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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mount. For other uses, see Warclaw (disambiguation).


Trained for battle and siege warfare, the warclaw knows no fear.

— In-game description

Warclaw (overhead icon).png

The Warclaw is a mount available exclusively through World versus World, and is the only mount available for the game mode, although it can also be used in open world PvE. Mount masteries available in PvE are not active in WvW, and vice versa for WvW world abilities.

It is the second new mount released since the launch of Path of Fire.

Upgrades to the warclaw mount allow it to grant a movement speed boost to nearby unmounted players and grant new skills such as the ability to detect nearby enemies, the ability to damage gates, and the ability to dismount enemy players.


Warclaw unlock banner.
  1. Buy the Path of Fire expansion.
  2. Spend at least 1 World Ability Points in the Warclaw Mastery section to unlock the collection.
  3. Complete the Warclaw Companion collection.
  4. Purchase Warclaw Certificate of Ownership.pngWarclaw from Elvie the Warclaw Tender for Gold coin after using the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership.

As for all other mounts, unlocking Warclaw is account-wide; however, to use it in WvW, a new character should spend at least one point in Warclaw Mastery because distribution of points is character-dependent.


  • Although the mount can be used in World vs. World, it doesn't work in Edge of the Mists and the Obsidian Sanctum.
  • A warclaw has 10,972 health in PvE and PvP and 8,779 health in WvW.
    • As of August 17th, 2021 the reduction of health appears to indicate some level of Blight, regardless of actual application of Blight.
  • It is the slowest mount.
    • Its base Movement Speed in WvW is about 453 u/s[1], which is a 54% increase over standard movement out of combat or a 16% increase over out of combat movement speed with Swiftness.
    • Its movement speed in PvE is about 539 u/s, which is a 83% increase over standard movement out of combat or a 37% increase over out of combat movement speed with Swiftness.
    • Continuously using the movement ability further increases the effective movement speed to about 590.
  • The effect given by the second rank is called Swiftness (effect).png Warclaw's Blessing and is granted only after 10 seconds of proximity.
  • This mount cannot be used underwater and cannot be remounted while in combat.
  • It is unaffected by Crowd Control like every other mount.
  • It is immune to stealth. Mounting it while being stealthed removes the stealth, trying to stealth while being mounted will display Immune instead.
  • Being forcibly dismounted knocks the player down with full health. Any conditions that have been applied to the mount are then transferred to the player.
    • If the warclaw dies to fall damage, the player will be defeated.

Related world abilities[edit]

Upgrade Rank Ability Cost
Warclaw Mastery.png
Warclaw Mastery
Total Cost: 166 World Ability Point

Unlock the warclaw mount, its skills, and its abilities. (requires Path of Fire)
1 Unlock the Warclaw companion achievement. World Ability Point
2 While mounted, periodically grant nearby allies the ability to run at warclaw speed. 15 World Ability Point
3 Your warclaw gains an extra stamina bar. 20 World Ability Point
4 Battle Maul deals increased damage to enemies who are in a downed state. 25 World Ability Point
5 Unlock a second skill that allows your warclaw to detect enemies. 30 World Ability Point
6 Unlock a third skill that allows your warclaw to pull on gates to damage them. 35 World Ability Point
7 Unlock a fourth skill that enables you to throw a spear at a mounted player, dismounting you both. 40 World Ability Point


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Warclaw (skill).png Warclaw Summon and mount your warclaw.
You cannot contest capture points while mounted.
1 Mount skillBattle Maul.png Battle Maul 3 Pounce on foes.
1 Replaced byBattle Maul.png Superior Battle Maul 3 Pounce on foes, dealing increased damage to foes who are in a downed state. (Replaces Battle Maul with rank 4)
2 Mount skillSniff.png Sniff 60 Detects the scent of nearby enemies and temporarily marks their location on the map. (Unlocked with rank 5)
3 Mount skillChain Pull.png Chain Pull 0.5½ 2 Damage gates by pulling on them with a chain that's attached to your warclaw. (Unlocked with rank 6, activating it replaces skill bar with the following two skills.)
1 Secondary mount skillChain Pull (Active).png Chain Pull 0.25¼ 4 Pull on the gate to inflict damage.
2 Secondary mount skillRelease Chain.png Release Chain 1 Release the Chain.
4 Mount skillLance.png Lance 0.5½ 30 Throw a lance at your target. Hitting mounted foes dismount both them and you.
5 Mount skillDash (Warclaw).png Dash Rapidly dash forward and evade attacks.
Mount skillDismount.png Dismount Dismount your mount
  • Only 3 players can use Chain Pull on a gate. Each pull costs 1 Supply and deals 4,000 damage to gates.
    • Each Warclaw currently chained to a gate adds one stack of Chain Pull.png Chain Attached.
  • Chain Pull is affected by the effect Structural Vulnerability (applied by Flame Rams, increasing damage dealt to gates by 1% per stack, up to 10 stacks).
  • Chain Pull is not affected by the effect Hardened Gates (Reducing incoming non-siege-weapon attacks by 50%), or the mastery Siege Might (increasing siege damage up to 10%).


Discovered by Durmand Priory scholars, warclaws are magical constructs bound to armor of uncertain origin. Assembling the armor will manifest a fierce and loyal mount to ride in the Mists—but you’ll need to join the Mist War to find it.

The Warclaw

The Warclaw is a spiritual animal bound to armor found in the Mists. It is theorized that the creature was made years ago for some ancient war in the Mists and abandoned after the war had concluded.[2] Discovered by the Durmand Priory's expeditions into the Mist Wars territories, it is related to other mystical constructs such as the sand jackals, Exalted, and Forged. The creature manifests once the armor set is placed together and imprints on the one who assembled the armor, and will disperse if the armor is disassembled. The armor itself is of Tyrian design, but mirrors styles of multiple cultures throughout Tyria's history, making its exact origin unclear.[3]

List of Warclaw skins[edit]

See also: Gallery of Warclaw skins

(*) The mounts in the marked rows either don't appear in API:2/account/mounts/skins and API:2/mounts/skins and/or don't have an ID set. Therefore it cannot be checked if they have been unlocked.



Version history[edit]

Patch Changes
July 07, 2020
  • Battle Maul: Reduced target cap from 3 to 1 in WvW. Increased target cap from 3 to 10 in other game modes.
  • Superior Battle Maul: Reduced target cap from 3 to 1 in WvW.
  • Warclaw Mastery 4: This mastery no longer causes Superior Battle Maul to finish downed enemies. Instead it causes Superior Battle Maul to deal 20% bonus damage to downed enemies.
February 25, 2020 Competitive content update:
  • The warclaw's base endurance has been reduced from 100 to 50 in WvW only.
  • The warclaw's base health has been reduced from 10972 to 8779 in WvW only.
  • Warclaw Mastery tier 2 has been reworked:
    • It no longer grants the warclaw increased movement speed in allied territories.
    • While mounted, it will periodically grant nearby unmounted allies an effect that enables them to run at warclaw speed. This effect will be removed when they stray too far from mounted allies or upon entering combat.
April 23, 2019
  • Players can no longer contest capture points while mounted on a warclaw.
  • Being dismounted for any reason adds a 5 second recharge on the Warclaw Mount skill. This includes damage, using the engage skill, or using the dismount skill.


  • Added to the game with the 5th March 2019 update.
  • The running/walking animations for the warclaw are identical to those of the griffon mount.[4]

Related achievements[edit]

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