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Scarlet's Minions Invade!

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Scarlet's Minions Invade! was a meta event originally added to the game as part of the Clockwork Chaos release. The invasion lasted 45 minutes and took place within a single zone chosen from a subset of the explorable areas in the game. The meta event included six sets of invaders, each spawning different types of events over three waves: (1) scarlet minions followed by the molten alliance, (2) another wave of minions followed by aetherblades, and (3) a last wave of minions followed by Scarlet herself, if time remains.


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This meta event begins regularly in a random zone, chosen from this list. The zone is the same on all servers, and any overflows created within 10 minutes of the start of the meta event will also host the invasion in the same zone. The selected zone will be communicated to all players in game through the global chat.


  • Scarlet's twisted watchworks are emerging from portals.
  • First Wave of Scarlet's Minons[sic]:
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Time limit: 45:00

After the first wave is defeated a second wave will spawn.

  • Second Wave of Scarlet's Minons[sic]:
  • Event bar.jpg

After the second wave is defeated a third and final wave will spawn.

  • Final Wave of Scarlet's Minons[sic]:
  • Event bar.jpg

When all reinforcements and the final wave is defeated Scarlet is driven out of her hideout.

  • Scarlet is driven out of her hideout!
  • Defeat Scarlet!
  • Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png

Reinforcement objectives[edit]

At the beginning of the second wave Scarlet will summon either the Molten Alliance or the Aetherblades.

  • Scarlet has summoned the Molten Alliance to the battle!
  • Molten Alliance Strength:
  • Event bar.jpg Molten alliance (map icon).png

When the second wave as well as the first reinforcements are defeated, the other faction will be called as reinforcement.

  • Scarlet has called in Aetherblade reinforcements!
  • Aetherblade Pirate Strength:
  • Event bar.jpg Aetherblades (map icon).png

Dynamic events[edit]

Aetherblade events[edit]

  • Aetherblades (map icon).png [Group Event] Drive off the Aetherblade pirates (80)
  • Aetherblades (map icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the Aetherblade Captain (80)
    • Note: Defeating the group event of Aetherblades does not count towards decreasing the bar. After defeating a group, a captain will spawn. Focus and kill him, then skip the rest of the units that spawn infinitely until he is defeated. Ignoring the captain is a pirate farm which some groups will attempt at the risk of losing the meta event.

Molten Alliance events[edit]

  • Molten alliance (map icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the Molten Alliance shaman (80)
  • Molten alliance (map icon).png [Group Event] Destroy the Molten Alliance tunneling machine (80)
    • Tip: To progress the molten alliance, you simply need a few players to snipe the drills. Others can skip. Drills can also be solo'd by the adventurous. Shamans also progress the event, and are also champions so are preferred by zergers to the machines. No other Molten Alliance kills progress the individual or meta event.


Reward for completing all three waves of the meta event

The meta event provides an award upon defeating Scarlet Briar. Players are required to participate in at least one wave of the meta event to earn credit. The reward depends on the number of waves completed by the players before the meta event timer ends. Players may receive the reward once per zone per account per day. This means players will likely skip zones that have already occurred that day unless they wish to farm the events.

Daily reward

N is the number of waves completed. For example, completing all three waves rewards 3 Deluxe Gear Boxes, 2 Embroidered Coin Purses, 2 Elaborate Ritualist Bags and a choice of 50 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scraps or 5 Scarlet's Secret Stashes.

Subsequent completion


  • The meta event won't start if another world boss event is active on the map. In order for the meta event to start, the world boss event must be completed.
  • The Defeat Scarlet finale event provides a Bonus Chest with 2 rare or better pieces of equipment.


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