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Captain Dylan Thackeray was the older brother of Logan Thackeray and Commander of the Seraph, having joined the Seraph when Logan was just a young boy. He was often contemptuous toward his younger brother, an attitude only reinforced by Logan's status as a scout-for-hire, which was perceived by Dylan as lowly and dishonourable. He grew increasingly incensed by Logan's growing fame with Edge of Steel and later Destiny's Edge due to the attention it garnered Logan from Dylan's charge Queen Jennah, as well as the opportunities it gave Logan to fight in her name.

Dylan had his first opportunity to defend the queen against a real threat during the Ogre Revolt in 1320 AE. Jennah and the Seraph were at a celebration in Ebonhawke when Kralkatorrik awoke and the city fortress was attacked by branded ogres and hyenas. It would also be his last, as Dylan was mutilated by the crystallized hyenas. Logan, having been called to defend his queen, encountered his dying brother on the battlefield, but was unable to save him. Later, Logan adopted Dylan's sword as his own, and succeeded him as Commander of the Seraph.

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