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Always go after the one with the bomb first.

— Major Winters

An emblem seen in multiple bandit camps.

Bandits are an organization of outlaws who have been plaguing the countryside near Divinity's Reach since 1324 AE. Initially, they stuck to raiding caravans far from the city, but their attacks started becoming more bloodthirsty as they moved toward the city, and more political in nature as well—in particular, the bandits directed their ire toward those loyal to Queen Jennah.

Though initially appearing to be a collection of independent or semi-independent factions striking out on their own, a common symbol (pictured) has been seen adorned in or near several bandit camps, suggesting that they are more organised than it first seems. The bandits' influence stretches as far west as the lawless northern regions of the Tarnished Coast, where some have been attempting to form a Sinister Triad with the Inquest and Nightmare Court.

Bandits have been seen throughout Kryta and the Brisban Wildlands, where they are in surprisingly large numbers. They are in an alliance with centaurs in the war, supplying the centaurs with both materials and enslaved villagers. They are also attempting alliances with the Inquest and Nightmare Court. In 1325 AE, Julius Zamon of the Krytan Ministry was found to be in command of at least one bandit faction. Additionally, at least one bandit group, Jannaj's bandits, are known by the Shining Blade to be a White Mantle cell.

Bandits can also be encountered in the Crystal Desert.

Known bases[edit]

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Kessex Hills
Brisban Wildlands
Caudecus's Manor
The Silverwastes
Forsaken Thicket


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"Someone get over here and help me!"
"Get over here and help me!"
"Wrong choice!"
"You must like pain!"
"Give it your all!"
"Don't mess with us."
"A little help!"
"You messed with the wrong bandit!"
"Leave me be!"
"If only I could..."
"Nice one..."
"What have you done?.."
"And don't come back!"
"This isn't worth it."
"Not worth my time."


"I could use some help."
"(laugh) You're kidding me, right?"
"The fun's over here!"
"I'm dying here!"
"You're dead!"
"Help me over here!"
"I need some backup!"
"You got me!"
"Now I'll never..."
"Until next time!"


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