Mistlock Observatory

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Mistlock Observatory

Mistlock Observatory map.jpg
Map of Mistlock Observatory

Fractals of the Mists

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The Mistlock Observatory is the lobby and the entrance to the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, where players can access fractal services and vendors, as well as test some of the fractal mechanics. This set of floating islands serves as the laboratory for the asuran scientist Dessa and her work group, who research fragments of reality found in the Mists.

Getting there[edit]


Initially, access to the Mistlock Observatory came from a Consortium-owned asura gate. This gate was intended to lead to the Pearl Islet on Southsun Cove, but for unknown reasons it went haywire and instead led to the Dessa's lab. She does not know it, and denies any potential connection to both the Consortium and Lion's Arch.

Dessa claims to have made the laboratory to study the Mists and its ability to create the Fractals, but hostile forces prevent her and her krewe from properly studying the nature of the fractals. As such, she asks adventurers (or "hired help") to clear out the Fractals of hostiles (which she dubs instabilities) so that her krewe can traverse safely.

The Mistlock Observatory itself seems to be a fractal as well, as when Dessa tried to leave the entire observatory had 'reset' similar to the Fractals. The area is based on a set islands floating in the Mists, featuring architectural elements of the Asuran and Ascalonian design.

Interactive map[edit]


  • Event boss (tango icon).png Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Suggested Agony Resistance: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Next Island: x




Agony check (map icon).png Chronicle Mistwalker
Merchant (vendor icon).png BUY-2046 PFR
Merchant (vendor icon).png BUY-4373
Potion merchant (map icon).png Dessa's Alchemist
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png FIX-0255
Infusion merchant (map icon).png INFUZ-5959
Merchant (vendor icon).png MRC-6478
Merchant (vendor icon).png BLING-9009
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Laurel Merchant
Bank (map icon).png Golem Banker
Trading Post (map icon).png Trading Post Representative
Merchant (vendor icon).png Deroir




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