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Breakroot Basin

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Breakroot Basin

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Breakroot Basin map.jpg
Map of Breakroot Basin

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Breakroot Basin is the central area of southern Drizzlewood Coast. Previously containing a hidden outpost for the Dominion forces, now a camp for the United Legions has been established here.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Petraj's Rest
Vista (map icon).png Breakroot Basin Vista —
Mastery Insights
Icebrood Saga mastery point Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Waterfall's Nexus
Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the cache keeper (80)





Merchant (vendor icon).png Goro Cleverclaws


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Inside the United Legions camp
Iron Legion Engineer: I'm the last one in my warband who hasn't defected.
Ash Legion Scout: When did they leave?
Iron Legion Engineer: Little over a week ago. I know the legions are supposed to be in this together, but I feel...really alone.
Ash Legion Scout: Being out here doesn't help. Makes everything seem emptier... Just keep moving forward. That's all we can do.
Blood Legion Blademaster: Last thing she did was give me her dagger. Said to give it to her cub.
Seraph Lieutenant: Where's her cub stationed?
Blood Legion Blademaster: She was outside the village. Heard the whole 'band got picked off in a surprise attack.
Seraph Lieutenant: What are you gonna do with the dagger?
Blood Legion Blademaster: Hang on to it. Soon as we get Bangar, I'm stabbing him right in the chest with it.
Ash Legion Shadow: All right, I'm just gonna say it—I get bad vibes from Ryland.
Blood Legion Soldier: Well, he's our enemy, so...yeah.
Ash Legion Shadow: No, no. I mean, it's more than that. Something just seems off about that guy.
Blood Legion Soldier: Sure you're not jealous of his chiseled physique and bold confidence? His luxurious mane? His hot new scars? His tight—
Ash Legion Shadow: No! And why are you complimenting him? He's our enemy, remember?
Blood Legion Soldier: (amused snickering)
Iron Legion Sentinel: You know I'm right! You just don't wanna admit Crecia's incompetent.
Blood Legion Blademaster: Crecia's the leader Blood always needed. If she'd been in charge, we wouldn't be in this mess!
Iron Legion Sentinel: She made this mess! And Bangar's the only one strong enough to clean it up. Any idiot can see that.
Blood Legion Blademaster: Ruinbringer's a pathetic excuse for a charr. So maybe you belong on his side.
Iron Legion Sentinel: You're a jackass. If I left, who'd watch your back?

Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Lake Fish
Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Blackberries
Plant resource (map icon).png Mussels
Plant resource (map icon).png Winter Root Vegetables

Related achievements[edit]