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The Training tab within the Hero panel, in this case for an Elementalist.
Training tab icon

The Training tab is the third tab on the left side of the hero panel, which allows players to spend hero points to unlock specializations, skills, and traits.

There are two sections to the tab, with the left portion identifying the different training tracks, and the right portion showing a dial graphic with the available unlocks. As a track becomes further unlocked, the dial moves around clockwise from the top.

By default, the UI will prompt the user with the next unlock and a single unlock cost, however multiple unlocks can be made at once by clicking on an unlock further around the dial – the cumulative cost of obtaining that later unlock will then be shown.


There are three collapsible sections:

  • Core Skills — unlock skills of a certain skill type.
  • Core Specialization — unlock traits for a specialization.
  • Elite Specialization — unlock new skills, traits, weapon proficiency, and class mechanics for an elite specialization.

Hero point costs[edit]

  • Core Skills — Fully unlocking all skills for a profession costs 98 points, although the cost of individual skills varies. Skills are unlocked in the following order:
    • Healing skill - 2 points
    • Utility skills - between 2 - 5 points, depending on tier and profession
    • Elite skills - 9 points (except engineer, 8 points)
  • Core Specialization — Fully unlocking a core specialization costs 60 points, although the cost of individual traits varies based on the type and tier. Traits are unlocked in the following order:
    • Adept minor - 2 points
    • Adept major - 3 points
    • Master minor - 4 points
    • Master major - 5 points
    • Grandmaster minor - 6 points
    • Grandmaster major - 8 points
  • Elite Specialization — Fully unlocking an elite specialization costs 250 points and all core training lines must be complete. Each elite specialization has Specializations achievements for training it. The order in which the unlocks are acquired is different between expansions.
    • Base unlock - 30 points
    • Adept minor - 10 points
    • Adept major - 10 points (except Renewing Oasis, 15 points)
    • Master minor - 10 points
    • Master major - 10 points
    • Grandmaster minor - 10 points
    • Grandmaster major - 10 points
    • Skills - 15 points (20 points for Revenants)
    • Elite skill - 25 points (20 points for Revenants)

Full training lists[edit]

Note: Due to the sheer number of skill and trait icons, these pages would load very slowly if they were all on one page.