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The following is a family tree of the Tyrian Royalty, showing all the known descendants of King Doric.
Please note that a few of the relationships as well as some of the dates (marked with ?) may be based on "best guess". Wherever this is the case, it has been specified within the annotations.

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King Doric
First king of the united human kingdoms of Tyria, and father of all modern royalty. Died when he "sacrificed his blood" to seal the bloodstones.
Approx. 21 monarchs, based upon avg. 50 years per reign. Ended with the Cataclysm.
Approx. 23 monarchs, based upon avg. 50 years per reign. Ended with the Foefire.
Mazdak the Accursed
A prince of Orr (most likely one of King Doric's sons). Left Orr and established Kryta, and became its first king/lord.
Colonized by Elona in 300AE, and gained its independence in 358AE. Approx. 23 monarchs, based upon avg. 50 years per reign.
Prince Alhazred
Prince Ellasal
Prince Nekandezzar
Oswald Thorn's Uncle
Unnamed King
Ewan and Oswald Thorn's father. His reign ended when he was murdered by his own son, Oswald, who succeded his rule.[1]
Unnamed King
Oswald Thorn's cousin, took over after Oswald's death.[2]
Prince Ewan Thorn
Oswald Thorn's elder brother and original heir to the throne. Murdered by his brother, Oswald, who stole from him both his betrothed Lady Lyrica, and later the throne.
King Oswald Thorn
Murdered from ambush and killed with a carving knife, during or shortly after the mob attack on Castle Thorn. His killers hid his body parts in boxes and buried them in locations scattered across Tyria, obscuring their locations with magical seals.[2]
Unnamed wife
Edrick Thorn's mother. Beheaded by King Oswald Thorn on his birthday.[3]
Lady Lyrica
1st wife. Initially betrothed to Ewan Thorn, but Oswald killed his brother, and took Lyrica for his own. Assassinated by brigands, by King Oswald Thorn's command.
Killed by King Oswald Thorn when he put her in a coffin full of rats and dumped it into the sea
Killed by her stepson, Edrick, during a game of "Pin the Tail on the Drake".
Princess Zola
5th wife. Said to have been Oswald Thorn's favorite wife. Burned alive, by King Oswald Thorn's command, which led to a war between Kryta and Istan. Appeared later as a ghost who swore to have her revenge on Oswald.[4]
Likely killed or assassinated by King Oswald Thorn's command. Claimed by Oswald to have been his favorite wife.[3]
Unnamed wife
Likely killed or assassinated by King Oswald Thorn's command.
King Cyrus the Unremarkable
Details unknown. In-game placement may indicate that he was one of the last three kings of Orr, and possibly King Zoran's father.
Queen Bahar
Details unknown. Likely to have been King Cyrus's wife, based upon clothing.
Queen Doran the Cheerful
Details unknown. Placement in family tree subject to change.
Prince Edrick Thorn
During the mob attack on Castle Thorn, he was locked away inside the Shell of Insanity by his father to starve to death.[5]
King Zoran
Known to have been a seafarer, guiding Orr's navy to prominence.
Queen Yasamin
Details unknown. Likely to have been King Zoran's wife, based upon clothing.
Unnamed King
King prior to Adelbern (and the elder brother of Duke Barradin).
Duke Barradin
Died during the Foefire. His ghost now haunts the ruins of the Barradin Estate.
King Adelbern
Died in Ascalon City during the Foefire, haunting Ascalon City and its catacombs thereafter.
Unnamed wife
King Jadon's wife. While it is possible that the royal family may have survived, no word of it has come down into the present time.[6]
King Jadon
Fled Kryta and abandoned the throne to the White Mantle during the charr invasion in 1070 AE. While it is possible that the royal family may have survived, no word of it has come down into the present time.[6]
Priestess Berea
King Jadon's lover.
King Reza
Last king of Orr. Died in Arah, in the Catacalysm.
Queen Mahtab
Details unknown. Likely to have been King Reza's wife, based upon clothing and dialogue in The Flow of Magic.
Lady Althea Barradin
Bethrothed to Prince Rurik prior to her death. Captured and sacrificed by the charr during the charr invasion. Died in the Flame Temple Corridor.
Prince Rurik
Born in Drascir. Bethrothed to Lady Althea prior to her death. Killed by Dagnar Stonepate near the Frost Gate. Raised as undead by Vizier Khilbron and put to rest in the Ring of Fire.
Unnamed child(ren)
King Jadon's children. While it is possible that the royal family may have survived, no word of it has come down into the present time.[6]
Queen Salma "the Good"
King Jadon's bastard daughter from an extramarital affair. Retook the Krytan throne from the White Mantle and was crowned Queen in 1079AE.
King Baede
Established the Krytan Ministry; a system of government (w:constitutional monarchy) to give all humans a voice.
King Roderick
Succeded the throne within 10 years after Baede's death, and said to have built the garden of the Upper City in Divinity's Reach around 1265AE.[7] Therefore, it is possible that he was King Baede's unnamed eldest son, and was crowned king instead of, or shortly after, Prince Edair.
Unnamed eldest son
Known to have been a scholar and elementalist. He could possibly have been King Roderick.
Prince Edair
Named as his father's successor upon his death in 1256AE. But it has not been confirmed whether or not he actually became king.
Unnamed child
Known to have been a mesmer.
Princess Emilane
Known to have been a ranger trained by the Tyrian Explorers Society. Roamed the Woodland Cascades with her giant hound.
Unnamed King
(Queen Jennah's father)
Died before Jennah was old enough to take the crown.
The Krytan Ministry
(regency council)
The Krytan Ministry rules Tyria, while waiting for Jennah to get old enough to take her father's place. During this period, friction between the Ministry and the crown starts to rise.
Wade Samuelsson
*1280AE?- (NB: disputed!)
Commander of the Ebon Vanguard and Duke of Ebonhawke. According to himself; "my forefathers were kings of Ascalon". Whether this is just figuratively speaking, or if he is a true descendant is not known.
Queen Jennah
Crowned as the Queen of Kryta in 1316AE,[8] and brought a truce to the war between humans and charr in 1324AE.

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