Apprentice Valda

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Apprentice Valda


Havroun Valda.jpg

Valda after becoming the havroun of Wolf.

The ice moves! It crawls, it consumes! No escape! One by one, they come for us. Death comes, cold and dark. The light dies. Wolf! Aid me!


Apprentice Valda is the apprentice of Havroun Solvi, the havroun of Wolf.


Valda began her career as an apprentice of Havroun Solvi. One day, during a spirit walking lesson, both were attacked by a group of Sons of Svanir led by Styrr Frostblade. Valda was left stranded, her body and soul separated. Shaman Gamli found her in a death-like sleep in the woods, and asked the Slayer of Issormir for help.

After Valda's spirit was rescued from the Mists by Eir Stegalkin and the Slayer, the trio tracked down Frostblade and Solvi to Frusenfell Creek. There, the party confronted the Sons of Svanir who came out from the Mists to help in the fight. The Sons of Svanir, including Frostblade, were eventually defeated and killed, saving the Mists from their incursions. Unfortunately, Solvi was too gravely wounded so he proclaimed Valda as the new Wolf Havroun, and perished shortly after. Valda later attended the Championship Fight in Hoelbrak.


Shiverpeak Mountains

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