Woodland Cascades

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Map of the Woodland Cascades.

The Woodland Cascades is a forested region that lies north of Kryta. It is implied that centaurs are attacking from this region.[1]

In the past, the mursaat built the Bastion of the Penitent, a correctional facility for their political prisoners, deep within the forest. The Woodland Cascades was home to the Quetzal tribe of tengu and an asura gate to the Tarnished Coast. It also contained mines operated by the Stone Summit dwarves and their dredge slaves, as well as the lair of the undead lich Zoldark the Unholy.


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  • Given how "The Protectors of Kryta" short story describes Saul D'Alessio's exile from Kryta into a dense forest where he found the city of the mursaat, and how there have been no signs of any mursaat settlement within the jungle of the Heart of Maguuma, players have speculated that the city might be located deep within the Woodland Cascades.


  1. ^ The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition, pg. 123: [Centaurs] lived on the plains of Kryta long before any other, and they have never forgotten when the humans stole away their lands. While war rages between the two races, it is said that they are gathering somewhere in the Woodland Cascades—preparing an attack to reclaim their home.