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Heitor's Gate

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Secrets of the Obscure chapter. For the Inner Nayos point of interest, see Heitor's Gate (point of interest). For the destructible gate, see Heitor's Gate (object).

Heitor's Gate

1336 AE
Secrets of the Obscure
Heitor's Gate
Heitor's Dominion
(Inner Nayos)
Preceded by
The Survivors
Followed by
The War Council

Heitor's Gate loading screen.png

Loading screen.

Heitor's Gate is the thirteenth chapter of the Secrets of the Obscure story.


Accompany Peitha and her allies to take down Heitor in her stronghold.
  • Meet Peitha near Heitor's stronghold.
  • Attend the briefing with your allies.
  • Kryptis Patrols Cleared outside the Stronghold
  • Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Kryptis Trebuchet destroyed: x/3
  • Investigate inside the stronghold.
  • Locate the source of the scream.
  • Heitor
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Regroup with Peitha.
  • Check with Peitha before exiting the area.
  • (Optional) Explore the stronghold to look for survivors or important information.: x/4
  • Complete!



Approach Arina and Peitha to progress the story. Make your way to each green circle, indicating a Kryptis Patrol, and eliminate each.

Upon approach, the NPCs will react to the discovery of Kryptis trebuchets and add their destruction to the objective list, recommending the use of your skyscale to dispatch them. Melee is still a viable option.

The story will guide you into Heitor's stronghold and direct you to interact with a rift to reach an upper floor to find Heitor. After some dialogue a fight against her begins. After defeating Heitor, talk to Peitha to progress the story before taking the rift to the main floor. Then head out again to where Peitha is for another dialogue sequence to end the chapter.


A straight-forward fight with a defiance bar to break and no special mechanics. Simply keep out of the lasting damage fields and keep stunbreaks/stability ready so as to not be locked down by her knockback attack.

Special attacks include:

  • Line of Regret: Knockback hammer swing the unleashes ~3 projectiles in an arc and, upon landing, create a line of area of denial pools (lasting a little longer than the attack's cooldown) that damage apply negative conditions (torment).
  • Furious Whirl: Heitor will spin with her hammer, following her target for ~3 seconds. While it does not knockback, it still does noticeable damage.
  • Occasionally releases projectiles that damage a small area.


This achievement rewards items. Don't Bring Me Down Through the Veil 3Achievement points
Defeat Heitor without being downed.Journal: Heitor's Gate
Reward: Relic of the Demon Queen.pngRelic of the Demon Queen
Defeated Heitor without Being Downed 3Achievement points
Heitor's Gate Through the Veil Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 1Achievement points
Enter the fortress and confront Heitor.Journal: Heitor's Gate Completed Heitor's Gate 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
In It Together Through the Veil 1Achievement points
Leave no one behind.Journal: Heitor's Gate Searched for Survivors 1Achievement points
  • Search Irja's corpse - it is in the same room as the fight with Heitor.
  • Talk to Ramses - in the same room as the fight with Heitor.
  • Search Bones next to Arina - go through the portal, then search near Arina (the spot is also designated by the corpses of two small Kryptis, just southwest of the central circle).
  • Search Astral Ward Protector - go through the portal - they're lying on the ground (north side).
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: In It Together effect.








Heitor's Gate: Heitor's Territory instance[edit]

