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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mastery. For the achievement category, see Fishing (achievements).

Tyria is home to over two hundred unique species of fish, and they can’t escape you anymore. Take your skiff and rod or kick back on shore to reel in ingredients for delicious local cuisine. Your next big catch could be the key to victory in fishing events.

— Official site

Fishing is a Mastery that allows characters to catch fish with a Fishing Rod. It is available exclusively through the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion.



(1) Controllable bar. (2) Difficulty of the pond (red, yellow or green) relative to your fishing power. (3) Level of fishing party bonus. (4) Progress bar of fishing progress.

The default keybind for Activate Mastery Skill is J, and a unique keybind can be set to Start Fishing in the Control Options menu.


  • Lure and Bait can be purchased from a Fishing Supply vendor.
  • Lure and Bait can be equipped in the Hero panel via the Fishing page of the Equipment tab. You can also equip from your inventory by right-clicking on the item or double-clicking.
  • A Lure has a set amount of "charges" and do not stack in the inventory. When a fish is caught, one charge is consumed.
  • Bait does stack in the inventory. Each item in the stack has a single use and is consumed when the fish is caught.
  • Craft any nourishment you need to increase your Fishing Power


  • You can fish by standing beside the water (from docks, rocks, or the shore), or from your anchored Skiff.
  • To start fishing activate your Start Fishing mastery skill by clicking on the button on the lower left of the skill bar.
  • Use the Cast Line skill to place your Lure onto the nearby Fishing hole or the open water.
  • Use the Set Hook skill when you see the red "!" appear above your character's head, see splashing around the lure bobbing in the water, or hear the sound cue.
  • To reel in the fish you must use the orange bracket to track the moving green marker until the yellow bar below has been filled. Use Reel In Left and Reel In Right and respond to the changes in direction of the marker.
  • Fishing Power increases the chance to catch a fish of higher rarity, and increases the size of your marker when fighting fish.
  • If your fishing power is low then the hook icon (lower left) will be yellow or red, and the catch will be more difficult to land.

If a lure and bait is not equipped on the current character then a message in red text will appear on the screen telling the player to equip either one.

Related masteries[edit]

Mastery XP required Points Description
Fishing Hole Master Fishing Hole Master 381,000 End of Dragons mastery point Reduces time to catch at fishing holes and triples the XP gained from fishing there.
Adds +20 to base fishing power.
Angler Sense Angler Sense 635,000 End of Dragons mastery point Grants a skill that detects nearby fishing hot spots and marks them on the map.
Adds +20 to base fishing power.
Fishing on a Full Tank Fishing on a Full Tank 1,016,000 End of Dragons mastery point Bonus +100 to fishing power while Nourished.
Adds +20 to base Fishing Power.
Master Caster Master Caster 1,524,000 End of Dragons mastery point Increases your maximum casting range by 50%.
Adds +20 to base fishing power.
Local Legend Local Legend 2,159,000 End of Dragons mastery point Fishmongers and fishing merchants around Cantha now offer you exclusive selections.
Adds +20 to base fishing power.
Total 5,715,000 20 End of Dragons mastery point

List of fishing skills[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description Notes
1 Cast Line.png Cast Line 10.25¼ 3 Cast your fishing rod, releasing your line and bobber into the water.
1 Redirect Arrow.pngSet Hook.png Set Hook When you see splashing around your bobber, set the hook! Replaces Cast Line after the line is cast.
2 Reel In Left.png Reel In Left Pull your fishing rod to the left. Only available after the hook is set.
Pressing the key bound to "Strafe Left" also performs this action.
3 Reel In Right.png Reel In Right Pull your fishing rod to the right. Only available after the hook is set.
Pressing the key bound to "Strafe Right" also performs this action.
4 Reset Line.png Reset Line Reset your fishing line. Only available after the line is cast or the hook is set
5 Modify Tackle.png Modify Tackle Access your fishing equipment panel. Allow players to more quickly access their fishing panel to change out bait or lures.
6 Angler Sense (fishing skill).png Angler Sense 15 Detects fishing nodes and temporarily marks their location on the compass.

Fishing holes[edit]

See also: Fishing Power#Recommended Fishing Power

Fishing holes are a gathering node unique to fishing. They are circles of disturbed water that appear within water masses across the world, and also within the areas of certain events and renown hearts. Open world fishing nodes are not infinite but will respawn after 10 minutes.

Casting the lure within a fishing hole produces different results than fishing in open water.

Map Fishing Nodes
List of Event, Renown Heart or Other Fishing Nodes

List of fish[edit]

Primary article: List of fish



The red “!” Symbol is not visible to a player if they have a commander tag turned on, the player would have to look for the visual of the lure bobbing or listen out for the audio clue.


  • Regarding the development of fishing, space was intentionally left for this feature during the development of the Core game:

Some Chefs out there may have noticed that there is not a single recipe with fish in it. Nor do fish in the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Tyria drop fish meat. This was all done intentionally.
We aren’t going to have fishing on [the 2012] release and we may not even have it any time soon (initial expansions/Live updates), but there is a place for it when the time comes.

Linsey Murdock, 2012 beta event forums

  • As of 14.08.2022, a fully designated fishing character would need a minimum of 303 item slots split up by: 254 fish, 14 baits, 1 lure, 6 tonics, 5 fillets, 1 Piece of Crustacean Meat, 1 Chunk of Ancient Ambergris, 21 junk items.
    • This number does not include multiple bait or lure counters above one stack or any other item above one stack.
    • This can be cut down by two slots due to one lure and one bait stored in the Fishing Menu. Additional baits can be saved via an Infinite Fishing Lure. (301 Item slots)
    • Further slots can be saved by depositing all fillets(5), Piece of Crustacean Meat(1) and Chunk of Ancient Ambergris(1) whenever they accrue saving up a total of 7 slots. A minor caveat to consider being that items need to take up an inventory slot in order to be deposited. In total the 'required' number of slots can be cut down to 294(+1) item slots by using this method.
    • One last mention due to Taro Everclaw and his daily fish: as no pattern has been found, but the 'Daijun Blackfin' fish and the related 'Haiju Minnow' bait have not been part of any collection it might be safe to assume they won't ever be needed for Taro Everclaw's daily fish, cutting the number down by two additional slots to 292(+1).

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