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The Sanctum

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The Sanctum

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The Mists

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The Sanctum is the domain of the Goddess Kormir and part of the Realm of Torment.[1] It is a gigantic library containing the sum of all knowledge. In the wake of Kormir's departure, demons briefly invade the Sanctum and turn it into The Dark Library.


Path of Fire[edit]

Upon Abaddon's demise and Kormir's ascension to replace him in 1075 AE, the Realm of Torment became Kormir's domain. To reflect being the Goddess of Truth, Kormir created the Sanctum as a grand library in the Realm of Torment where she and her Sanctum Librarians recorded knowledge of all kinds for centuries.

Following Kormir's departure from the Sanctum after the visit of the Pact Commander's party in 1330 AE, demons seeped in from other parts of the Mists and turned the now defenseless Sanctum into the Dark Library while devouring several spirits during their attack. The Commander briefly visited the Dark Library and slew several powerful demons while searching for keys with which to open locked chests containing the Writings of the Last Spearmarshal.

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Dark Library was eventually reclaimed from demons and restored as the Sanctum. It became a safe haven for spirits who sought shelter from the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's invasion of the Mists in 1331 AE.[2]

Getting there[edit]

The Sanctum
The Dark Library

Players who don't have Divine Passage will not see the the Portal but can join instances that party members open - both entering and leaving have the same messages as home instances.

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Approaching Nenah
Nenah: I can't believe the gods would just abandon us.
Nenah: Well, I guess what's done is done. It is what it is. Life goes on.
Leaving the secret room
Nenah: Good luck out there.
Nenah: You won't be forgotten.

Related achievements[edit]

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  • You may enter and exit the sanctum as many times as you wish, so long as you have obtained Divine Passage. Doing so resets the creatures inside.
  • Elite creatures here will be affected by Key Hoarder.png Key Hoarder; killing them will grant a key that can be used to open the chests.


  • Books can be found flying about the higher reaches as though they were flocks of birds.
  • The floor under the water is littered with the dead tendrils of Abaddon.
  • It was originally speculated by players that Kormir's realm was named The Redeemed Realm, after unused content with this name was datamined from Guild Wars. However, this has been confirmed as non-canon.[1]
  • Though the librarian refers to the demons that have invaded the library as "Abaddon's former minions", they are actually other creatures from the Mists.[3]
  • What looks to be a Ley-Line Anomaly will appear to players after slaying the Elite enemies on the map although these figures are not denoted by any such name.