Two-Handed Training

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Two-Handed Training.png

Two-Handed Training

10 Recharge time  

Ranger tango icon 20px.png Beastmastery
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Greatsword and spear skills deal more damage and recharge faster. Gain fury when you disable a foe.

 Damage.png Damage Increase: 10%
 Fury.png Fury (3s): 20% Critical Chance
 Count Recharge.png Recharge Reduced: 20%

— In-game description


Skill Recharge Traited
Maul (ranger greatsword skill).png
4 Recharge time 3.2 Recharge time
Maul (ranger greatsword skill).png
4 Recharge time 3.2 Recharge time
12 Recharge time 9.6 Recharge time
15 Recharge time 12 Recharge time
Hilt Bash.png
 Hilt Bash
25 Recharge time 20 Recharge time
Swirling Strike.png
 Swirling Strike
8 Recharge time 6.4 Recharge time
Surging Maw.png
 Surging Maw
10 Recharge time 8 Recharge time
20 Recharge time 16 Recharge time
Man O' War.png
 Man O' War
4 Recharge time 3.2 Recharge time

Version history[edit]

For a detailed trait history, see here.

Patch Changes
October 02, 2018
  • This trait no longer has a 50% chance to grant fury when striking with a greatsword or spear. Rangers now gain fury whenever they disable a foe.
May 08, 2018
  • The damage bonus of this trait is no longer split between game modes and will now use the improved 10% damage bonus in all modes.
March 27, 2018
  • Increased the bonus damage from 5% to 10% in PvP and WvW.
June 24, 2015
  • Fixed a bug that prevented this trait from working properly with Swoop.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • Updated this trait to reflect the introduction of the specialization mechanic.
  • This trait has been moved to the Beastmastery Master tier.
  • Added: Greatsword and spear skills recharge 20% faster.
December 10, 2013
  • Greatsword and spear attacks now have a 50% chance to grant fury on hit.
  • Each attack will have 3 seconds of fury.
  • There is also a 10-second cooldown.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Two-Handed Training has been added to the game.