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Tyria’s bounciest celebration

— Official website

The Super Adventure Festival is a Special event that is based on the Super Adventure Box release from 2013. It features the Super Adventure Box, a special dungeon with pixelated graphics and a retro soundtrack harkening back to old school platformers. The 2020 Festival began on April 14 and ended on May 12.

Returning features[edit]

See: Super Adventure Festival

2020 features[edit]

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It's time for the Super Adventure Festival!


The Super Adventure Festival has begun! Come play in my Super Adventure Box! If you've never tried it before, then now is the ideal time to enter my exciting world!

The Super Adventure Box will close when the Super Adventure Festival ends, so don't miss out! Meet me in the Creator's Commons of Rata Sum and start your adventure today!


5 Continue Coin.pngContinue Coins 1 Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival.pngInvitation to the Super Adventure Festival

Waypoint (map icon).png Magustan Court Waypoint


  • The event usually overlapped with April 1st, but due to it expanding into a full festival rather than an April fools joke, it was postponed in 2020 to make the April Fools' event stand out more independently[1]. It was also scheduled to run for 1 week longer than in other years.

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