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Engage skills can be used while mounted to automatically dismount, dealing damage to nearby enemies and providing beneficial effects to allies while entering combat. The current mount's engage skill can be activated by using weapon skill 1.

List of engage skills[edit]

Mount Skill Description Mastery effect
Raptor (skill).png  Raptor Tail Spin.png Tail Spin Engage. Leap toward the target location, damaging nearby foes. Pulls nearby enemies together.
Springer (skill).png  Springer Cannonball (skill).png Cannonball Engage. Jump into the air, spinning rapidly, and land, smashing into your foes with great force. Knocks down nearby enemies.
Skimmer (skill).png  Skimmer Barrel Roll.png Barrel Roll Engage. Barrel roll forward, damaging foes and healing allies that you pass though [sic]. Heals and revives downed allies.
Jackal (skill).png  Jackal Pounce (Jackal).png Pounce Engage. Pounce at your foe, damaging them and any nearby foes. Grants nearby allies a barrier.
Griffon (skill).png  Griffon Swoop (griffon).png Swoop Engage. While on the ground; jump into the air and swoop down, crashing into nearby foes. While in the air; dive toward the ground, engaging foes upon impact. Deals increasing damage when striking at higher speeds. Can now be used to enter the diving state.
Roller Beetle (skill).png  Roller Beetle Roll Out.png Roll Out Engage. Roll forward, damaging foes that you pass through. Launches nearby enemies.
Warclaw (skill).png  Warclaw Battle Maul.png Battle Maul Pounce on foes. Upgrades to Superior Battle Maul.
Warclaw (skill).png  Warclaw Battle Maul.png Superior Battle Maul Pounce on foes, dealing increased damage to foes who are in a downed state. None.
Skyscale (skill).png  Skyscale Blast.png Blast Engage. While on land, leap into the air and breathe fire ahead of you. If in the air, descend toward the ground before attacking. None.

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