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Bond of Vigor

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Bond of Vigor.png

Bond of Vigor

Common Common
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60 Recharge time  
Bond of Vigor

Increase your mount's endurance regeneration.

Duration.png Duration: 5 seconds

— In-game description

Bond of Vigor is a utility skill available to mounted players with the  Bond of Vigor (mastery).png Bond of Vigor mastery unlocked. It applies the Bond of Vigor effect, quickly replenishing the mount's Endurance.


  • When used with the skyscale, this skill immediately grants 50% of the flight bar and 100% of the mount's endurance, rather than a gradual recovery. The Bond of Vigor effect will still apply but will not grant endurance regeneration.
    • If the skyscale can use fireball, this skill will instantly recover 5 charges when used.
  • When used with the skimmer, this skill will regenerate endurance even while actively hovering, although at a slower pace than normal.