Sulfurous Wastelands

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Map of the Sulfurous Wastelands.

The Sulfurous Wastelands, interchangeably called The Desolation, lies in northwestern Elona. In ancient times it was the shoreline for the Crystal Sea, described as a beautiful and verdant land. It was dried up and turned into a wasteland with the defeat of Abaddon in Year 0. Over the next millennia, Abaddon's influence spread from the Mouth of Torment, turning the land toxic with sulfurous sands which the region now gets its name from.[1] Since Abaddon's death in 1075 AE, the toxicity of the sands have lessened though they are still deadly.[2]

During the year 1135 AE with the invasion of Palawa Joko into Elona to conquer it, he diverted the Elon River, causing it to flood the northern part of the Sulfurous Wastelands that border the Crystal Desert, making it flourish and causing vegetation to grow in a place where before there was only death. In the same way, he erected The Bone Wall, which is a great wall that marks the border between the Crystal Desert and the Wastes, to keep in all those who would try to flee his kingdom.

The Sulfurous Wastelands house the seat of Palawa Joko's empire, the Bone Palace.


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