Bag Slot Expansion

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Bag Slot Expansion

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Add an extra bag slot to a character's inventory. Each character can unlock up to 5 additional bag slots.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store 400 Gem.png

Contained in[edit]


  • Can be purchased bundled with a copy of Heart of Thorns (or on its own if the game copy is removed from the basket before checking out) and an assortment of other items on the official buy page.


The locked bag slot.
  • This is not account wide, each character must get their own expansion slots.
  • Players begin with a "Starter Backpack" and four Empty Bag Slots. Players may purchase 5 additional bag slots per character and have a total of 10 empty bag slots.
  • The "Starter Backpack" can be replaced.
  • There is no way to recover the slots when a character is deleted.
  • With the October 17, 2017, update, the limit of bags per character has been raised by two for a total of 10 (previously 8).
  • Sale history:
    • On September 1, 2015, they were 50% off (200 gems) (limit 1).
    • On August 21, 2016, they were 50% off (200 gems).
    • On August 24, 2017, they were 30% off (280 gems).
    • On March 17, 2018, they were 30% off (280 gems).
    • On August 26-27, 2018, they were 40% off (240 gems).
    • On September 16, 2018, they were 40% off (240 gems).
    • On March 15, 2019, they were 30% off (280 gems).