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Unstoppable is an inherent ability possessed by some larger foes that renders them immune to various movement-impeding conditions and control effects.


Movement-impeding immunities
Control immunities

Unstoppable enemies[edit]


  • All NPCs with this ability can still be morphed by Moa Morph.
  • NPCs that spawned at certain locations, within certain instances, or by certain events - usually lower level ones - may not have all of the immunities listed above. Trial and error is the only way to determine it, since the descriptions will be the same. For example:
    • The Lawen Ponds - Normal and veteran risen abominations spawned in the world and from events here can be snared (cripple, chilled, immobilize) and launched, but are immune to all other control effects. The champion Ketsurak in the other hand is immune to all snares and control.