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A variety of heavy armors.

Heavy armor is an armor class used by the soldier professions: guardians, warriors, and revenants. It provides the most protection amongst the three armor classes.

Hint: Visit the link of the armor set to get more details and visual preview for that set.

Heavy armor by acquisition[edit]

Crafted armor[edit]

Heavy crafted armor is made by armorsmiths. The different sets are divided by the tier of the main material.

Crafted armor
Bronze (character level 5-20)
Chain armor
Iron Legion armor Recipe
Water Filter Recipe
Iron (character level 25-35)
Scale armor
Gladiator armor Intricate insignias
Steel (character level 40-50)
Splint armor
Gladiator armor Intricate insignias
Darksteel (character level 55-65)
Tempered scale armor
Gladiator armor Intricate insignias
Caer Pauldrons Recipe
Mithril (character level 70-80)
Barbaric armor
Gladiator armor Intricate insignias
Orichalcum (character level 80)
Draconic armor
Lunatic Templar armor
Ornate Guild armor (Heart of Thorns)
Spearmarshal's armor (Path of Fire)
Dragonite (ascended)
Illustrious armor

Cultural armor[edit]

Cultural armor is equipment tied to a specific race. Only the applicable race can wear it, and it comes in three tiers.

Cultural armor
Tier Asura Charr Human Norn Sylvari
1 Galvanic armor Warband armor Commander's armor Dolyak armor Arborist armor
2 Electroplated armor Legion armor Avenger's armor Eagle armor Warden armor
3 Electromagnetic armor Dreadnought armor Protector's armor Stag armor Oaken armor

Karma armor[edit]

Armor acquired from karma vendors.

Order armor[edit]

Order armor is acquired from the order you chose during your personal storyline. Each character only has access to one of the sets.

Dungeon armor[edit]

These sets are acquired with tokens from the corresponding (explorable mode) dungeon. The vendors are located in Postern Ward in Lion's Arch.

Dropped armor[edit]

These armors drop as loot at various levels. Some may also be rewards for map completion.

PvP armor[edit]

These armors are acquired in Structured PvP.

WvW armor[edit]

These armors are acquired in World versus World.

Collection armor[edit]

These armors are acquired by completing collections.

Armor skins[edit]

Armor skins are consumable items that can be applied to your existing armor or unlocked in the wardrobe.

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