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Disambig icon.png This article is about the lore of the conflict in the Mists. For the game mode, see World versus World.
Mist Warriors prepare for battle under their world's banners.

Warriors of all backgrounds have been venturing into the Mists for centuries to participate in a never-ending cycle of conquest colloquially known as the Mist Wars.

The Warclaw

The Mist War is a colloquial term referring to centuries-spanning conflicts between different Tyrias in the multiverse in the Mists[1] although some Tyrians view these as entirely different realms or even shadows of their Tyria.[2] The recently discovered existence of the warclaw mount suggests that there seem to have been multiple Mist Wars in ages past;[3] the latest conflict concerns the different Tyrias vying for resources in the borderlands close to these Tyrias, the Eternal Battlegrounds, the Edge of the Mists, and Obsidian Sanctum in their respective battles against their world's Elder Dragons.[1][4]

Ever since the building of the asura gates in Lion's Arch allowed easier access to the Mists, Tyrian Mist Warriors have been fighting for their world and continue to recruit fellow Tyrians to help their world to victory against other competing realms. However, any achieved triumph in the Mist War is fleeting for the respective armies because the conflict-ridden lands in the Mists are actually in an extended fractal state and reset weekly, leading to a perpetual war for dominance.[3] Mist Warriors of other Tyrias tend to be seen as pure evil, justifying the conflict;[5] however, the recent appearance of the neutral zone of Armistice Bastion muddies the waters as it allows the competing soldiers from rival worlds to interact peacefully within its boundaries.


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