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Everybody jump around.

— Official website

The Super Adventure Festival 2017 is a Special event that occurs around April 1st and is based on the Super Adventure Box release from 2013. It features the Super Adventure Box, a special dungeon with pixelated graphics and a retro soundtrack harkening back to old school platformers. It started on March 30th, 2017 and ended on April 20th.

Returning features[edit]

2017 features[edit]

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  • Several NPCs that were originally only from the original release of the Super Adventure Box, such as the Outraged Professor, returned during the 2017 festival.
  • Unlike the 2016 festival, the Super Adventure Box Dailies tab was not included in the pop window at reset alongside the PVE, PVP and WvW dailies nor were baubles awarded from completing other dailies for 2017. It did however have its own unique tab for under the general Dailies section.


  • The 2017 release page is set up to resemble webpages from the early 90's, incorporating the use of Comic Sans as its font, mouse over images, scrolling text and images, and a customized cursor.
  • Several NPCs from inside the Super Adventure Box, such as Bunnies, Raccoons and the Raccoon Kingpin, among others, were seen as holograms leaving the Super Adventure box and running around the upper level of Rata Sum.

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