Shattered Aegis

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Shattered Aegis.png

Shattered Aegis

Guardian tango icon 20px.png Zeal (trait list)
Training cost
8 Hero points
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When an aegis you applied blocks an attack, it unleashes a Mystic Rebuke.

— In-game description

Trait skill[edit]

Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Mystic Rebuke.png Mystic Rebuke (PvE) Lash out against nearby foes.
Mystic Rebuke.png Mystic Rebuke (WvW, PvP) Lash out against nearby foes.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed trait history, see here.

Patch Changes
December 11, 2018
  • The damage of this trait has been increased by 20% in PvE only. This trait can no longer critically hit.
August 08, 2017 Path of Fire pre-patch:
  • The damage has been moved to the trait skill Mystic Rebuke.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • Updated this trait to reflect the introduction of the specialization mechanic.
  • This trait has been moved to the Grandmaster tier.
  • The damage portion now triggers when an aegis you applied blocks an attack instead of when an aegis you applied is removed.
December 13, 2013
  • The guardian trait Shattered Aegis will no longer interrupt the guardian when aegis is removed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all damage components of this trait to emanate from the guardian.
December 10, 2013
  • This trait now applies damage instead of burning.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Shattered Aegis has been added to the game.