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New Kaineng

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Map of New Kaineng.

Welcome to the city of New Kaineng, a metropolis of culture, heritage, and innovation. After the old city was partially destroyed during the Zhaitan Disaster, the people of Cantha worked to rebuild. Largely in thanks to Xunlai Jade and the discovery of dragonjade, New Kaineng became a pioneer of innovation. Today, we flourish under a vision of renewed hope. People from all stretches of Cantha live together within these walls. Together. Guided by the unflinching support of our Ministries, New Kaineng is a city for the people. Together, we will create a better Cantha. Tomorrow, a better world.

Jade Monument Speaker

New Kaineng is a geographical region within Cantha, and contains the city of the same name. It is bordered by the remnants of Drowned Kaineng in the north, the Echovald Forest in the southeast, and it has a direct naval route to Shing Jea Island to the southwest. Since the Zhaitan Disaster which occurred a century ago, New Kaineng has been populated by the descendants of the surviving mainland Canthans as well as some tengu.


End of Dragons


Early history[edit]

After the Zhaitan Disaster which hit Cantha in 1729 CC, the old Kaineng City was flooded and destroyed by the Great Tsunami, so the city had to move to the southern region which had become a swamp and had been populated by the naga. It was Emperor Bitgaram together with his daughter Princess Haebaragi who supervised and led the construction of the foundations of the city of New Kaineng. Bitgaram gave the orders to both the imperial army and navy to stop the Risen invasion, and granted Minister Yeongi of the Ministry of Purity even more authority to ensure Cantha's continued survival in 1730 CC (1220 AE). The emperor health was ailing, however, so he retreated to the Imperial Family's estate on Shing Jea Island in 1737 CC (1227 AE), after which his daughter Haebaragi was put in charge of supervising the construction of the New City of Kaineng despite her youth.

End of Dragons[edit]

Currently the city has prospered and thanks to Xunlai Jade, it has a technological development and has the Jade Mechs that serve as vigilantes that patrol the streets of the city.

Geography and climate[edit]

This region is located northwest of the edge of Echovald Forest, northeast of Shing Jea Island, and south of original Kaineng City, which was flooded during the tsunami caused by the Zhaitan Disaster. However to both the north and west is the Unending Ocean, resulting in a substantial coastline around these two sides of the city.

The nature of the original land beneath the new city region is unclear due to substantial urban construction. The current terrain is a mix of areas at sea level with high elevations. Canals ran through the city blocks.

Currently the region is a large megapolis, which has large buildings that rise to the top, has channels through which you can move with skiffs. The region has residential areas where the aristocracy or the wealthiest live, while the poorest inhabit the part that is to the southeast. It has a port and docks where visitors are received or where imported and exported products arrive. It also contains markets, ministry offices, laboratories, and power plants.

The city is inhabited by humans and tengus, however nagas and kappas can be found, just as the city borders Old Kaineng is often overrun by Unleashed Risen who often annoy and attack the inhabitants.