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Disambig icon.png This article is about the crafting discipline. For the NPC, see Armorsmith (vendor).

Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png Armorsmith is a crafting discipline that makes heavy armor, which is useful to soldiers (Guardians, Warriors and Revenants). Armorsmiths also craft runes and boxes that can be used by any profession. Crafting requires the use of a crafting station.

Master armorsmiths[edit]

Speak to any of these NPCs to become an armorsmith and to buy crafting supplies. Swapping active disciplines costs 10 Copper coin per level already attained in the target discipline.

NPC Area Zone
Armorer Vaxxa - Armistice Bastion
Armorsmith Lykaios - Arborstone
Brencis District Promenade
Royal Terrace
Divinity's Reach
Divinity's Reach
Drogan Delwan Havoc's Heir Gendarran Fields
Dunn Champion's Rest Heart of the Mists
Flinj Dynamics Union Rata Sum
Gweithwyr Tender's Terrace The Grove
Hagna The Icesteppes Wayfarer Foothills
Harl Hotspur Hall of Monuments Eye of the North
Kalak Township of Claypool Queensdale
Katlin Verndjes Trade Commons Hoelbrak
Morgaah Bloodseeker Canton Factorium Black Citadel
Muireall Trader's Forum Lion's Arch
Nigel Lawden Noble's Folly Verdant Brink
Statics Expert Korbit - Mistlock Sanctuary
Tahiya Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis


Rank Principal Materials Rating
Novice recipes Bronze Ingot.png Bronze
Bolt of Jute.png Jute
0 - 74
Initiate recipes Iron Ingot.png Iron
Bolt of Wool.png Wool
75 - 149
Apprentice recipes Steel Ingot.png Steel
Bolt of Cotton.png Cotton
150 - 224
Journeyman recipes Darksteel Ingot.png Darksteel
Bolt of Linen.png Linen
225 - 299
Adept recipes Mithril Ingot.png Mithril
Bolt of Silk.png Silk
300 - 399
Master recipes Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum
Bolt of Gossamer.png Gossamer
400 - 499
Grandmaster recipes Deldrimor Steel Ingot.png Deldrimor Steel
Bolt of Damask.png Damask


Refinement is the process of transforming raw materials into a form that can be used in crafting.

Product Variants Materials
Iron Ingot.png Ingot 7 2-3
Iron Ore.png Ore
Lump of Tin.png Lump
Bolt of Wool.png Bolt of Cloth 7 2-3 Wool Scrap.png Cloth Scrap
Wool Patch.png Cloth Patch 7 4
Bolt of Wool.png Bolt of Cloth
Cured Thin Leather Square.png Leather Square
Spool of Wool Thread.png Spool of Thread

Crafting components[edit]

Crafting components are combined with an insignia to craft standard armor.

Armor Component 1 Component 2
Scale Helm.png Helm Iron Casque Casing.png Metal Helmet Casing Iron Casque Lining.png Metal Helmet Lining
Scale Pauldrons.png Pauldrons Iron Pauldron Casing.png Metal Pauldron Casing Iron Pauldron Lining.png Metal Pauldron Lining
Scale Coat.png Coat Iron Scale Chest Panel.png Metal Chestplate Panel Iron Scale Chest Padding.png Metal Chestplate Padding
Scale Gauntlets.png Gauntlets Iron Scale Armguard Panel.png Metal Gauntlet Plates Iron Scale Armguard Lining.png Metal Gauntlet Lining
Scale Legs.png Legs Iron Scale Legging Panel.png Metal Legging Panel Iron Scale Legging Lining.png Metal Legging Lining
Scale Boots.png Boots Iron Scale Boot Panel.png Metal Boot Casing Iron Scale Boot Lining.png Metal Boot Lining


At Master rank, armorsmiths can craft gifts that are used in the Mystic Forge to craft special weapons.

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Gift of Entertainment.png Gift of Entertainment
(Learned from: Recipe: Gift of Entertainment)
Legendary ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.png 400

At Grandmaster rank, armorsmiths can craft gifts that are used in the Mystic Forge to upgrade back items.

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients


Insignia are components used in the crafting of armor. The specific insignia used will determine the prefix, and thus attributes, of armor.

The generic recipes for crafting an insignia are:

Hearty Wool Insignia.png Insignia = 1  Bolt of Wool.png Bolt of Cloth + 3  Scale.png Intermediate Crafting Material
Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia.png Embroidered Insignia = 1  Wool Patch.png Cloth Patch + 8  Scale.png Intermediate Crafting Material
Hearty Intricate Wool Insignia.png Intricate Insignia = 1  Wool Patch.png Cloth Patch + 15  Scale.png Intermediate Crafting Material


Armor is discoverable in variations of stat, rarity, and appearance at each tier. Also, Boxes of Armor containing full armor sets can be crafted for the same amount of materials as crafting them separately. Their recipe sheets can be made in the Mystic Forge by combining a crafted chest armor with Crystals, Mystic Coins, and Bottles of Elonian Wine.

Rank Rating Gear Level Name
Novice 0 - 74 5 - 20 Chain
Initiate 75 - 149 25 - 35 Scale, Gladiator
Apprentice 150 - 224 40 - 50 Splint, Gladiator
Journeyman 225 - 299 55 - 65 Tempered Scale, Gladiator
Adept 300 - 399 70 - 80 Barbaric, Gladiator
Master 400 - 499 80 Draconic
Grandmaster 500 80 Illustrious


See also: Armorsmith/Runes

Runes are upgrade components for armor.


See also: Armorsmith/Boxes

Boxes are used to increase the capacity of a character's inventory and automatically sort items.

Back items[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Simple Armorsmith's Backpack.png Simple Armorsmith's Backpack Fine ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.png 0
Banner of the Commander.png Banner of the Commander
(Learned from: Recipe: Banner of the Commander)
Exotic ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworkerLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 500
Shadow of Grenth.png Shadow of Grenth
(Learned from: Recipe: Shadow of Grenth)
Ascended ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworkerLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 500