Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons content

Jade Tech Waypoint

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Jade Tech Waypoint.png

Jade Tech Waypoint

End of Dragons mastery point

Track region
End of Dragons
Mastery track
Jade Bots
Req. experience

Before completion: Upgrade your jade bot to be able to set up a personal waypoint for you. 

After completion: Your jade bot now has the ability to set up a personal waypoint for you.
You can now craft tier-5 and tier-6 cores.

— In-game description

Example of a Jade Bot Personal Waypoint


You've unlocked your jade bot's ability to create a personal waypoint! This ability is accessed from the Mastery tab of the Hero Panel. It is only available in open-world maps.

— In-game description

  • Allows you to drop a waypoint anywhere in the open world and return to it, like any other waypoint.
  • Has limitations: very long cooldown of 600s, can have only one active at a time, waypoints are one-time use, waypoint disappears when changing maps.
  • Not available in PvP, WvW or PvE instanced content.