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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mount. For other uses, see Springer (disambiguation).
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Springers are bounding beasts whose powerful legs easily maneuver them through the craggy landscapes of the Desert Highlands and beyond.

— In-game description

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The Springer is one of the mounts found in the Crystal Desert in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. The springer has an unrivaled ability to jump straight up into the sky. You can use it to jump over cliffs, walls, and other hard-to-reach locations. Hold down the hotkey to charge the jump; the longer you charge, the farther up you'll go.

Upgrades to the springer mount improve its jump ability, increase the tolerance for taking fall damage, as well as add additional effects to its engage skill Cannonball, such as the ability to knockdown foes when used.


Path of Fire springer unlock banner.

Path of Fire[edit]

The springer is unlocked at the Highjump Ranch in Stampede Uplands in the northern part of Desert Highlands. To get there, follow the cliffs northwest until you reach the Highjump Gap point of interest located west of Auburn Hills. The Raptor's Canyon Jumping mastery is required to cross the canyon.

It is possible to reach this area through many other means; nevertheless, the required heart Help out around Highjump Ranch will not show up until you have trained the Canyon Jumping mastery.

Completing the Renown Heart allows you to unlock the mount by purchasing the Springer item from Stablemaster Unja for 50 Trade Contract.pngTrade Contracts and Gold coin.

End of Dragons springer unlock banner.

End of Dragons[edit]

In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, the Springer can be acquired by talking to Lieutenant Zhao in Grub Lane in New Kaineng City. After exiting the dialogue the Springer will be unlocked free of charge. Note that this will not unlock the mastery track and you'll still have to purchase it in Path of Fire.


  • A springer has 9962 base health.
  • Can take in more fall damage than the other mounts, aside from the Skimmer, Griffon, and Skyscale which take no fall damage.
  • Has approximately 95% fall damage reduction with Fortified Descent.
  • If holding forwards while charging and holding it after release of charge, the springer will go forward more than if you held forwards after jumping. You can also change the springer's direction while the jump is being charged.
  • The springer regenerates its entire endurance bar in 2 seconds.
  • Springer Jump Canceling: Charge the jump, just before maximum press the dismount key. You'll get unmounted but still lifted into the air by the momentum and can then use the griffon in the air or glide. This can be used to instantly get height on your griffon or skip to the end of jumping puzzles.

Related masteries[edit]

Springer Mount[edit]

Masteries are not available to players without the Path of Fire expansion.

Mastery XP required Points Description
Fortified Descent Fortified Descent 381,000 Path of Fire mastery point Learn to fortify your landing when falling from great heights, greatly increasing your tolerance for taking fall damage on the springer.
Forceful Impact Forceful Impact 457,200 Path of Fire mastery point Learn to create a more forceful impact when using Cannonball, knocking down foes.
High Vault High Vault 558,800 Path of Fire mastery point Learn to jump up much higher with the springer's movement ability, allowing you to reach new and previously unexplorable areas.
Masterful Descent Masterful Descent 1,222,375 Path of Fire mastery point Master the springer mount and learn to share the bonus from Fortified Descent to all other mounts.
Total 2,619,375 14 Path of Fire mastery point

Other masteries[edit]


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Springer (skill).png Springer Summon and mount your springer.
1 Mount skillCannonball (skill).png Cannonball Engage. Jump into the air, spinning rapidly, and land, smashing into your foes with great force.
Mount skillRocket Jump (Springer).png Rocket Jump Hold to charge a very high jump. Release early for a shorter jump.
Mount skillDismount.png Dismount Dismount your mount


Their long ears and wiggly noses are charming, but the springer's greatest strength is their ability to make jaw-dropping vertical leaps. Traveling merchants and couriers use them to cross sheer cliffs in the Crystal Highlands, shaving weeks off their journeys.

The Springer

List of Springer skins[edit]

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(*) The mounts in the marked rows either don't appear in API:2/account/mounts/skins and API:2/mounts/skins and/or don't have an ID set. Therefore it cannot be checked if they have been unlocked.



  • While idle, the springer may perform several animations:
    • The springer will clean its face and one of its ears like a rabbit would do. This is the animation played when giving springers a treat.
    • The springer may raise its ears with an alert expression, smell the air, then shake its head.
  • When this mount is dyed, the hair on its head, ears and tail are colored, along with some stripes on its back.
  • The springer may be based off the jerboa or a springhare genera, for example, the South African springhare. It also has features resembling those of a kangaroo, such as the large claws on its feet and its tripod walk.
  • The springer's theme is known as "Highland Hares" in the Path of Fire soundtrack.

Related achievements[edit]