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Disambig icon.png This article is about the fishing item. For the Nuhoch Bait Stick skill, see Bait (skill). For the skill's effect, see Bait (effect).

Bait and lures both increase your fishing power, which helps reduce the difficulty of catching fish. Fishing supply vendors all around Cantha have them for sale.

— In-game description

Bait Bait is an item used to increase Fishing Power while fishing. It is also used to catch some exclusive fish.


List of baits[edit]

  • There are a total of 13 baits that are favoured by different fish: 12 can be purchased for coins, and Mackerel.pngMackerel for 5 Fine Fish Fillet.pngFine Fish Fillet
Bait Fishing Power Contained In Sold by Favored by
Fish Egg.pngFish Egg 100
Glow Worm.pngGlow Worm 100
Haiju Minnow.pngFreshwater Minnow 100
Haiju Minnow.pngHaiju Minnow 75 -
Lava Beetle.pngLava Beetle 100
Leech (item).pngLeech 100
Lightning Bug.pngLightning Bug 100
Mackerel.pngMackerel 150
Nightcrawler.pngNightcrawler 100
Ramshorn Snail.pngRamshorn Snail 100
Sardine.pngSardine 100
Scorpion.pngScorpion 100
Shrimpling.pngShrimpling 100
Sparkfly Larva.pngSparkfly Larva 100
  • 1 Please Note that all Horn of Maguuma Fish can be caught in Inner Nayos even with the wrong bait, yet using the favored bait increases the droprate.