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Alastia Crow


Alastia Crow (cinematic).jpg

Alternate appearance during cinematic.

My vengeance will be complete when Kellach destroys that which he was once sworn to defend.

— Alastia Crow

Alastia Crow was a well renowned Wiley pirate and oracle who served on the Ravenous. Many came to her for in hopes of telling the future, including pirates who wished to know what the seas were going to be like and the Order of Whispers who used her as a resource.

She was approached by a Seraph, Corporal Kellach, who wanted power to protect Queen Jennah. In turn, Alastia had given him an artifact that her crew had plundered from an Orrian ship. However, the artifact was corrupted by Zhaitan's magic and slowly began to twist Kellach. Realizing this, he returned to the Ravenous and demanded that Alastia remove the curse, but she could not. Kellach began murdering crew members of the Ravenous, and just before he killed Alastia herself, she told him that the only way to remove the curse was to bathe in royal blood—a lie that would save the remainder of her crew mates and false information which would be her final revenge.

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Alastia Crow has a different appearance during the cinematic than outside of it.