Hidden Trail

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Hidden Trail

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Hidden Trail map.jpg
Map of Hidden Trail

Hidden Trail locator.svg
Location within Caudecus's Manor

40, 45
Caudecus's Manor
Connects to
Eastern Tunnel
Formal Garden

The Hidden Trail behind Caudecus's Manor connects the tunnel hidden beneath the estate to the Ruins of Holy Demetra. It was here that the Separatists, led by Captain DeLana, took Queen Jennah and Minister Caudecus during Uzolan's failed attempt on their lives. Afterwards, Turmaine utilized the passage to hold Seraph while using a drug called Lyssa's Kiss to interrogate them.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png
Reception Court Waypoint — (explorable mode only)
Points of Interest
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Separatist Camp