the Commander had turned from killing dragons into hatching them from eggs. Despite voicing his worries, Smodur told the Commander how one of his legion's engines had broken down in transit due to Renegade sabotage and how he welcomed any help to speed up the repairs. The Commander assisted Smodur with the repairs, earning a chance for a lengthier conversation with him.

Smodur continued being skeptical about Aurene after having witnessed her Branding the promenade. When the Commander defended Aurene's actions and brought up Bangar's misgivings, however, Smodur pointed out his rivalry with the Blood Imperator and how the charr deserved a Khan-Ur who could truly unite the disparate legions, implying the best candidate to be himself. He also revealed how Bangar's views on charr future were outdated and he had only signed the Ebonhawke Treaty because the Blood Legion could not afford a war with the other legions at the time due to other threats. Smodur also voiced out his desire to make the other imperators acknowledge his importance as a visionary.[3]

Smodur kills Cinder Steeltemper during the parley with Ryland Steelcatcher.

The Commander's ally Marjory Delaqua eventually approached Smodur, Malice and Efram and informed them that Bangar and Ryland had rallied several dozen armed warbands across all legions, including the Renegades, and slipped from the Blood Keep into Shiverpeaks Pass under the cover of the festivities. The necromancer asked them to follow her so they could meet with the Commander and discuss Bangar's actions. They and Braham Eirsson eventually found the Commander, Rytlock and Blood Legion Tribune Crecia Stoneglow at the mountains as the worsening blizzard had prevented the trio from following Bangar deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks.

During the conversation the party figured out that Bangar viewed Aurene as a threat and was seeking to subjugate the Elder Dragon Jormag with Braham's stolen, fire-enchanted bow so the charr could have a counter for Aurene. Smodur revealed that he had suspected that Bangar had been up to something, but even he had not expected the party's purpose to be to poach the other legions' soldiers.

While talking with the Commander, Smodur viewed the defectors as no better than Renegades but promised to stay in the Blood Legion homelands to reassert command with the other legions so they could prepare for Bangar's return. When the Commander inquired whether Bangar's hand in increased Renegade activity would set the Ebonhawke Treaty back, Smodur pointed out that he would stay true to his word and honor the terms of the treaty with humans. He also revealed that he would try to mitigate the damage Bangar had caused, prepare for the future, and never underestimate a field veteran again.

Around this time, the charr romance author Snargle Goldclaw's novel, The Ebonlocke Covenant, began circulating in charr circles. The novel depicted the relationships of charr and human characters alluding to Smodur, Bangar, and Jennah, with the author depicting the Smodur and Jennah stand-ins having romantic feelings for one another.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

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Combat abilities[edit]

  • Iron Legion Imperator


Black Citadel[edit]

In the Command Core
You don't belong here, <character race>. Move along, before I call a guard, or better yet, toss you out myself.
Talk end option tango.png Moving along. Here I go. Sorry.
When completing Smodur's Blessing with the warclaw mount
Nice mount.
Talk end option tango.png Why, thank you.
When attempting to sit on Smodur's throne
Smodur the Unflinching doesn't move as you approach his chair, but you feel his eyes[sic] on you. The guards start reaching for their rifles.
Talk end option tango.png This seems like a bad idea.

Drizzlewood Coast[edit]

You have your assignment. Every minute you waste brings the Dominion closer to winning.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.

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