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Emblem used by the Shining Blade.
Disambig icon.png This article is about the Krytan Royal Guard. For the legendary weapon, see The Shining Blade. For the trinket, see Shining Blade (accessory).

Dark times call for dark deeds.

Shining Blade Guard

The Shining Blade is the Krytan royalty's personal guard, sworn to protect the Royal Family. Although they are the smallest and least known of the Krytan military units, the Shining Blade are superlatively trained as an elite force. Unknown to most of the populace, the Shining Blade also conducts many covert operations such as spying, message delivery, and other activities carried out in the shadows. The leader is the Master Exemplar, currently Countess Anise, who is hand picked by the ruling monarch.


The Shining Blade is an organization that was founded between 1070 AE and 1072 AE as a rebel group fighting against the White Mantle and their false gods, the mursaat. They were the main opposing force to the White Mantle during the Krytan Civil War and eventually orchestrated the downfall of the White Mantle and the mursaat. They aided the Lionguard with reinstating the Krytan royal family by putting and keeping Queen Salma on the throne, and have been the royal family's personal guard since then. Some Shining Blade agents also aided with the defeat of the Great Destroyer.


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  • All members wear a Banded armor set with a Draconic Coat, dyed a combination of Sand, Calfskin, Pottery, Swamp Grass and Country Teal, and carry a sword.


  • Nameless NPC members of the Shining Blade are all of average height (both male and female), have brown hair in similar styles and fair skin. This is perhaps a nod to the Swiss Guards, another small, elite-trained organization that serve as the arm of their head—they are noted for having a height requirement for joining. Named Shining Blade NPCs—such as Exemplar Mehid and Exemplar Salia—do not follow this pattern.

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