Approaching Arina and Peitha
<Character name>: This place is certainly...
Arina: Dramatic?
Peitha: Grotesque. I never understood how we became so dramaturgic.
Peitha: All of this was copied from other worlds. We were born to the dirt of the demon realm.
Arina: Getting inside shouldn't be a challenge. A few guards and stragglers, but they're on the back foot. Her champion is dead.
<Character name>: Let's take out whatever guards are left before we head in.
Ramses: A prudent suggestion, Wayfinder. She waits for us inside, but my scouts report only angst within those walls.
Ramses: I expect a traumatic fight.
Peitha: Good. Shall we?
When attacking the Ligo and Teras Ambrus led patrol
Veteran Ligo Ambrus: (snarls) Showing your claws, Peitha?
Veteran Teras Ambrus: We will deliver you to Heitor on a spike.
Peitha: I thought better of the Ambrus siblings. You two fight for a coward.
<Character name>: We're with you, Peitha.
Upon defeating the Ligo and Teras Ambrus led patrol
Arina: What are we waiting for?
Peitha: Nothing. We progress.
Ramses: Dream.
Attacking the second patrol group, before Kryptis Trebuchets are added to the objectives list
Arina: More, and they don't look interested in talking either.
When attacked by Kryptis Trebuchets
Arina: They're stacked to their teeth with siege weapons. Take down the Trebuchets.
Random response:
Peitha: Your scaly Mists-born companion may be the edge we crave in this fight. To the air!
Peitha: From the air! Attack!
After clearing the last patrol
Peitha: Ramses, do you sense any more?
Ramses: Not a whisper or dream; that was the last of them.
Ramses: Inside the fortress? I cannot sense it; an army may wait, or just the wretched.
Peitha: Good enough. On swift feet, we move.
Upon entering Heitor's Gate
Peitha: There's a quality to this place that tastes different now...
Peitha: What do you seek here, Heitor...? What has Eparch done?
Irja: (pained groan) Please... Don't...!
<Character name>: Was that...?
Ramses: Irja?
Peitha: (snarls) Move.
After finding Irja
Heitor: Ah. Peitha.
Peitha: Wrangle yourself a fresh snack, my dear?
Heitor: Don't pretend. Not with me. Your brother always hoped you'd...amend your sentiments of the king, but...
Heitor: I know better. You're always been spoiled to the horn.
Heitor: So. Why are you here, Peitha?
Peitha: Why are you hunting us? Only fear dangles from your flesh...
Heitor: You... (snarls)
Heitor: You haven't been to the castle in some time, have you? You ran. And hid. You still run.
Peitha: And you kiss each leg of the spider; has he shown you his venom yet?
Heitor: Give Cerus my love.
Arina: Eyes up!
Irja: N-no!
Ramses: IRJA!
Irja: (screams)
Peitha: Traitor to us all, you are.
Peitha: You didn't have to do this. We can go another way.
Heitor: Of course I did, Cousin. If not them, then us.
Random line when going aggro:
Heitor: (snarls)
Heitor: Eparch is our dream.
Heitor: Bleed and die!
During the fight
Heitor: Will it take your arms and your toes on a platter to see?
Heitor: Those who follow Peitha will die at her feet.
Heitor: Fine. I'll peel your eyelids from your face and make you watch as I skewer your "army."
Peitha: Wayfinder. We fight together.
<Character name>: If I needed any more reason to fight with you, I've got it now.
Talking to Peitha after defeating Heitor
Peitha: There's a version of this world where she joined us.
<Character name>: Peitha?
Peitha: Do not worry for me. I am not in mourning.
Peitha: Heitor was cruel, even if she was driven by fear.
Arina: What now?
Peitha: Check the fortress for survivors. Follow your gut.
Peitha: I need reflection.
When searching Irja's corpse
<Character name>: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.
Ramses: Dream.
Talking to Ramses
Do you have some other questions I could help you with, Wayfinder?
Talk quest option tango.png I am concerned for Peitha.
Ramses: You may think her cold, but each loss stacks in the pit of Peitha's core... Collecting. Rotting.
<Character name>: Were she and Heitor close?
Ramses: Every breath in this place requires sacrifice. They were both survivors.
Ramses: They were not "close," but they both fought hard to live.
<Character name>: It's a shame.
Talk end option tango.png I think that's all I needed.
Searching bones near Arina
<Character name>: Bones. They're...everywhere.
Arina: Mostly Kryptis, it seems.
Ramses: What have they done...
Searching Astral Ward Protector's corpse
<Character name>: Arina! Astral Ward...? Do you recognize them?
Arina: I do. They never... One of our scouts. Didn't come back.
Arina: Collapse into the stars, my friend.
Approaching Peitha at the gate of Heitor's Gate
Peitha: Mm. Wayfinder.
<Character name>: I'm sorry, Peitha... Are you okay?
Peitha: Save that sentiment for your own. Heitor wanted to die.
Peitha: And she likely escaped a much more miserable existence.
<Character name>: I respect how clear your mind is.
Peitha: My mind is far from clear.
Peitha: Though, I'm relived that you witnessed all you have. My cause... Eparch's fixations.
<Character name>: I suppose it didn't hurt.
<Character name>: I trust you, Peitha. You kept these Astral Ward safe. You care about the Kryptis—your Kryptis.
<Character name>: We share a goal. Just point to where we go next.
Peitha: You are a curious creature, Wayfinder.
Peitha: Rest. I'll do the same. We can't move further in Nayos—not yet. The barrier blocks our path until we can...remove it.
Peitha: We march. More allies await us on the other side.
Inspecting the Nebular Fount at the west side of Heitor's Gate
This arcane magical object is riddled with esoteric symbols. It appears to have something to do with the thick, harmful fog barrier beyond, but its workings are wholly unclear
Talk end option tango.png I have no idea how this works.


The Kryptis Trebuchets from Destroy the Kryptis siege weapons can also be seen in the missions, though they will not be attacking you and are in fact not interactable at all.

My story[edit]

Heitor's Gate loading screen.png

When Peitha, Arina, Ramses, and I gathered to discuss the assault on Heitor's Gate, Ramses relayed the news that despite our earlier efforts, Irja had disappeared from camp. Likely too fearful of us Tyrians, she'd fled back into the wilderness.

Just outside the grotesque fortress, we were greeted by the relentless onslaught of Heitor's forces. In the wake of their defeat, Arina was eager to move forward and confront Heitor herself, but our Kryptis allies lingered momentarily while Ramses offered a prayer for the fallen.

Inside the fortress, we approached Heitor's chamber, and a familiar voice cried out in pain. Irja hadn't fled—she'd been taken prisoner. Bolting into the room, we finally came face-to-face with our enemy. Peitha traded barbs with Heitor as Irja looked on, held captive and frozen with fear.

We pressed the attack. At first, it looked as though Heitor would fall quickly. Suddenly, Heitor consumed Irja, absorbing her essence as she thrashed and screamed in the throes of death. Ramses yelled in horror, and Peitha snarled with rage. There would be no peaceful outcome, and suddenly Peitha's ambition was clear and just.

Heitor, unhinged, desperately clung to her allegiance to Eparch right up to her unceremonious death.

Peitha walked away in anger and frustration, asking us to check for survivors. We found only corpses. When I met Peitha outside, we agreed to regroup when the time is right to proceed deeper into Inner Nayos. The rumors of what might await us there are troubling—zealous loyalists, imprisoned innocents, ruthless generals—but it's becoming clear that Peitha fights for the good of her people against a tyrannical and increasingly treacherous king.

My story