June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack

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Get Ready for the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack!

— Official website

The June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack release is a series of updates that focused on improving competitive Player versus Player game modes. These were launched on June 6th for the World versus World updates and June 20th, 2017 for the Structured PvP and PvP League updates.

Release Schedule Summary[edit]

Update Details WvW[edit]

New UI for Pips and Match History
New Rewards
Skirmish Reward Track
  • Pip system introduced to facilitate a Skirmish Reward Track, similar to PvP League's reward system.
    • Requires tier 3 or above participation level (+95 or more to standard reward track) to earn pips towards the skirmish reward track.
    • No progress rewarded for remainder of match and the next entire match if the player has recently transferred worlds.
    • No progress rewarded while in Edge of the Mists.
  • Pips are earned every tick and are awarded based on the following criteria:
    • Your world's position during the skirmish (first, second, or third).
    • Your WvW rank.
    • Bonus pips when you're fighting while outnumbered.
    • Bonus pip when you've achieved at least the wooden chest reward during the previous week.
    • Bonus pip for commanders in squads with 5+ people in it.
  • Crossing tiers and divisions gives various rewards including WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets and Skirmish Chests.
  • The Skirmish Reward Track resets alongside the weekly WvW server reset.
UI/Core Gameplay Changes
  • New Match History tab that displays war score, victory points, and kill/death statistics
  • Introduction of a new squad/party display that will appear on the side of your screen upon entering WvW, including direct access to LFG entries for your server
Scoring changes (As of the June 20, 2017 update)
  • WvW will begin a "1 up/1 down" matchmaking system with the next reset.
    • Getting 1st place in a match-up moves your server up a tier, if possible. Getting 3rd place moves your server down a tier. Tieing for 2nd place means no server movement.
    • Glicko data will continue to be collected, in case it needs to be utilized
    • "This is a new test to try to improve how quickly worlds can move into their proper place."

Update Details PvP[edit]

Automated Tournaments
  • Daily, single-elimination tournaments are run three times each day on a shifting schedule to fairly represent all time zones.
  • Tournament registration requires a full party.
  • Tournament rewards include llama minis, gold, mystic coins, and more!
  • Qualifying Points (QP) are earned by participating in daily tournaments and are reset monthly. QP rewards range from 5 for participating up to 50 for first place.
  • Each month will conclude with a single-elimination tournament with a QP requirement of 100.
  • The winning team of each monthly tournament will have their likeness celebrated in the Heart of the Mists as statues until the next monthly tournament.
New and Revamped Maps
  • New Structured PvP map Hall of the Mists, intended for 2v2 Team Deathmatch
    • In overtime, healing and stealth is disabled while the map is filled with a deadly fog that deals damage based on a percentage of maximum health.
  • Revamped PvP lobby
  • Courtyard has had numerous changes
    • Added a "murderball-style" secondary mechanic, where an altar spawns in the center of the arena. Collecting the orb from the altar awards points for as long as the player holds the orb. The orb holder also deals extra damage, but will take steadily increasing damage to themselves over time.
  • End-of-match ceremony for Ranked PvP games - the winning team is placed on pedestals highlighting their top scores
  • Updated custom arena configuration to allow game mode selection
  • Eternal Coliseum score UI change to make control points display more accurately.

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