Steamspur Mountains

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Map of the Steamspur Mountains.

The Steamspur Mountains are a mountain range to the south of the Shiverpeak Mountains and to the east Steamspur Bay that connects to the Deldrimor Front.

They mark a natural barrier between Ascalon (to the east) and the Ruins of Orr (to the south, across the sea). The high elevations of Timberline Falls and Mount Maelstrom soon give way to the swamps of Bloodtide Coast and Sparkfly Fen. These mountains may offer salvation; they provide a natural choke point against the Risen making their way inland, through the marshes.


Long time[edit]

In the year 1 BE the Six Human Gods dropped the fragmented Bloodstone into the large volcano in the center of the Ring of Fire known as Abaddon's Mouth before leaving Tyria forever in year 0. A few hundred years later, the volcano erupted and sent the fragments in different directions across Central Tyria, one of them landing in the Shiverpeaks Mountains.

It was formerly home to the dwarves and was the site of Droknar's Forge, the seat of power of the mighty Deldrimor nation, named after one of their most beloved kings. After the Transformation of the Dwarves in 1078 AE, the dwarves left their lands to enter the Depths of Tyria and fight against the destroyers of the Elder Dragon Primordus. When the dwarves disappeared, the dredge emerged from Sorrow's Embrace and took possession of the lands that belonged to the dwarves, establishing mines down south as far as the Timberline Falls.

Intermediate years[edit]

Sometime in the next 250 years, a volcano known as Mount Maelstrom became active, causing most of the snow in the region to melt, forming what is now known as the Steamspur Mountains. This also caused Droknar's Forge to sink into Steamspur Bay, which formed from the meltwater. [1] At some point a group of asura established a cliffside settlement known Rata Pten, which in current time lays abandoned.

In 1219 AE, with the awakening of Zhaitan, his army of risen began to pour out of Orr, moving towards the Steamspur Mountains along their path. As early as 1324 AE, with the destruction of the Thaumanova Reactor in the Maguuma Jungle, the Inquest established the Infinite Coil Reactor in the Steamspur Mountains to continue their dangerous research into Elder Dragon magic.


In 1325 AE, the Pact officially formed from the joined Orders of Tyria at their camp, Concordia.

In 1327 AE, the Elder Dragon Mordremoth awakened and shortly afterwards, while spreading his corruption through Tyria's underground, and destroyed Concordia. After Mordremoth's death, his magical energy navigated the ley lines and in 1329 AE caused disturbances across Tyria, including Mount Maelstrom.



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